Interesting Folkestone / Waterstones / Ottakars rumour

Interesting Folkestone / Waterstones / Ottakars rumour

So, with Waterstones having taken over Ottakars, it would seem likely at some point that one of the stores in town will close. This is not guaranteed (and I think The Competition Commission are having a look at things), but being pragmatic, it looks likely. So which branch would close?

Waterstones is huge, and looks to be a bit of a valuable location, but it doesn't seem to be as busy as Ottakars. So maybe keep Ottakars running, and cash in on the value of the premises? I hear NO, for the curious reason that there is a huge secret bunker underneath Waterstones, where all their top staff will shelter in the even of a nucular war!!!

(Or possibly that they store documents and backups and things from all the other stores, including London, there).

Nice piece in The Herald this week about secret tunnels under Folkestone, I love stuff like this, anyone got any tales about tunnelage they know about that they'd like to share? Or any more info about Waterstones / Ottakars?

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Mon Sep 04 2006

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