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The Real Thing Last minute replacement for AC/DC, who the council disagreed with. Hardly seems a fair swap! Leas Cliff Hall The Leas, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2DZ 01303 228600 [Saturday 11 September 1976]

Monsters of Rock AC/DC, Metallica, Motley Crue, Queensryche, and the Black Crowes. A pretty special line up at the top of the bill, shame it was the shortest Donington bill ever. Got a coach up from Portsmouth, everyone on the coach brought a metal mix Castle Donington Donington Park Raceway, [Monday 5 August 1991]

AC/DC Special gig, we had to queue all day for tickets. Support from Hundred Reasons. Hammersmith Odeon Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, London W6 9QH 020 8563 3800 [Tuesday 21 October 2003]

November Coming Fire + guests cuthroatpromotions annual showcase, 9 bands 15 mins sets each general party atmosphere, punk, hardcore, pop punk, psyschobilly... something for all!
The Harp Restrung 11 Grace Hill, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1HA 01303 226754 [Saturday 29 April 2006]

Hells Bells AC/DC Tribute Cox's Yard Bridgefoot, Stratford Upon Avon [Saturday 13 November 2010]

Free At Last, AC/DC/UK Boardwalk Sheffield [Friday 2 July 2010]

For Those About to Rock, Livewire AC/DC, Limehouse Lizzy HMV Picture House 31 Lothian Road Edinburgh EH1 2DJ [Saturday 9 October 2010]

Livewire ACDC, Limehouse Lizzy, For Those About to Rock Goodnestone Park B2046 Wingham, Kent 01227 787787 [Friday 17 September 2010]

AC/DC in Nice Formed: 1973 in Sydney, Australia Style: Rock Check out: "Back in Black" "Thunderstruck" "T.N.T." AC/DC TicketsThe long awaited return of AC/DC! Recent American live dates... Stade Charles Ehrmann Nice [Tuesday 15 June 2010]

For Those About To Rock AB/CD support QOTSA tonight... [Wednesday 22 November 2000]

Win AC/DC tickets Club Beer have a couple of festival tickets to dish out... [Saturday 19 May 2001]

Datsuns Tour Don't miss out, you tiny fools. [Wednesday 17 April 2002]

Night of a million billion gigs Datsuns and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in one night... [Friday 19 April 2002]

Who's in with Carling then? Get me into AC/DC, please... [Tuesday 7 October 2003]

NNNNNNNN \m/ [Tuesday 7 October 2003]

Up early to get those AC/DC tickets [Monday 13 October 2003]

AC/DC tickets Hammersmith [Monday 13 October 2003]

Barfly admin [Monday 13 October 2003]

AC/DC tickets (slight return) [Monday 13 October 2003]

AC/DC Competition! Am I good to you or what? PopEx and The Fly are running a join competition, tickets to this sold out gig! I'm not picking the winners though : ( [Wednesday 15 October 2003]

AC/DC [Tuesday 21 October 2003]

Keep smoking Justin Is tonight's Darkness gig still on? [Wednesday 22 October 2003]

Placebo 2003 [Friday 15 October 2004]

Thanks for that info [Friday 15 October 2004]

Yeh been to good few (gets ticket stub collection)-reef, motorhead, polyphonic spree, the darkness, turin brakes, spiritualized, local band nite fe... [Friday 15 October 2004]

Oh yeh was v disappointed really wanted to see em, pilok of a bass player "damaged his hand". yeh rite! [Friday 15 October 2004]

damaged his hand in a [Friday 15 October 2004]

man, to see AC/DC there... [Friday 15 October 2004]

Yeah was pretty gd gig even if GLC did get a lot of stick, i mean i jus thought it was funny even if they were gettin a lot of abuse cos they seeme... [Friday 15 October 2004]

They were expecting the stick [Friday 15 October 2004]

found it on google, after searhcing for tofts on there wanted find out bit more on this venue that balck sabbath played at in the late 60's. my dad... [Friday 15 October 2004]

I think there were two different venues known as Tofts [Friday 15 October 2004]

Yeah sure, ive added the site to my signature on our footy team site, ---Turkeys footy! Won't get many hits ... [Friday 15 October 2004]

Not sure but.. [Friday 15 October 2004]

Couldn't figure out from that where you played [Friday 15 October 2004]

Yeh sorta [Friday 15 October 2004]

AC/DC 1976 [Sunday 13 February 2005]

Bayraider rocks \m/ [Wednesday 12 April 2006]

RE: Bayraider rocks \m/ [Wednesday 12 April 2006]

American rock band indeed... [Thursday 13 April 2006]

Apple Airbook [Tuesday 15 January 2008]


AC/DC want YOU for their new video [Saturday 9 August 2008]

AC/DC tickets [Tuesday 14 October 2008]

I knew it [Friday 17 October 2008]

request for assistance [Friday 17 October 2008]

Only via google adsense [Friday 17 October 2008]

AC/DC's new video in ASCII [Friday 24 October 2008]

More wifi fun [Thursday 29 January 2009]

The Whole World Cafe is on Myspace [Sunday 29 March 2009]

Cool baby grows If only he'd get more than ten minutes wear out of them... [Saturday 4 July 2009]

RE: Cool baby grows [Monday 1 February 2010]

Sandcastle competion Sunday, win a meal at RockSalt! [Friday 6 July 2012]

Back in work today [Wednesday 13 March 2013]

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