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Folkestone Cliff Railways

I found a page about the Funicular railway, while looking for pictures of Folkestone on

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I had a ride on this on Sunday, after living down here for nearly 2 years. Is it the shortest ride in the world?
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Could be

I think it's more about getting you from A to B than being a pleasure ride, but who knows... Your first time though, you should be ashamed... We've been on it every time we've had visitors to stay - take them for a walk down the zig zag path, along the seafront, then back up the little cable car...
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Zig Zag

We got the ride down and walked back up! Doctors orders...
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Insane, but good exercise

I like to walk down the zig zag, right round and back up the Old High Street, makes a nice circuit.
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Ha! We must have passed each other! I park at Wear Bay road, walk past the beach, the harbour, up th

Ha! We must have passed each other! I park at Wear Bay road, walk past the beach, the harbour, up the OHS, along the Leas, down the zig zag and back. No wonder I'm always knackered?
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