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Ship Inn
Great weekend visiting family and friends, more on which later, I am pressed for time now I'm back working full time! Started yesterday, am learning all the systems, mostly PHP and XML no problems at all. It's a great place to work, huge and modern but also very friendly and a lot going on. There's a music quiz this Friday, but I may not go as I'd need to round up a team among people I don't yet know, and this weekend we ought to be going out big style to celebrate the new job really.

Got a new computer, a very cool PowerBook Pro with all the trimmings, haven't set it up on the network at home yet, it is a work thing.

Out tonight, another quiz, at The Ship.
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So you work for

I'm confoosed.
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That's my new job, I'm a developer for
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powerbook pro

is it set up to do a dual boot, i.e. os/x or xp?? which model is it you've got?
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probably not going dual boot it, I don't think I need windows for anything on here.
Don't know what version it is, it's new, do you mean what size is it? Looks like the 17'', I'll have to get my tape measure out...
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RE: osx

hmmm so i think i meant which config

as there's a few - just curious to know how quick it is and stuff. having real problems with my pc at home with blue screen of deaths and just feel like getting anything which doesnt run MS. feeling sorry for myself.
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it's the Intel version

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the quickest and the best of those. They're great, not as cheap as PC's though, or maybe it just seems that way as there's a reduced range and you only see the higher spec versions... Mac Minis look good, if you already have a good screen and that.

This does HDMI output looks like, I'll have to try it through my TV.
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