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Looks like this one is off now, but stay tuned for the next one... 18 Cheriton Place, Folkestone, Kent CT20 07894068432 [2015-08-02 2015]

"Limited Tickets remain" it says here - so not an infinite number of tickets, I think that was already clear. Bet this one gets cancelled... The Leas, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 2DZ 01303 228600 [2014-09-26 2014]

In time for the weekly mailout this time! "Cancelled due to unforseen circumstances"... not really. what do you mean you knew I was going to make that joke? Spooky (again). Rhee Wall Road, Snargate, Kent, TN29 9UQ 01303 263900 [2010-11-12 2010]

Just too late for the weekly mailout! "Cancelled due to unforseen circumstances"... not really. what do you mean you knew I was going to make that joke? Spooky... Rhee Wall Road, Snargate, Kent, TN29 9UQ 01303 263900 [2010-10-08 2010]

Sorry, cancelled [2010-07-24 2010]

Raymond & Mr Timpkins Revue, Rob Deering and Joe Bor. 8pm
Oh dear, cancelled, sorry
65-69 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1JR 01303 858500 [2010-07-10 2010]

CANCELLED! Now that's magic! 65-69 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1JR 01303 858500 [2010-07-02 2010]

Danish sensation voted no.1 on Myspace will be coming to La Vue restraunt and Wine bar to dazzle people with her classially fused sounds and her violin. Tickets are only 瞿12 and available from 0871 918 0949 or online at 6-8 Aspen House, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1TH 01303 227000 [2007-09-20 2007]

Lack of interest apparently Prince's Parade, Hythe, Kent CT21 6AE [2007-07-27 2007]

Quiz Night at Keppels Bar, The Grand. 8pm for an 8.30 start. DEFINITELY call before heading along (01303 222244), they just cancelled on us :-(. Teams up to 4 people, win four meals in the Palm Court. MOVED TO MIDWEEK NOW! The Grand, The Leas, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2XL 01303 277175 [2007-01-19 2007]

CANCELLED!!! Do you remember howling them off the stage when they supported The Darkness last January? Well, they're BACK! You knows it. Update: oh no they're not, it's cancelled... The Leas, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 2DZ 01303 228600 [2005-02-22 2005]

The tour was cancelled after a shooting at a London show The Leas, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 2DZ 01303 228600 [2001-12-17 2001]

CURATOR'S TALK THURSDAY 14th February 2013 CANCELLED We are sorry to inform you that the Curator's talk at the Sassoon Gallery Folkestone to be... [Wed 13 February 2013]

thank you I will update [Wed 14 July 2010]

Cancelled show According to other websites regarding Saturday Summer Magic, featuring ABBA tribute band, Utter... [Wed 14 July 2010]

I will not buy any more furniture until we have moved house Oops, bidding on a dining table i will have to collect form Oxfor [Wed 14 July 2010]

Oh no Laughing Boy Comedy Club is cancelled, sorry everyone [Fri 9 July 2010]

An audience with Paul Daniels this Friday If you didn't make it to Ozzy Osbourne this week why not console yourselves with this, at the... [Tue 29 June 2010]

Police are trying to get Stokes Bay Festival cancelled Not that I'm going, but BOO [Sat 30 May 2009]

Red List Live festival cancelled for this year :-( Not entirely my fault I don't think. Not an april fool afaik [Wed 1 April 2009]

Cancelled Gig/Bad vibes I am a PROFESSIONAL solo singer guitarist and was booked MONTHS back to play at the Neptune Inn... [Wed 9 July 2008]

Jimmy White cancelled? Ken Doherty replaces Jimmy White in this exhibition match. [Thu 5 May 2005]

Jimmy Jimmy How bizarre, seems the people's champion Jimmy White is coming to The Lanterns to play a... [Mon 18 April 2005]

CANCELLED Looks like Goldie Lookin' Chain have cancelled tonight at the Leas Cliff Hall , when did this... [Tue 22 February 2005]

2 x DARKNESS WEMBLEY TICKETS 4 SALE Yo yo yo, I have 2 wembley tickets for the sat 11th gig for sale.... they are on Ebay but if they... [Sun 5 December 2004]

I have two spare for The Darkness at Brixton too! Leave a message. [Mon 15 November 2004]

4 Darkness tickets for Brixton (23rd November) I have 4 spares for the Darkness at Brixton on 23rd November - will sell in pairs if that suits... [Mon 15 November 2004]

Darkness Brixton spare tickets Got 2 spares tickets for Brixton on the 23/11 if you want them be quick mail me at... [Mon 15 November 2004]

You knows it! Safe, Goldie Lookin' Chain are supporting The Darkness in Folkestone and Portsmouth and... [Thu 22 January 2004]

RE: Darkness Tickets i really need two tickets for either the gig in portsmouth or the gig in folkestone, if anyone... [Sat 10 January 2004]

RE: Darkness Tickets Do you still have spare tickets, please email me at [Mon 1 December 2003]

David Devant A post on this message board , seemingly by Vessel himself says David Devant might be playing... [Sat 22 November 2003]

David Devant cancelled Well, anyway, it seems to be not going ahead , it was only a rumour anyway, what a shame. [Sun 16 November 2003]

Darkness review read my review of The Darkness Carling Homecoming here ... very good. [Wed 12 November 2003]

The day of the gig XFM might still be giving away tickets for the Darkness Carling Homecoming today, listen... [Tue 11 November 2003]

Darkness @ London Astoria The Darkness are playing a Carling Homecoming gig at the Astoria, possibly win tickets at... [Tue 11 November 2003]

Did you win? I got a pass for the Darkness homecoming show at the Astoria !! [Fri 7 November 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Darkness - Brixton 6th Dec. Looking for one or two tickets please contact [Thu 6 November 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets please please has anyone got any tickets too either b'ham or manchester??!!?? im in desperate... [Wed 5 November 2003]

New Darkness gig announced Carling homecoming at the Astoria, November 11th ! tickets here [Wed 29 October 2003]

Darkness @ Hammersmith Odeon They ROCKED. Not as hard as they usually do, hardly surprising as Justin's been ill, but still... [Wed 22 October 2003]

The Darkness The band seem to have recently updated their official site , they have a new forum system in... [Wed 22 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets ... [Mon 20 October 2003]

Darkness cancellations The Darkness have been forced to cancel their gigs in Folkestone (this evening, Monday 20... [Mon 20 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets WANTED 3 tickets needed for Hammersmith OR Brixton.Contact Stu at [Thu 16 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets I would really like at least 2 tickets to n e gig in the uk, 3 tickets would be great. plz e-mail... [Wed 15 October 2003]

Keep the faith A knight in shining armour came to my rescue today with a ticket for Hammersmith, SMART! Still... [Mon 13 October 2003]

Darkness Cancelled! There's a rumour going around that tonigh's show at Leas Cliff Hall might be off, because... [Mon 13 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets need u.e.a ticket. please help [Mon 13 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets i would like just one ticket for the darkness at the leas cliff hall, Folkestone. ill pay up too... [Fri 10 October 2003]

RE: We want darkness tickets NOW!!!!!! desperately seeking 2 darkness tickets for 8th of December @ birmingham accademy!!!!!!! Please... [Thu 9 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets I have 4 tickets... how much do you want to pay? [Wed 8 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets I have 4 tickets... how much do you want to pay? [Wed 8 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Am after tickets for Bournemouth gig, at least 2 but up to 4 would be a life saver... [Tue 7 October 2003]

the darness in brum does any1 have any tix 4 the darness in birmingham??? i desperately need 2+!!! will pay lots of... [Mon 6 October 2003]

ah there's an extra 2600 went on sale good luck! [Sat 4 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Don't suppose anyone has got two tickets for Brixton for either the friday or the saturday???... [Sat 4 October 2003]

Darkness Manchester tickets More Manchester tickes here , will probably be all sold by the time you read this though...... [Thu 2 October 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets ... [Wed 1 October 2003]

Darkness are at Brixton Academy tonight too There seem to have been plenty of tickets for that going around. [Tue 30 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets I'm looking for two tickets for the Cardiff Uni gig - anyone help? [Thu 18 September 2003]

A night out in Stoke Newington We replaced the cancelled gig with a night drinking beer in the Defoe (they still have Lock Stock... [Thu 18 September 2003]

There's one here for Bournemouth: only 5.50, with 10 hours to go ... [Wed 17 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Hi Has anyone got tickets to Norwich, 13th oct. I need two....i cant even find them on ebay.... [Wed 17 September 2003]

band bible Working on the Barfly band bible more today, it's looking good, will hopefully be ready to go by... [Wed 17 September 2003]

Gig tonight. CANCELLED Was planning to see Captain Soul tonight at a venue called 22 Inverness Street , which I'd... [Wed 17 September 2003]

Free gig in Camden tomorrow - CANCELLED The venue with no name is the venue with no band playing... [Tue 16 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Really want 2 tickets for Bournemouth! Please help!!! [Mon 15 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Really need 3 tickets for the folkestone leas cliff hall gig. e-mail me at [Fri 12 September 2003]

really need a ticket for Hammersmith Really need a ticket for The Darkness at Hammersmith Odeon, please leave details here if you have... [Fri 12 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets please,please if any one has tickets for the darkness at bristol academy please email me... [Wed 10 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets i would like to buy any tickets to the plymouth gig if anyone has any they want to sell i would... [Wed 10 September 2003]

Darkness Tickets, buy or sell! If you've hit this page looking for tickets, or you have tickets that you'd like to sell, please... [Tue 9 September 2003]

RE: Darkness Tickets Darkness tickets for Cardiff Uni here [Mon 8 September 2003]

Darkness Tickets 2003 As you are no doubt aware, all dates for The Darkness ' tour of the UK in October are now SOLD... [Thu 4 September 2003]

And now a press release from Reading / Leeds Festival Yes, White Stripes have cancelled... [Thu 31 July 2003]

If Glastonbury's Cancelled... What are we going to do instead? [Thu 4 January 2001]

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As it turns out there are no pubs / places concerning cancelled anyway. Enjoy the blog posts though.Have I missed something? Please give me a shout!

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