Lonestar Comedy Club

Lonestar Comedy Club

The next Lone Star Comedy Club takes place at the Lanterns in Folkestone, this Saturday March 18th with HOWARD READ, DAVE LEMKIN, JOE WILKINSON and compere DAN WILLIS.

HOWARD READ is an award-winning stand-up comic, writer and animator. His show The Big Howard Little Howard Show was the only British nominee for the Perrier Award at the 2003 Edinburgh Festival. He then took this show on a national tour and to New York, Stockholm and the US Comedy Arts Festival in Colorado and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The show was a unique combination of stand-up comedy and live, interactive animation where Read performs with a cast of animated characters which he writes, voices and animates himself. The star of the show is Little Howard, Reads six-year-old alter ego who can respond to audience questions using a complex data-base of animated routines. This and Howards other shows Howard Read: words and Pictures (2002) and At Home With The Howards (2004) received rave reviews and ongoing interest from television companies both here and in the US. Howard can (and does) claim to have created a completely new genre in live entertainment. His stand-up warm up work includes Channel 4s Black Books, ITVs Baddeil and Skinner Unplanned and The Frank Skinner Show. His writing credits include channel 4s Meet Ricky Gervais, The eleven OClock Show and The In Crowd.

DAVE LEMKIN started as a stand-up in April 2002 and has since performed at venues such as the Comedy Store, jongleurs and Up The Creek. A qualified lawyer and actor, he has appeared in both Red Dwarf (BBC) and Drop The Dead Donkey (Channel 4). The move to stand-up was a natural progression which has seen him work as both a compere and a straight act in Britain and Europe. He reached the semi finals of the Channel 4 sponsored So You Think Youre Funny competition at the Edinburgh Festival in 2003.

JOE WILKINSON was winner of the 2006 Hackney Empire new act competition and was placed third in the So You Think Youre Funny competition.

Having started out as a panellist on the Perrier Awards (after winning the TimeOut Edinburgh Festival comedy competition in 2001), DAN WILLIS has starred in and presented a number of shows for network television including Kings of Comedy and Edinburgh or Bust. Dan has also worked tirelessly as a crowd warm-up person for shows such as Open House with Gloria Hunniford where for six months he daily entertained a crowd of 80-year-old ladies without swearing or naughty sex talk though his stand-up routine can switch effortlessly from clean to adult material depending on how the crowd want to go.

Tickets are 8 each or 64 for a table of eight on the main dance floor area. Call Richard on 07810 864228 to book your place. Doors open at 8pm, with the show starting at 8.30pm.

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Wed Mar 15 2006

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