Forbach Orchestra 15th April

Forbach Orchestra 15th April We are quite lucky to have an opportunity like this because the orchestra, consisting of 85 musicians, are currently French National Champions at their class and the conductor is internationally recognized. They are putting on the concert free of charge, because the trip has been organized themselves, funded by Forbach (The French town they represent). In addition to this, we have successfully applied to use the Leas Cliff Hall free of charge for the day. Therefore the 1 entrance fee will cover the promotional costs and any extra will go towards providing refreshments for the orchestra. I hope that by offering this type of event at such a low price, everyone will have the opportunity to attend.

If you are interested in classical music, this is an excellent opportunity to see it performed to a high standard on your doorstep. Alternatively if you are just fan of music, with tickets at just 1, it might be worth a try.

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Fri Feb 24 2006

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