Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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The Dove
Well, great weekend in London with all the family, though it got off to a bit of a damp start for me... Left work at 5, picked up some beers and headed to our hotel to meet Clare, and got caught in the FIERCEST downpour ever! Frantically tried to dry my jeans with a hairdryer and then headed out to The Dove, in Hackney to meet some old chums from Fortune City. Great to see the chums, albeit far too briefly. The Dove is a great pub, not that good a walk from Bethnel Green tube, but good when you get there... they have an enormous number of Belgian beers, including a few on draught, and more regular real ales too - I sampled a few, my fave was the Powerstation Porter. Then back into town to meet Clare again and old flatmate Emma for a drink at the Pint Pot and then for a curry down Charlotte Street. It's changed a lot down there, most of the curry houses are gone now. Had some green banana main, that was a bit bland really, shame.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was good, our seats were great (if a bit short on legroom), everyone enjoyed it I think. Lunch in Pizza Express was top too, and oddly it felt like we had just enough food - maybe my stomach has shrunk? I usually feel their pizzas are not quite big enough.

Saturday night we stayed in and watched telly and played games. We should have listened to the reviews, LOTR Risk is a bit rubbish. Yesterday we cleaned and shopped and played some pool and did our best to relax, with a quick visit on the side to Clare's folks, it's her mum's birthday.

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