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Google map and "google map" related things, including venues, pubs, gigs and blog posts about google map.If you have anything to contribute regarding google map that I have not covered here, Please do contribute. Particularly if you have something to offer concerning my family tree, local pubbing or other venues, home automation google map experiments, home brew, beer, or cider. Thank you.

Got a new mobile phone arriving tomorrow HTC Wildfire same as Clare... [Mon 4 April 2011]

Giovanni's is there see here ... [Sun 20 March 2011]

RE: Interactive map of Folkestone I'd really love you to add Don Giovannis of bouverie rd west to your map. We have had some... [Sat 19 March 2011]

Please check out this folkestone pub map recently improved (fixed) [Thu 15 April 2010]

Done some work on simplifying and speeding up my google maps Now how do I test them in html5? [Tue 13 April 2010]

Who's that parking in a disabled bay on Earls Avenue? Folkestone got google maps street view now! [Thu 11 March 2010]

Still waiting for you to upload some pictures and video I've seen the snowman on Kerry's facebook, very nice... [Wed 6 January 2010]

RE: Snowing again here call that snow!!wait till you see ours [Tue 5 January 2010]

Snowing again here #uksnow CT20 6/10 [Tue 5 January 2010]

Sorry sounds like my own google map filtering is broken If I fix it up I will get back to you. my (possibly broken) filterable google map [Mon 14 December 2009]

Google map Filtering Hello i am very intereseted in you app. I am a beginner in PHP and my sql and googlemap. wht... [Mon 14 December 2009]

Clever new features in Google Suggest [Sat 12 December 2009]

Chrome Experiment COOL! cheers Peter [Thu 19 March 2009]

Google street view van spotted in Hythe Work chums say it just snapped them! [Thu 19 March 2009]

Google maps... ENTERPRISE??? What, I have to PAY??? [Thu 12 February 2009]

Live pirate map! Missed opportunity , why use google's default map pins instead of little skull and crossbone... [Mon 24 November 2008]

RE: Google Maps API + Thickbox I tried this fix for loading a google map in a thickbox window. It works on Safari and FF (mac)... [Sat 8 November 2008]

RE: Google Maps API + Thickbox There are a couple of ways, either put it within function load(): function load() { if... [Fri 24 October 2008]

RE: Google Maps API + Thickbox Hi, Could you show me exactly how to set the time out with this function ? function load() {... [Thu 23 October 2008]

Google street view is OK'd for the UK Here on the BBC , there were fears about it being an invasion of privacy, which would have been... [Fri 1 August 2008]

New google walking directions (needs some work) 120 miles on foot or two miles by road , hmm. I think they put these deliberate mistakes in... [Tue 29 July 2008]

Ads on my google map Check it out , there really are local businesses advertising on google maps now. [Mon 28 July 2008]

Google mapping cars in Folkestone? Tesselate says google mapping cars (that they're using to do the street view on google... [Tue 22 July 2008]

Folkestone pub mapplet Heard of Mapplets ? No? Used Google maps though haven't you? Wouldn't you like to add the... [Thu 17 July 2008]

ouch Limited updates from me today, just shut my finger in the car door, so only my left hand is in... [Sun 29 June 2008]

Pictures and a report from the Folkestone Triennial launch weekend My report and pictures from the Triennial launch , wasn't it great? [Sun 15 June 2008]

Never mind the KML All that talk of KML yesterday got me looking at my maps again, they've not worked for ages,... [Fri 16 May 2008]

KML Created some kml files from my pub / restaurant data on Folkestone Gerald , part of my plan to... [Thu 15 May 2008]

Yeah, want to go halves? This is the only house we went to see inside: thought it might be a bit rude to take pictures... [Tue 15 January 2008]

RE: Google Maps hacks Can't see any houses!are you going to buy a pub now [Tue 15 January 2008]

Google Maps hacks I'm sure you've checked out Saturday's walk around Canterbury by now, I've merged in the photos... [Mon 14 January 2008]

Google Maps API + Thickbox Had some trouble for a while at work with getting our google maps working with this thickbox ,... [Tue 8 January 2008]

I found the sidebar stuff quite tricky actually I can't remember how I did it right now, I can only suggest looking in the source, it's all... [Fri 3 August 2007]

I'm not filtering google's own "local" info I have my own database of bars and restaurants and things, and an xml interface to it, see:... [Fri 3 August 2007]

RE: Interactive map of Folkestone Hi, I was really impressed with your interactive map and they way in which you managed to get... [Thu 2 August 2007]

RE: Interactive map of Folkestone Thank you for puting out such an amazing site! I myself am going to make a google map API with... [Fri 13 July 2007]

Portsmouth energy assessors / energy assessment certificates Domestic energy assessors Energy performance certificates ... [Sun 10 June 2007]

Don't be dropping me any deeper in it Enjoy Taste! [Sat 9 June 2007]

RE: Up to our HIPs (geddit?!?!?) Surely stopping the wife from scoring a perfect 10 simply out of spite is a sackable offence?... [Fri 8 June 2007]

Up to our HIPs (geddit?!?!?) First off, huge trouble at the quiz at The Ship last night - the wife and I were on different... [Wed 6 June 2007]

Transport updates Journey times have been much better since Monday. If I race out of the door here at six, I get a... [Fri 10 November 2006]

RE: Interactive map of Folkestone Hello, My name is Josh. I love your site. I work with a musician, and this type of... [Sun 15 October 2006]

some xsl links Just moving between one computer and another where I can't access my email! Intro to XSL XSL... [Thu 31 August 2006]

Thought so, though not got it yet I saw some posts on a forum about it. Still got episode 5 to watch anyway. [Fri 11 November 2005]

RE: Lost You'll be pleased to hear then that the mid-Season break for Season 2 in the states has just... [Fri 11 November 2005]

Yes, ta Did lots of looking at maps at the time, not had much of a go recently, I will get back into it.... [Fri 11 November 2005]

RE: Google Maps ?折湧嘀萸潦准閰西粥 I presume you have seen Similar thing to you "rather dull google... [Thu 10 November 2005]

RE: Google Maps ?折湧嘀萸潦准閰西粥 Hey, that's really cool. Only let down by the fact that you can drive over everything on the map... [Thu 10 November 2005]

Google Maps ?折湧嘀萸潦准閰西粥 No idea what that says above, something like google maps mini racing game I suppose. Quite... [Thu 10 November 2005]

My own maps I made a map of pubs, clubs, and restaurants and a property map ... [Wed 26 October 2005]

I don't suppose you could include anything too cunning in there but there is an API so you can do basically whatever you like. I got that last tip from the... [Thu 4 August 2005]

ah, but for the Google thing, how do you turn the link on the right to your text into a valid one? Some... [Thu 4 August 2005]

Google maps hacked smacked and whacked Well not quite, but it's easier to insert things in the page than I though , you can do it in... [Wed 3 August 2005]

Transparent Google Map I like this map [Wed 6 July 2005]

Google Maps API Ooh there's a proper Google Maps API now, they've made things like this legit! The old way... [Thu 30 June 2005]

If you crush it all down you could fit more in NO! STOP! [Wed 29 June 2005]

how much rubbish do you want, I COULD fill the car up!!!
how much rubbish do you want, I COULD fill the car up!!! Pops [Wed 29 June 2005]

Google map favelet javascript ... [Tue 28 June 2005]

It's on there don't fret It's under Sandgate though, and not Folkestone... That's a good point though, when you pick... [Mon 27 June 2005]

Gate 28 Come, come Pauly you must have Gate 28 on the list surely although not a pub as such it does... [Mon 27 June 2005]

Wireless Got TWO computers fired up wirelessly at home now, things are going well! I've done my chores for... [Sat 25 June 2005]

Google Maps Google Group Very useful group for discussing google map things... [Tue 21 June 2005]

Well than, next time I'm in Folkstone, I will go there then. Well than, next time I'm in Folkstone, I will go there then. [Mon 20 June 2005]

Yeah I have, some good stuff going on Seeing what other people had done geed me along a bit... I'm only using my own XML feed at the... [Sun 19 June 2005]

Tom Cool. Have you looked at - they're doing some really interesting stuff with... [Sun 19 June 2005]

Coming soon! 183 gigs catalogued so far, I reckon I will give you the link on Monday when I've done some more... [Fri 17 June 2005]

It's ace Real ales and ciders, great food, young crowd, pool table, relaxed, music... a great place to... [Fri 17 June 2005]

Chambers is apparently my perfect pub. Is it nice? Chambers is apparently my perfect pub. Is it nice? [Fri 17 June 2005]

never mind fancy maps where is this gigography?!!?! [Fri 17 June 2005]

Google map obsessive Fancy map techniques [Fri 17 June 2005]

Google Map App Made me a sensible google map based application at last, it's an interactive map of Folkestone... [Fri 17 June 2005]

Interactive map of Folkestone Check out this interactive map of Folkestone - just drag to redraw the Folkestone map... [Fri 17 June 2005]

oh i'm inspiring.. thats rather nice. Means I'll have to get up to date now tho'... [Sun 12 June 2005]

Google-maps hack WHACKED! read more on Slashdot ... I think most of the interesting map sites ought to be safe, the site... [Fri 10 June 2005]

Google Sitemaps [Fri 3 June 2005]

Action Plan + Razorlight A chums band Action Plan are supporting Razorlight at their secret gig at Highbury Garage... [Thu 2 June 2005]

Excellent work there Phil [Wed 25 May 2005]

Just so you know, I've updated the "How To" guide demos to work again--I still need to update the and Standalone Viewer though.
Just so you know, I've updated the "How To" guide demos to work again--I still need to update the... [Wed 25 May 2005]

Traffic and Rail map When I saw the traffic feeds from the BBC (via ), this is the application... [Wed 25 May 2005]

Have Google blocked access to their maps? Not only did my maps stop working, but also those at this handy tutorial site ... bah! Google... [Wed 25 May 2005]

Google Maps Hacking and Bookmarklets [Sat 7 May 2005]

Customising Google Maps This is complicated , but looks COOL. An offshoot of Google Maps Hacks ... UPDATE: Not so... [Fri 6 May 2005]

RE: Google Maps Brilliant! I was using 'Multimap', which is still good, but I like this - the page loads nice and... [Fri 22 April 2005]

Google Maps Just updated all the venue pages to include a google map now. I was using ,... [Tue 19 April 2005]

Google Maps So long , Google maps UK is here... [Tue 19 April 2005]

is it dhtml. and bloody clever it is too! Did you know that Google employees have to go through over 8 interviews to get a job there? All for free ... is it dhtml. and bloody clever it is too! Did you know that Google employees have to go through... [Sat 12 February 2005]

DHTML memory leaks and avoidance techniques DHTML memory leaks and avoidance techniques [Sat 12 February 2005]

dissecting google maps dissecting google maps [Sat 12 February 2005]

Google Maps Google maps ... seems to be only the US of States at the moment though... might come in handy... [Wed 9 February 2005]

Over to you, discussion about something local, but Please be considerate... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, Find a flatmate, rent a room, property queries, current affairs, what's new, local events, for sale, local services, what I like about Folkestone, ask questions, offer advice, plug yourself... the more it's used the more useful a resource it will become. If you want a gig listed click here to add it (fixed now!), or just click here to post a message...

As it goes there are no pubbing / venues regarding google map anyway. Enjoy the posts though.Have I missed something? Please do let me know!

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