Feltonfleet School

Feltonfleet School

Does anyone know anything about the Princes Hotel, Radnor (Executive) Club, Folkestone Trained Nurses' Institute, Athelstan School, Feltonfleet School and does anyone have any pictures/correspondence links to where I can lay my hands on historical stuff on either/both of them?

There's a Princes Hotel in Eastbourne and a Princes Marine Hotel in Hove, both a bit far to be of any use though. There is a Princes Parade in Hythe, if that might be a clue... What info do you have on any of these businesses / institutions already?

I see your post on family-tree.co.uk, where were these schools then? Were any of them on Earls Avenue? What was the name of the school that was where "Old School Court" (flats) is now? Or where you on The Leas where The Southcliff Hotel is now?

I see some responses to a question (your question?) on Yahoo Answers:

What happened to Feltonfleet School in Folkestone?

Feltonfleet School was founded in 1903 in Folkestone and remained there until 1916 when it moved to Surrey. However, my father attended the school in 1932, but according to feltonfleet.co.uk the school didn't exist in Folkestone at that time. In 1944 the school was demolished by a V1 and the destruction was reported in the local paper. What's going on? Additional Details 4 weeks ago Claude Counsell was head of Feltonfleet School and remained in Folkestone after the school had been destroyed. He owned the site and that of Athelstan School which was next door. Perrott Hill School - History of Perrott Hill School Best Answer - Chosen By Voters One such school was Feltonfleetnormally based in Surreywho were evacuated to ... Despite some inevitable alterations, the house largely retained its manor ...

However the site is not working: perrotthill.somerset.sch.uk...

What are you doing with all this info? Are you working on a book or is it all for oldwestbrookians.cjb.net?

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