Roger De Haan's plans for the town

Roger De Haan's plans for the town

I lived in Folkestone for the first 21 years of my life and then left to study up north 11 years ago and never moved back. All of my family still live in the town so I visit regularly a few times every year. It may be my 'rose tinted specs' view of the town when I was younger, but during the past 11 years I've noticed the place going steadily down hill. Run down shops, small town mentality of many of the locals (not the majority, but enough to spoil the feel of the town) and a real lack of investment. With that in mind I was pleased to find out about De Haan's plans for the town and hope that the local community do whatever they can to support his vision. If he pull's it off I can see Folkestone being firmly put back on the map as a popular tourist destination and somewhere people enjoy living. I can't think of anywhere else in the UK where a wealthy benefactor is willing to stump up loads of cash for the good of the local community so I wish him all the best. As for Jimmy Godden - all that man has ever done is screw as much cash out of people as possible to line his own pockets. He doesn't care about the town or the people and I hope that the council do whatever they can to get that land off him so that the De Haan/Foster plans come to fruition.

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08 May 2006

Over to you, discussion about anything local, but please be considerate... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, find a flatmate, rent a room, news, what' new, local events, for sale, whatever... hmm this kinda slumped a bit didn't it? But it's still here after most of the other johnny-come-latelies gave up again! Folkestone Gerald was here before Folkestone was cool, and it'll still be here after! Probably. Email me if you want to do a deal, pauly @ this domain


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