Interesting Folkestone / Waterstones / Ottakars rumour

Interesting Folkestone / Waterstones / Ottakars rumour

So, with Waterstones having taken over Ottakars, it would seem likely at some point that one of the stores in town will close. This is not guaranteed (and I think The Competition Commission are having a look at things), but being pragmatic, it looks likely. So which branch would close?

Waterstones is huge, and looks to be a bit of a valuable location, but it doesn't seem to be as busy as Ottakars. So maybe keep Ottakars running, and cash in on the value of the premises? I hear NO, for the curious reason that there is a huge secret bunker underneath Waterstones, where all their top staff will shelter in the even of a nucular war!!!

(Or possibly that they store documents and backups and things from all the other stores, including London, there).

Nice piece in Folkestone Herald | The Herald this week about secret tunnels under Folkestone, I love stuff like this, anyone got any tales about tunnelage they know about that they'd like to share? Or any more info about Waterstones / Ottakars?

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04 Sep 2006

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