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For sale and "for sale" related things, including places, pubbing, gigs and blog posts about for sale.If you have anything to contribute regarding for sale that Is not mentioned here, Please chip in. Particularly if you have anything to contribute regarding my tree, local pubbing or other venues, home automation for sale experiments, home brew, beer, or cider. Cheers.

156-157 Kings Road Arches, Brighton, Brighton & Hove, BN1 1NB

3 Stirling Place, Hove, , BN3 3YU

[2010-11-30 2010]

Formed: 1997 in Teignmouth, EnglandStyle: Alternative Check out: "Black Holes and Revelations" Muse TicketsMuse tickets for their massive open-air extravaganza are now on-sale through our... Wembley, London [2010-09-10 2010]

Formed: 1997 in Teignmouth, EnglandStyle: Alternative Check out: "Black Holes and Revelations" Muse TicketsMuse tickets for their massive open-air extravaganza are now on-sale through our... Lancashire County Cricket Club, Talbot Road, Manchester M16 0PX [2010-09-04 2010]

Formed: 1997 in Teignmouth, EnglandStyle: Alternative Check out: "Black Holes and Revelations" Muse TicketsMuse tickets for their massive open-air extravaganza are now on-sale through our... Goffert, 6532 Nijmegen, The Netherlands [2010-06-19 2010]

Formed: 1997 in Teignmouth, EnglandStyle: Alternative Check out: "Black Holes and Revelations" Muse TicketsMuse tickets for their massive open-air extravaganza are now on-sale through our... Paris [2010-06-11 2010]

Formed: 1997 in Teignmouth, EnglandStyle: Alternative Check out: "Black Holes and Revelations" Muse TicketsMuse tickets for their massive open-air extravaganza are now on-sale through our... Milan [2010-06-08 2010]

Formed: 1997 in Teignmouth, EnglandStyle: Alternative Check out: "Black Holes and Revelations" Muse TicketsMuse tickets for their massive open-air extravaganza are now on-sale through our... Paris [2010-06-06 2010]

Garage sale safari, 10 A.M. TO 4 P.M.
Buy your MAP for 50p from the Village Hall, Lancaster Avenue on the day, or at the Farmers Market on 2nd, to find all the Garage Sales in the Village...
Capel-le-Ferne, near Folkestone, Kent CT18 7LX [2009-09-06 2009]

Al Westaway, Dan Haigh, Charlie Simpson (out of BUSTED, never ever forget that), Omar Saleh Al-Abdi. N1 Centre, London [2009-05-06 2009]

Wanna buy a coffee table? I'm about to list an oak coffee table on the ebay, get started on clearing a bit of space. Got... [Sun 14 January 2018]

First time I've seen a house like ours come up for sale Next road down, they've also traded their garage for another bedroom. They have less view, less... [Tue 4 October 2016]

Bar Vasa is up for sale 瞿250k but I think that's a guide price for auction . Here it is . Situated on Sandgates... [Sat 16 April 2016]

Home brew kit for sale - used once No, not mine of course but just seen this for sale in Folkestone - it wouldn't have cost that... [Sun 28 February 2016]

Wow you can buy Dungeness for only 1.5 million BBC has the news . [Fri 28 August 2015]

Duke's Head is officially up for sale then There are big for sale banners up on the Duke's Head in Hythe. [Fri 12 June 2015]

VW Split Screen for sale in Hythe Not sure what made me look for vw split screen vans tonight, apart from the cider I just... [Sat 7 February 2015]

Vintage Lego technic for sale Not ours but someone's selling a similar kit to ours but in worse condition for over a hundred... [Mon 24 November 2014]

The houses on Hospital Hill are now for sale Just reminding myself of the link for later, they are badly listed IMO, could not find them by... [Sat 8 November 2014]

VW split screen van for sale in FOLKESTONE! Hmm my ebay saved search is not working I reckon this one is in Folkestone : 1974 brazilian... [Fri 11 July 2014]

Working from home today Super sunny day, so had a nice walk down to the school with Harry before work, him on his new... [Thu 19 June 2014]

The Providence is for sale at 瞿275k I thought it would be more than that , still hard to compete with The Ship which is only a few... [Thu 22 May 2014]

Han Solo's blaster for sale Last minute christmas present idea ? 379. Harrison Ford " Han Solo " non-firing DL-44... [Thu 19 December 2013]

iphone 4s for sale iphone 4s for sale , on the ebay. I know the seller, it's not me, but I might be bidding on it!... [Thu 12 December 2013]

Good range of beer + wine making kit for sale locally! This is not mine , though I did just stash all mine in the loft for a while. [Mon 4 November 2013]

Jumperoo for sale! Now number two son is basically walking we are selling this . It's a Fisher Price Rainforest... [Thu 3 October 2013]

Baby stuff for sale Mamas and Papas oak cot top changer Early Learning Centre Blossom Farm Clover Cow Sit Me Up... [Thu 22 August 2013]

Camper van for sale Friend at work is selling this camper van , looks good. Not air cooled though. [Mon 19 August 2013]

Google glass for sale on ebay! Certaain people have been allowed to buy them, after being picked by google during a social... [Wed 27 February 2013]

Pool table 99p Our pool table is now on ebay . 99p starting price. Good luck! We had fun with our pool... [Wed 30 January 2013]

Bugaboo Cameleon relisted due to timewasters Want our baby buggy ? Collect from Hythe. [Fri 26 October 2012]

Only one day left to bid on our bugaboo cameleon Bugaboo Cameleon for sale. Price is much healthier now, still a bargain for someone though!... [Sat 20 October 2012]

Bugaboo Cameleon for sale Going to list it on ebay this weekend, so stay tuned, this is a baby buggy that costs 800 quid... [Fri 12 October 2012]

Want to be our neighbour? This house three doors along from us is up for sale... at an eye popping 375k!!! It is a five... [Thu 11 October 2012]

Set of Le Creuset pans for sale in Folkestone These Le Creuset pans look amazing. Obviously going to fly far from their 99p starting price... [Wed 26 September 2012]

I'm watching this pool table If this pool table goes for that price or more then I'm going to ebay ours - it's in perfect... [Tue 7 August 2012]

Tickets for The Enemy at Leas Cliff Hall go on sale in the morning We are pleased to announce that The Enemy will be returning to the Leas Cliff Hall with... [Thu 14 June 2012]

Set of Le Creuset saucepans for sale in River Here , a set of Le Creuset saucepans , super low starting price, only 2 days to go. They come... [Wed 28 March 2012]

Want to buy a pool table? It's time to let ours go, we are running out of space for storage and Dom (who has half of it at... [Fri 23 March 2012]

Cider / wine press for sale! Man alive this is a good lot of stuff, what a shame I don't have the space for more clutter... [Sun 11 March 2012]

XBOX for sale (slight return) I am relisted on ebay , for how long this time? It's not going to be worth my while listing it... [Sun 27 November 2011]

What's a small demijohn called? Home brew equipment for sale near me! [Tue 13 September 2011]

Quarterhouse - Tickets for Dave Gorman & Phill Jupitus on sale at 10am Fri 22nd April! Quarterhouse are delighted to announce 3 special Edinburgh Previews of Dave Gorman's Powerpoint... [Thu 21 April 2011]

Signed Harry Clarke book for sale Book about him signed by the authors. Not my Harry Clarke , but Clare's artist great grand-uncle. [Tue 29 March 2011]

Do you want to be our neighbour? Neighbouring houses are up for sale and to let [Sun 20 February 2011]

Also whatever happened to this story about flats in the Burstin being up for sale? I posted this back in 2004 , did flats there ever come up for sale? [Wed 26 January 2011]

Flat in our block for sale for a lot less than ours Got a third viewing lined up... [Fri 19 February 2010]

Christmas for sale via @popbitchnews [Wed 9 December 2009]

iphone app developer up for sale on ebay Starting bids at $100,000. vi @iGamesBulletin [Thu 12 November 2009]

Google wave invite for sale on ebay makes a change from furniture for me... [Thu 1 October 2009]

Set of SIX Habitat Radius chairs Collect from London this time [Sat 25 July 2009]

Another brace of Habitat Radius chairs AND we got our flat valued yesterday. [Thu 23 July 2009]

Home pub for sale in Southampton Four real ale pumps for sale , I want these! [Fri 10 April 2009]

Boot fair in Etchinghill, Easter Saturday Come along, I will be selling all my CD's there, about a thousand of them! The few remaining xbox... [Fri 27 March 2009]

Not thought to look on ebay for a house before Here's one near us . Via FG , where there are more details . Kind of via there anyway,... [Thu 26 February 2009]

House for sale on Ebay In #Capel, near #Folkestone [Thu 26 February 2009]

Shopping centre for sale, one careful owner A local freesheet reports that Bouverie Place is up for sale. Thirty million apparently, though... [Tue 3 February 2009]

for sales boys like girls at o2 oxford I have 2 tickets avalible for friday 30th jan @oxford o2 acadamy for sale I cannot attend now... [Sun 25 January 2009]

Evil day Cold and horrible here, just done the shopping in the rain. Some snow this morning, too wet to... [Sun 23 November 2008]

VW Beetle "van" for sale Check this out , a VW Beetle that looks like a van . Can I buy it please, the wife?... [Thu 11 September 2008]

that's obviously how your mind works I don't recommend making your escape out of the window, it's ten floors up. There's a 24 hour... [Mon 2 June 2008]

RE: Bring me the head of Jorge Zamudio It is a nice photo, and a lovely apartment. I can only assume Jorge has tagged the pic as a... [Mon 2 June 2008]

Bring me the head of Jorge Zamudio Who are you Jorge, why have you only one favourite picture , and it's this picture of my... [Sat 31 May 2008]

Buy it now, 175? ... [Tue 15 January 2008]

More funky art for sale on ebay For sale from Church Street, Folkestone , if that's expired already search for C A Jasper or... [Thu 20 December 2007]

I'd like to see something witty Um, I can't think what though. Whatever happened to other people's photographs , I thought they... [Wed 19 December 2007]

ezee tiger exhibition ah - Thanks for taking the time to pop over to the art exhibition. tell me, did you find the... [Wed 19 December 2007]

For sale, 2 bed apartment, Costa Blanca (South) Pinar de Campoverde This beautifully presented property is situated on the edge of the village of Pinar de... [Fri 3 August 2007]

A view over the pool Nice shot of the pool... More pictures to come... [Fri 3 August 2007]

RE: Albums (pop & classical) for sale ebay? [Mon 2 July 2007]

Albums (pop & classical) for sale Any idea where I can flog a load of albums and singles? I have a list of the pop albums. [Sun 1 July 2007]

Folkestone property boom! Well sort of. First off this bungalow that I pass every day on my walk from Westenhanger... [Tue 13 March 2007]

No longer for sale, those of you looking to purchase La Bougie is now the fabulous Escondido , though have a look in the property section , see if... [Mon 6 March 2006]

MIGHTY BOOSH FOLKESTONE TICKET FOR SALE Hi-I've currently got a folkestone ticket for mighty boosh for sale-if you're interested please... [Mon 6 February 2006]

Raleigh Chopper for sale Only ridden it about twice, I won it in a competition, it's as new. Don't make me put it on ebay... [Tue 20 September 2005]

And now they've removed that one Search ebay for Paula Radcliffe's poo here ... [Wed 20 April 2005]

yep its a wee bit mad! not been in the manc one yet, so that may be shit. Oh renew vows in the window? Not sure how... [Wed 20 April 2005]

oooh top marks for IT Helpdesk guru Pauly. worked a treat. ta. [Tue 19 April 2005]

oh you might have cached the CSS refresh the page, should sort that out if it looks really bad, no colour, sidebar stuff all at... [Tue 19 April 2005]

This page is on Been doing some twiddling, not quite finished yet... looks more or less the same as it did before... [Tue 19 April 2005]

morning why has the style of this page changed? it's different to the style of [Tue 19 April 2005]

Ooh yeah it's all Vegas themed isn't it Are you going to renew your vows in their front window? [Tue 19 April 2005]

It was Paula Radcliffe's poo, for sale on EBAY Possibly not real. Another joker has done the same thing here ... [Tue 19 April 2005]

We where in london at the weekend everyone else opted to see the end of the marathon and saw paula cross the line meanwhile me... [Mon 18 April 2005]

RE: Paula Radcliffe Give us a clue then... ebay have removed the item. [Mon 18 April 2005]

Paula Radcliffe Ew, did she stop for a poo or what? Top result on Amazon is these glass scales . Why are they... [Mon 18 April 2005]

Still up for sale, down to 385,000 now [Sun 30 January 2005]

odd thing is though that when you copy the rss feed, change the url and rename it, the top page remains the same - click the unexpanded folder in b... odd thing is though that when you copy the rss feed, change the url and rename it, the top page... [Thu 11 November 2004]

That's how I do it too But if you go to Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks, then you can right click anywhere and do "new... [Thu 11 November 2004]

oh dear - missed the name - oops - that was me. oh dear - missed the name - oops - that was me. [Thu 11 November 2004]

trade secrets that was a bit of a yawn wasn't it? love love love the podcasting thing though and it's down to... [Thu 11 November 2004]

Face value Darkness tickets for sale Brixton No not me, but what a nice guy ... they're not going to last long. Huge delays on Kingsland... [Wed 10 November 2004]

La Bougie also up for sale A slightly more serious 455,000 for this one, though that includes a 3 bedroom flat and it's a... [Mon 20 September 2004]

Pub for sale As previously reported , Mustang's is up for sale. 70,000 for a ten year lease, and for that... [Mon 20 September 2004]

New properties in Stoke Newington Just signed up at that website and got sent this: New property matching current search... [Wed 2 July 2003]

Stoke Newington For Sale House next door seemed to have been taken off the market, the for sale sign's gone, but now it's... [Tue 1 July 2003]

Primals tickets for sale at 9am Get in there... [Tue 26 March 2002]

Over to you, discussion about anything local, but Please be thoughtful... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, Find a flatmate, rent a room, property queries, current news, what's new, local events, for sale, local services, what I like about Folkestone, ask questions, offer advice, plug yourself... the more it's used the more useful a resource it will become. If you want a gig listed click here to add it (fixed now!), or just click here to post a message...

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