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Bottoms and "bottoms" related stuff, including places, pubbing, gigs and posts about bottoms.If you have anything to offer concerning bottoms that I have not covered here, Please chip in. Particularly if you have anything to contribute regarding my family tree, local pubs or other venues, home automation bottoms experiments, home brew, beer, or cider. Thank you.

Carlton Hotel, The Leas, Folkestone CT20 2DU 01303 253290

16 Lower Market Street, Hove, , BN3 1AT

16 Lower Market Street, Hove, , BN3 1AT

93 Lothian Road, , , EH3 9AW

58 Blatchington Road, Hove, , BN3 3YH

Keep them safe I am just waiting to grow a bit round the waist and for my legs to shrink with old age and then... [Fri 27 June 2008]

RE: I think my dad gave them to me. I've just checked, my 60's flares are still in the back of my wardrobe! Pops [Fri 27 June 2008]

I have only been looking at the quality of the jeans, not the bottoms That side panel is only showing listings for the style and size of jeans that Clare is looking... [Thu 26 June 2008]

RE: That's exactly why! I don't know, I find it hard enough to choose jeans when I'm in a shop trying them on, let alone... [Thu 26 June 2008]

That's exactly why! Go on, buy some second hand pants off ebay via one of my links! I put the links up there as... [Wed 25 June 2008]

RE: Woo we won a "Seven For All Mankind" auction at last! Is that why there is always a strip of jean auctions down the right side of your site? For some... [Wed 25 June 2008]

Is this who's bought the Metronome? assura group has a metronome page , looks like they own other medical type facilities so this... [Mon 23 June 2008]

Woo we won a "Seven For All Mankind" auction at last! ... [Mon 23 June 2008]

Talk about mudflaps, my girl's got 'em So is the venue known as Bottoms still alive in Folkestone? this BBC page says it is , though... [Tue 19 October 2004]

Bonus day! Hmm, not a bonus earning type of day, but rather an extra day to the weekend... worked out that... [Mon 7 June 2004]

Intensified Looking for more mentions of The Metronome found a tale of some Australian called Intensified... [Mon 31 December 1990]

Over to you, discussion about something local, but Please do be considerate... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, Find a flatmate, rent a room, property queries, current affairs, what's new, local events, for sale, local services, what I like about Folkestone, ask questions, offer advice, plug yourself... the more it's used the more useful a resource it will become. If you want a gig listed click here to add it (fixed now!), or just click here to post a message...

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