Fellenberg College, 4 Church Street, Folkestone

Fellenberg College, 4 Church Street, Folkestone

In the 19th century, there was a Ladies' College in Church Street, Folkestone, which was named Fellenberg College - also known as Fellenberg House Seminary.

I have found it listed in a few of the historical directories, but then it disappeared in the 1880s. I have also found it in a few of the censuses, but again - nothing after 1881.

I have searched the internet and although I have found a fleeting mention of the college, I haven't really been able to find out anything.

Please - can anyone with local knowledge help me? It is likely that the name is based on the Swiss educator named Fellenberg, who (at that time) was a pioneer in certain types of education.

There is a very brief summary of him and his methods here: http://tinyurl.com/y4bygv

Thanks in advance for any help.

As I live in Adelaide, South Australia, it's a bit far to come to check it out for myself.


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Tue Oct 17 2006

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