Ship Inn, 65 Sandgate High Street, Sandgate, Kent, (pub, quiz, real ale)


65 Sandgate High Street, Sandgate, Kent, 01303 248525

AKA The Famous Ship Inn. Proper old pub, two bars, real ale, friendly crowd, and new big roof terrace (so now multiple outdoor seating areas) overlooking the beach.

Does he still do the quiz ever?

Gone off this one a bit recently.

rated 6.3 / 10.0 (1)

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The back bar and the front bar used to be two different pubs back in the days of ancient history.

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Lots of things going on around The Ship pub over the bank holiday weekend... Is that this weekend or next? [2010-08-27 2010]

The evening starts with carol singers at about 8, the Blue Room will take to the front bar about 9 for a night of music, fun and games. [2009-12-17 2009]

Brilliant! See me there all weekend! [2008-08-23 2008]

Until 5am, LOCALS ONLY though, no guests, so if you didn't already know about it I guess you're not going. [2007-12-31 2007]

[2006-10-15 2006]

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Rare midweek night out [Thu 23 February 2017]

Went to the pub and did a quiz [Fri 25 March 2016]

Funeral was amazingly well attended [Thu 25 February 2016]

The Ship are brewing their own beer now [Tue 15 December 2015]

Wow been a busy week [Sat 31 October 2015]

Splendid night at The Ship [Sun 13 September 2015]

"came within a foot" [Sun 22 March 2015]

Secret door from The Ship into Loaf (the bike shop) [Sun 22 March 2015]

No drinking in January went well [Fri 2 January 2015]

Surprised The Ship has a bad FSA rating [Mon 24 November 2014]

Not really a beer festival at The Ship [Mon 25 August 2014]

Anniversary night out part 1 [Mon 18 August 2014]

Weather was good today for Sandgate Sea Festival [Sun 26 August 2012]

Lovely bank holiday weekend [Sun 28 August 2011]

Hangover [Fri 18 March 2011]

Demo went really well today [Wed 2 February 2011]

Boys night in [Wed 19 January 2011]

the ship inn a small moan [Sat 8 January 2011]

Is the Ship quiz still on? [Tue 20 July 2010]

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