REM tickets going for a hundred pounds a go or so..


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Staying In vs Going Out

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Just contemplating whether to go out and drink beer some sort of BEAR themed evening with chum MJ Hibbett at the Bull and Gate or stay in with Clare and watch some films she's got in, Ocean's Eleven and Meet The Parents. Also currently consuming the gods own soya based snack a Bombay Bad Boy pot noodle.

The bag thing on the Dyson is full already.

Rah, flatmate Emma's brother is back from WAR. I hope he has brought nylons.
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One band was good

can't remember the name though, three piece from Newcastle, and is no use...

Off to either the Defoe or the Wheatsheaf later to play pool... the Defoe is nicer to take our guests to, but the Wheatsheaf is only 50p a game, choices choices...
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It was The Futureheads who were ace.
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