Comedy Club

Comedy Club

Bah missed the latest comedy club this Saturday but there's a special one off for the Folkestone Literary Festival featuring the following acts:

ROBIN INCE (back after appearing at the club just last June, Robin has promised to perform the best bits of his recent Edinburgh show 'Robin Ince Is As Dumb As You' as well as special previews of material that is only usually aired at the popular monthly club he runs in London, called The Book Club [soon to be made into a TV series]. if you missed him before, he combines big political ideas with an absurd sense of humour, and is generally brilliant in every way imaginable. don't miss him again.)

JOSIE LONG (everybody loves Josie Long, she's back after a successful double-header Edinburgh show with fellow stand-up Dan Nightingale, performing to the usual mix of hysterical laughter and utter bemusement. expect 19th century equestrian portraitist george stubbs, encounters between axl rose and paul mccartney, and her own homemade comic books to all be on the menu.)

compere ALISTAIR BARRIE (known as one of the circuit's best comperes, but rarely doing it now due to performing headline sets all over the country. it's a real treat to have Alistair down in Folkestone, with his middle class mixture of politics and fun.)

all this at THE LANTERNS, rendezvous street, FOLKESTONE THURSDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER doors open: 8pm, show starts: 9pm 7 / 6 concessions - see the Festival website at or phone the festival box office on 01303 258594 for booking information!

PS the literary festival are looking for volunteer ushers and offering free tickets to events, see them for more details... maybe try the box office? Or look for their posters around town.

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Mon Sep 19 2005

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