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Message board and "message board" related stuff, including places, pubbing, gigs and blog posts about message board.If you have anything to contribute regarding message board that I have not covered here, Please contribute. Particularly if you have something to contribute concerning my tree, local pubs or other venues, home automation message board experiments, homebrew, beer, or cider. Thank you.

I've simplified message posting here... I'm in a mobile workshop at work, and thinking about simplifying thing for mobile users. If all... [Tue 7 October 2014]

Another short and snappy post Working from home today, it's a lovely day but instead of popping out at work I'm posting on my... [Thu 3 July 2014]

Paul Leslie CLARKE (1972 - ) RE: Paul Leslie CLARKE (1972 - ) Just testing... UPDATE: that worked then, this message... [Thu 3 July 2014]

Welcome to Folkestone Gerald Welcome to Folkestone Gerald , a guide to Folkestone , Kent, UK. Here you can book tickets... [Sat 17 November 2012]

Arr, I am in London this weekend Got a wedding at The RSA so will hardly be around... You might find it on the torrents, you... [Fri 24 March 2006]

RE: I didn't, but you should i loved morse. wont be able to acquire it by other means and certainly would spend that much... [Fri 24 March 2006]

I didn't, but you should I would earn 5% there... I think my brother-in-law got it for Christmas... [Fri 24 March 2006]

RE: Careful with that message board Eugene hold up - did you BUY that boxset? [Fri 24 March 2006]

Quick, say something about me! [Thu 23 March 2006]

RE: Careful with that message board Eugene Keith Smith was awarded 10,000 libel damages as reported in The (Portsmouth) News today [Wed 22 March 2006]

Careful with that message board Eugene The BBC reports that an Oldham woman libelled an MP from Portchester (where I am from) on Yahoo... [Wed 22 March 2006]

Rearranged this message board Now a "thread" of messages will get shifted up to the top of the page if a messages is replied to... [Mon 24 January 2005]

nah, you must have been clicking on "all names" I did break some stuff, sorry, should be OK now? [Fri 25 June 2004]

Message Board Where's the message board! When you click on it you get is "All names" Pops [Thu 24 June 2004]

don't worry will be for small crue only... I like the squirrel. [Mon 19 April 2004]

message boards rule this is not to become the new popbitch though, it's just for your small crue. I will put a... [Mon 19 April 2004]

boomshakalaka I love messageboards! [Mon 19 April 2004]

RE: hello! actually, she hasn't [Mon 19 April 2004]

hello! my mum has got a penis [Mon 19 April 2004]

Bad Javascript on message boards As enough people are hitting this site on searching for "soapbox plans" I thought I'd find some,... [Sat 6 September 2003]

not using popex message boards Barfly / Channelfly not so keen on having a chat board thing. [Mon 23 June 2003]

Another task list ☠Up early to sort of fix broken noisy toilet - go Pauly the Plumber! ☠Making a way of... [Fri 20 June 2003]

Sorry, I had a quick search couldn't find anything for that name though, and don't think there's a link to our family - Clark... [Tue 8 April 2003]

clark sorry Pauly,im just a little forword and hot for knowleadge. Forgive my spelling i wasn't the... [Tue 8 April 2003]

clark sorry I spell bad. do you have any info? If not thats o.k. i was just checking. Sorry if it's a... [Tue 8 April 2003]

That's probably Woolwich Not Woolwick... [Mon 7 April 2003]

alma clark hi my name is rhonda i am a first gen American. my great grand mother was Alma Elsey Clark born... [Mon 7 April 2003]

welcome to the board First ever post on this site, welcome to my "new" genealogy site... [Thu 9 January 2003]

Who's been talking about me? You can search the message boards now... [Sat 9 September 2000]

Over to you, discussion about something local, but Please be thoughtful... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, Find a flatmate, rent a room, property queries, current news, what's new, local events, for sale, local services, what I like about Folkestone, ask a question, offer advice, plug yrself... the more it's used the more useful a resource it will become. If you want a gig listed click here to add it (fixed now!), or just click here to post a message...

As it turns out there are no pubbing / places regarding message board anyway. Enjoy the blog posts though.Is there something I have missed? Please do give me a shout!

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