Lone Star Comedy

Lone Star Comedy

MATT WELCOME (our headliner comes finely recommended from our twin club in cranleigh, where he has ripped the roof off not once, but twice! he displays a sharp, snappy skill for comic writing and claims to deliver more gags per minute than any other act on the uk circuit, so he will appeal to those of you who've enjoyed acts such as gary delaney in the past. he'll be great. "probably one of the most talented comedians on today's comedy circuit" - for woman magazine)

DAVE DYNAMITE (the latest export from the rather wonderful maverick comedy stable [whose other clients include the marvellous talents of both wil hodgson and josie long], dave is a proper south london geezer who has promised to bring twenty minutes of vein throbbing anger and utter stupidity which will be forced down your throat like a cocktail on the club 18-30s holiday. oh my i can't wait! "brash, mouthy South Londoner with the impenetrable stage presence of an ox" - chortle)

COLIN OWENS (colin is actually a relative newcomer to the circuit, having been gigging for less than a year, but in that time he has won jimmy carr's 'comedy idol' competition, reached the semi-finals of both the 2005 paramount comedy/channel 5 so you think you're funny and the bbc new comedy awards. so he looks like he's going to be great.)

compere DAN WILLIS (one had better get used to dan's lovable face because he will be our semi-resident compere for the future! he has appeared at the club three times before, each time proving to be absolutely delightful and placing a really fun atmosphere upon the whole show.)

all of this at the LONE STAR COMEDY CLUB THE LANTERNS, rendezvous street, FOLKESTONE SATURDAY 21ST JANUARY (that's this saturday) DOORS: 8PM, SHOW STARTS: 8.30PM TICKETS: 8 / 6 concessions reservations are recommended, and are available by phoning richard on 07810 864228, or you can go to the lanterns bar and buy them over the bar!

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Mon Jan 16 2006

This is my website The Folkestone Gerald that I built in a fury of enthusiasm when I first came here sometime in 2004. I'd been a frequent visitor for a while previous to that so I am technically one of those DFLs you get nowadays. The site was a lot more dynamic with a calendar of events and voting for best venues and stuff, and I know it was a useful reference for those who were thinking of moving here. Now I've moved out of Folkestone again (though only to Hythe) it doesn't get as much attention as it used to. Ironic really as The town is now becoming the exciting place we always thought it was about to become. I am not Gerald by the way, this comes from a pretend paper in an episode of The Day Today or something, the Portsmouth Gerald, and how there is a local paper here called the Folkestone Herald. Puns like this are GRATE aren't they? Do get in touch if you have anything to contribute, email anythign @ this domain, or try @folkestone or @pauly on Twitter.