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Hello -- some of my ancestors were Windebanks
Upper Wield Hampshire 1600's
Vernon Maldoom
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I am looking for Alicia Carames Windibank. She is a distant cousin. We are both related to Camacho's born in Cuba and Europe. I live in Miami since 1961. The address I have for her is
74 The Lane, Blackheath Park, London SE3 9 SL England. Can someone please let me know if this is a good address for her and reply to my e-mail I appreciate it.
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am seeking information about Thomas Windebank, born 1774. Think he MIGHT be the son, grandson, etc of the Thomas Windebanks of Bighton who was registered as just ". . . son of Thomas The first definite information I have is when he later married Mary Scorey at Bishopstoke,From then on, I can easily trace him. They moved to Titchfield .
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I have a connection to the windibanks James Goodall who m)Winifred Windibank is brother to Elias Goodall who is a direct line to me

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hi my name is Stephanie Windebank daughter to Peter Windebank (1950-present). He's originally from Andover in Hampshire where i have a lot of family still there. i was wondering if anyone was interested in that path? if so post something back and i'll be happy to help as much as i can
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Hi Stephanie I would love to swap details so that I can fill in some gaps.
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F Windibank

There are windibanks connections in the goodall family in Hampshire Area
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windibank / goodall

goodall also links with the westbrooks of wield.

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My father was Peter Windibank 1918 - 1986. His father was Frank Windibank (died 1918) and his mother Dorothea Heather (nickname Dodger)I believe his father's family were butchers in Chichester, Sussex. I am trying to develop the family tree. Any help would be much appreciated
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RE: Windibank

the following info is for all who are interested in the windebanks of wield.

i was passed this info by susan knight and has been checked via the wield parish records.

the following is in susans own words:


Note: There are two Elizabeth Windebanks in Wield of about the same age during the same time period. One is the daughter of Nicholas and the other the daughter of Thomas, both sons of Nicholas and his wife Elizabeth. The Wield Manor Court Books for 1740-1859 provide a key in identifying which is which. When the court was convened on October 27,1800 (page 169), the following item was listed:

At this court before the Steward and in the presence of the Homage Samuel Giles and Elizabeth his wife which said Elizabeth is eldest daughter and heir of Nicholas Windebank deceased surrendered into the hands of the Lord of the said Manor (she the said Elizabeth being first solely and secretly examined) one Messuage and one little parcel of land to the same belonging and adjoining on the west part thereof in West Wield to the use and behalfof William Giles and his Heir according to the custom of the said Manor"(Hampshire Record Office item 112M97/2 pages 175-176.

Per the above that as Elizabeth Giles (nee Windebank) is the daughter of Nicholas then this Elizabeth Windebank, who married Richard Knight, must be the daughter of Thomas.

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RE: Windibank

I am searching for the family of Mary Kate WINDIBANK, sister to Frank, who married Arthur WALKER my great granducle.
Would like to share info,
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RE: Windibank


my uncle is researching our familly tree, He has discovered a Mary Kate Windibank (who I believe is my great. great grandmother) spooky as I was named Katherine Mary Windibank long before my parents were aware of this.

I can pass your details on to him if you can provide me a contact email.


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That was posted two years ago, I guess they're unlikely to find you again now

Here's hoping though, you found this site by searching for the name so I hope someone else does too.

Good luck to your uncle, hope he finds a family fortune!
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Windibank family tree

If any of this is of help please do not hesitate to contact me:-
My great grand father was James Joseph and thence back. All from Liphook, Hampshire. They were the village blacksmiths of Liphook
I can go back as far as Simon Windibank, son was Richard Windibank
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RE: Windibank family tree

My grandfather was also a blacksmith from Liphook, Larkfield,Broadbridge Heath. Hersham,
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RE: Windibank family tree

Elizabeth......please mail me, My Grandfather born 1918 was born in Larkfield,Broadbridge,Horsham. Mybe very close relatives.
Diane/nee Windibank,
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Windibank family tree

Hi, My greatgrandfather was also from Liphook and was a village blacksmith, my grandfather Victor Job Windibank from Larkfield, Broadbridge Heath Horsham.My father Geoffrey Windibank born 10th Aug 1918. mail me if you are interested.
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RE: Windibank family tree

My grandmother, Mabel (nee) Windibank, was daughter of Henry Robert Windibank, born about 1854 in the St Pancras area of London, father managing a furnishing firm called Maples. My father was always told that the Windibanks were the Vanderbanks who came over with William of Orange and settled in Liphook as armourers to the Bentinck family. Armourers no doubt became black smiths. Can anyone shed light on how HR Windibank fits in with those Windibanks on this website?
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William of Orange family tree

Recommended / related
Not sure if / how any of those Windebank's mentioned fit in here, but just as an aside here's William of Orange's family tree.

Our connection with that name is where Caroline Clarke married John Windebank, in the 1800s... we also have Harriet Ann Cole marrying Stephen Windebank, though we have gaps in this area though.
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My father Peter Frank Windibank 1918-1986 had a family tree, since lost and I remember from my childhood that the family came from Liphook in Hampshire. His father was Frank Windibank who died in 1918. The family lived in Chichester at that time and I believe they were butchers.
I would be delighted to hear from you. My email:

I live in Sturry, a few miles from Canterbury, Kent.

Kindest regards,
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RE: Windibank family tree

I too am looking for a windebank connection
richard windebank abt 1828 cosham,portsmouth who married ann hobbs abt 1852 in portsmouth
and had children
ann windebank b1855 who married alban stark in 1873 portsmouth.
richard windebank abt 1857
william windebank abt 1860
all from portsmouth hampshire
any help with this line would be great
D. rodgers
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RE: Windibank family tree

i have since discovered that richards father was richard widebank also, and was a banliff whatever that was,
and anns father was thomas hobbs, they married 1st novembe 1846. if anyone has a match please contact me as hitting brickwall.
D Rodgers
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RE: Windibank family tree

There may be a connection somewhere as all our Windebanks were from the Widley/Cosham area. Caroline CLARKE married into the Windebank family (in 1832) which was quite a large one.
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hi my 7 greatgrand father was nicholas windebank born about 1679. he was married to an elizabeth. th

hi my 7 greatgrand father was nicholas windebank born about 1679. he was married to an elizabeth. they had a son nicholas christened acording to the wield parish reg's 4th feb 1705 .he married a sarah neller. thier daughter elizabeth 15th may 1738 married a richard knight. they had a james 13 oct 1776 he in turn had a james 20 oct 1814 who had a charlotte 27 jun 1841 she married a james westbrook feb 1841 their son arthur 1871 left wield and settled in croydon where my grand mother was born. do you know any thing about these windebanks please most especially nicholas 1679?
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hi my 7 greatgrand father was nicholas windebank born about 1679. he was married to an elizabeth

hi everyone here is an update Nicholas Windebank of Wield Hampshire had a twin sister! he was baptised and she was buried in 1674 in Hampshire. i am aware who his parents and grand parents were and possible his great grand parents. would still like to hear from any one connected. see my other messages here for contact details or ancestry (adamsfamily1) or RootsWeb (tree = wandering)

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Hello, My 6th g Grandfather was Nicholas, born abt 1682 married to Elizabeth. I am decended through his 2nd son Thomas b 28/7/1708. I have 1st son Nicholas's wife as Sarah Noller b 1716?
My line goes down from Nicholas to Thomas, Thomas, Thomas James,Jonathan,Edith the latter being my maternal Grandmother.May be able to fill in around this if you're
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hi just saw your message re nicholas.i note you have sarah noller as wife too nicolas jr.which is how the igi list the mariage

i have looked at the parish records in winchester and they are not very clear but they did look more like neller .also i have found a christening record for a sarah neller dated 12 may 1717 in wield.

i would be very interested in your info for thomas downwards (i have no info for his son ecept his christening)

thanks judy
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RE: Arthur Westbrook

In researching my great-grandmother, Alice Westbrook (b 1869 of James Westbrook & Charlotte nee Knight, I discovered a few things about her brother Arthur, who moved to Croydon. Alice also moved to Croydon and lived round the corner from Arthur. She called her second son after him. His son died at Beersheeba in August 1917, serving with The Queen's. Happy to help if it's of any interest.

Christopher Jary
16 Apr Comment / reply

alice and arthur westbrook

hi there i would be greatful if you contact me at the following

i already know about alice ,and have an extensive tree.arthur also named a child after alice just a year before the birth of her son arthur would love to hear from you.

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Re: Nicholas Windebank

Nicholas Windebank born 1676 is in my family tree. He was my 7th great grandparent. Can anyone add to this please.
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Hi Vernon,
I have some info on Windebanks in the Wield area which came from someone in Canada, but they do not connect with our Windebanks.
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The Sussex Weald

There's lots of info on that area at
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Sorry I'm new to this message board stuff --
my e-mail is
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