Folkestone train times

Folkestone train times

Folkestone trains are a bit messed up for the whole summer ([year]2005[/year]), possibly the next six months. To travel at about the same time, and not have to change trains at Ashford or anything we have to get trains to / from Cannon Street instead of Charing Cross... suits me though as we get a stop off at London Bridge, so a bit handier for work. Anyway, look out if you're travelling to / from Folkestone.

If you're coming to / from Dover, you've had it, got to get a bus.

National Rail is the place to look up train times...

Folkestone Central station details, live departure and arrival boards to and from Ashford, London and going the other way to Ramsgate and Margate. See the same also for Folkestone West.

UPDATE: All these times will be changing soon, come the high speed rail link at the end of [year]2009[/year]. Train times from Ashford to Kings Cross will supposedly be down to 37 minutes (Folkestone being another twenty minutes or more on top of that somehow), but prices will be a lot higher, a two tiered ticket system I assume.

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Tue May 03 2005

This is part of my website The Folkestone Gerald that I built in a fury of enthusiasm when we first moved here sometime in 2004. I'd been a frequent visitor for a while previous to that so I am technically one of those DFLs you get nowadays. The site was a lot more dynamic with a gig calendar and voting for favourite places and stuff, and I know it was a useful resource for those who were moving to the area. Now I've moved out of Folkestone again (though only to Hythe) it doesn't get as much love as it used to. Ironic really as The town is now becoming the exciting place we always thought it was about to become. My name is not Gerald by the way, this comes from a pretend newspaper in an episode of The Day Today or something, the Portsmouth Gerald, and how there is a local newspaper here called the Folkestone Herald. Puns like this are GRATE aren't they? Do get in touch if you have something to offer, email anythign @ this domain, or try @folkestone or @pauly on Twitter.