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284 Cheriton Road, Folkestone, Kent CT19 4DW 01303 275347

Whitefriars Shopping Centre, Canterbury

Canterbury Road Wingmore Elham Kent Ct4 6lp 01227 831463

Canterbury Rd, Wingmore, Elham, Canterbury, Kent, CT4 6LP on all weekend, britpop (menswear, shed seven, and stacks more) and real ale sounds amazing! Southsea Seafront, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hants [2014-08-23 2014]

Who says we don't go to gigs any more? Oh... Harry's belated birthday treat. Of course he'd gone off Peppa Pig by the time this came round. EAT, 74-78 Finsbury Pavement, Islington, 01227 787787 [2012-06-23 2012]

plus Cooper Temple Clause and more London Road, Wrotham, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 7NT [2003-09-06 2003]

and Graham Coxon and Super Furry Animals and more Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX [2003-04-19 2003]

Mothers Day present for Mum and Clare's mum, we went with them and Dad and Emma. Jim missed out as he has been to more gigs with us before... Earls Court, London [2003-04-18 2003]

Free thing through work, a gig for competition winners originally billed as being Paul Weller, actually turned out more interestingly as these guys and also Space London [2002-11-01 2002]

Best of In The City, with the Raveonettes (who we saw) and Saint Rose and more 328 Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross, London WC1X 8BZ [2002-09-25 2002]

Airport Girl and more. Don't really remember this one but I seemed to say I was going on popex! 109 Commercial Street, Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6BG [2001-03-16 2001]

Well I say Orbital, actually a TV recording "The Base" I'm just trying to make it sound good. Also Alisha's Attic and more. We left before Toploader played. Crisp Road, Hammersmith, London W6 9RL [2001-01-17 2001]

I only remember REM I hope i wrote more on popex at the time that I can find later... Worthy Farm, Somerset [1999-06-24 1999]

MTV Five Night Stand... wish I could find more details of these online, I know the support acts were good too. Shepherds Bush Green, London W12 8TT [1999-05-13 1999]

plus Idlewild, Scott 4, and Unbelievable Truth - unbelievably SHIT more like. Thom Yorke's brother's band. Part of NME Brats week. 157 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EN 020 7434 9592 [1998-07-21 1998]

Do you want to sell your picture of the Pretty Things Trish? [Tuesday 21 September 2010]

More Tales From The Tap Room A copy here on ebay, still looking for an original though... [Friday 29 January 2010]

RE: Tofts did move [Thursday 1 January 2009]


Cheers for those [Wednesday 31 October 2007]

RE: Good work Trish, here's your picture of the Pretty Things [Wednesday 31 October 2007]

Good work Trish, here's your picture of the Pretty Things [Tuesday 30 October 2007]

RE: Flamenco Club (Tontine St) [Tuesday 30 October 2007]

RE: Kalala [Wednesday 11 July 2007]

Have you seen Clare's family anyway..? [Friday 1 December 2006]

RE: How are we supposed to find out if we've accidentally intermarried now??? [Friday 1 December 2006]

How are we supposed to find out if we've accidentally intermarried now??? [Friday 1 December 2006]

RE: Clarks and Clarkes [Friday 1 December 2006]

The Dirty Pretty Things [Tuesday 27 June 2006]

RE: Tofts did move [Friday 24 March 2006]

Not sure what it was about, it was invite / names on a list [Tuesday 21 March 2006]

RE: Just five more minutes [Tuesday 21 March 2006]

Just five more minutes [Tuesday 21 March 2006]

Excellent news, cheers [Friday 17 March 2006]

RE: Use less water, pay more money | This is Money [Friday 17 March 2006]

Use less water, pay more money | This is Money [Friday 17 March 2006]

RE: WHITMORE CLARKE [Friday 3 March 2006]

RE: WHITMORE CLARKE [Tuesday 28 February 2006]

RE: WHITMORE CLARKE [Monday 27 February 2006]

RE: WHITMORE CLARKE [Sunday 26 February 2006]

No more videos for a while [Monday 20 February 2006]

Lots of new things! [Tuesday 7 February 2006]

And the streets are safe once more [Friday 3 February 2006]

You've got a review and the details, what more do you want? [Thursday 2 February 2006]

RE: Kalala [Thursday 2 February 2006]

More FOAF and that [Friday 27 January 2006]

Don't know if you saw it on popbitch [Friday 20 January 2006]

RE: Cheers for chipping in [Friday 20 January 2006]

Still seeking more Folkestone gig history [Friday 20 January 2006]

Cheers for chipping in [Friday 20 January 2006]

More rubbishness [Thursday 19 January 2006]

RE: Clarendon Inn [Thursday 19 January 2006]

Just to share some more info we already have on the site [Thursday 5 January 2006]

RE: John COLE [Thursday 5 January 2006]

John COLE [Wednesday 4 January 2006]

Fitter, happier, more productive [Tuesday 3 January 2006]

RE: It's rubbish [Sunday 1 January 2006]

Danny's not compering the Lone Star Comedy any more :-( [Wednesday 7 December 2005]

Cheers! [Wednesday 30 November 2005]

RE: Copt point [Wednesday 30 November 2005]

If you'd like to see one [Tuesday 22 November 2005]

RE: WHITMORE CLARKE [Monday 21 November 2005]

RE: More Javascript [Sunday 20 November 2005]

More Javascript [Thursday 17 November 2005]

Unfortunately not, the nearest one's probably Canterbury [Wednesday 16 November 2005]

RE: More furniture [Tuesday 15 November 2005]

More furniture [Tuesday 15 November 2005]

Welcome to! - [Saturday 12 November 2005]

RE: More likely I've just been lucky so far [Thursday 10 November 2005]

Ipaq HQ Forums - TUTORIAL: resizing/downsampling .AVI videos [Tuesday 8 November 2005]

More likely I've just been lucky so far [Monday 7 November 2005]

RE: My DVD is proper bo [Monday 7 November 2005]

My DVD is proper bo [Monday 7 November 2005]

RE: what do you think it'll take a long time to do? [Monday 7 November 2005]

what do you think it'll take a long time to do? [Monday 7 November 2005]

RE: Tres productive weekend [Monday 7 November 2005]

Tres productive weekend [Monday 7 November 2005]

WHITMORE CLARKE [Friday 21 October 2005]

More fat lookalikes [Friday 23 September 2005]

Millenium vegan restaurant [Tuesday 30 August 2005]

Copt point [Monday 22 August 2005]

History of The Langhorne [Monday 22 August 2005]

Where's that then? [Monday 22 August 2005]

Wear Bay Dock [Monday 22 August 2005]

What sort of shop, any idea? [Thursday 30 June 2005]

Prince Albert [Thursday 30 June 2005]

If you crush it all down you could fit more in [Wednesday 29 June 2005]

how much rubbish do you want, I COULD fill the car up!!!
[Wednesday 29 June 2005]

Google map favelet javascript [Tuesday 28 June 2005]

Ashford Rocks [Wednesday 22 June 2005]

Speaking of bars, we went to the Mariner today [Sunday 19 June 2005]

Pub Front(Prince Albert) [Sunday 19 June 2005]

Prince Albert [Sunday 19 June 2005]

I think your garage was too cold [Wednesday 8 June 2005]

We grew some of those home mushrooms once and left them to grow in the darkness of the garage - after the first crop we went back there a few weeks... [Wednesday 8 June 2005]

BBC Kent weather gallery [Tuesday 7 June 2005]

There's a couple of pages on the Prince Albert in that book [Tuesday 7 June 2005]

What's the tattoo of? [Tuesday 7 June 2005]

By the way, the views from the windows are outstanding. Look on BBC Kent photo weather gallery, and photos 1, 2 and 4 are the views from our front ... [Tuesday 7 June 2005]

Hi, can tell you took the photo a while ago, ours is the floor with all the windowboxes and have now got hanging baskets. Flower display now flouri... [Tuesday 7 June 2005]

Prince Albert [Tuesday 7 June 2005]

It's more of an indoor window box [Tuesday 7 June 2005]

Herbs! what sort of herbs!
[Monday 6 June 2005]

Home grown [Monday 6 June 2005]

Is it a nice flat? Is it new? [Monday 6 June 2005]

Rendezvous Street, Folkestone [Monday 6 June 2005]

More details here at Engadget [Thursday 2 June 2005]

iTunes to support podcasts / blogcasts [Tuesday 24 May 2005]

For the more discerning street drinker... [Sunday 22 May 2005]

Not to forget The Wimpy [Saturday 21 May 2005]

ah yes the leaflet campaign [Friday 20 May 2005]

the more I blog it [Friday 20 May 2005]

sleep [Friday 20 May 2005]

Blogging about her seems to have done the trick [Friday 20 May 2005]

evil cow [Thursday 19 May 2005]

what, of star wars? [Thursday 19 May 2005]

mOOMINTRUDE [Thursday 19 May 2005]

The rules of commuting [Thursday 19 May 2005]

More Rugby [Wednesday 11 May 2005]

Rugby weekend [Tuesday 10 May 2005]

RE: Clarendon Inn [Wednesday 4 May 2005]

BBC Radio podcasts 20 more shows [Friday 22 April 2005]

Popscene [Friday 22 April 2005]

oh cleva pauly [Wednesday 20 April 2005]

No More Tears [Wednesday 20 April 2005]

You don't need to be, just paste it in [Wednesday 20 April 2005]

RE: More San Francisco tips [Wednesday 20 April 2005]

More San Francisco tips [Tuesday 19 April 2005]

California recommendations [Tuesday 19 April 2005]

I thought the storm on London yesterday was quite impressive. We were in Covent Garden when it started. Thankfully we didn't get too wet or cold.... [Friday 8 April 2005]

Waterloo and shitty line more like [Friday 8 April 2005]

Cheers! [Monday 4 April 2005]

In defence of [Saturday 2 April 2005]

Here's a more positive review [Monday 21 March 2005]

Food & Smoking in Italy [Sunday 20 March 2005]

Bad Curry [Monday 7 March 2005]

"Maxwell has more in common with Barley's nemesis, Dan" [Friday 18 February 2005]

More Pretty Things gig details [Friday 28 January 2005]

Flamenco Club (Tontine St) [Thursday 27 January 2005]

Next step is to dig out some old pictures Les! [Wednesday 26 January 2005]

Flaminco? [Wednesday 26 January 2005]

Very helpful Sal [Tuesday 25 January 2005]

Does anyone realise you're not an Australian? [Tuesday 25 January 2005]

Sounds like SF is going to be great for eating [Monday 24 January 2005]

Clarendon Inn [Monday 24 January 2005]

"Florence was OK, they had a Mr Kebab" [Monday 24 January 2005]

you wanna avoid italy then [Monday 24 January 2005]

Clubs in Folkestone [Sunday 23 January 2005]

We found the fabbest Indian in SF, loads of veggie options, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, we even got a free bottle of wine by rea...
[Sunday 23 January 2005]

Vegetarian and vegan cuisine isn't just for protesters anymore [Sunday 23 January 2005]

Tofts did move [Tuesday 11 January 2005]

Cream 1967 [Tuesday 11 January 2005]

Sorry for not updating more often! [Saturday 11 December 2004]

i think [Thursday 2 December 2004]

Yeah, there's a lot more activism in there [Thursday 2 December 2004]

have u listened to the latest engadget podcast? [Thursday 2 December 2004]

Stokey in the news [Wednesday 1 December 2004]

MORE Tears tickets [Friday 19 November 2004]

I can't decide who I like more [Thursday 18 November 2004]

I think he's plugging Abi Titmuss with a side order of Dr Phil for good measure.

Now Abi, she's worth plugging! Sorry.
[Thursday 18 November 2004]

Stop plugging Dr Phil!! Its quite disturbing!!

[Wednesday 17 November 2004]

Abi Titmuss Calendar [Wednesday 17 November 2004]

More Mushroom Magic [Monday 27 September 2004]

More Pocket PC recommendations [Wednesday 1 September 2004]

Some IPAQ / Pocket PC links [Wednesday 25 August 2004]

I do and I think I will [Friday 20 August 2004]

you wanna run your own email server [Friday 20 August 2004]

It's rubbish [Tuesday 17 August 2004]

How can you be against magic sand? It doesn't get wet, now that's magic! [Tuesday 17 August 2004]

Email, weemail more like [Tuesday 17 August 2004]

Yes [Friday 30 July 2004]

well they do a very good range [Friday 30 July 2004]

Venus is the name of the library is it? [Friday 30 July 2004]

ah i see [Friday 30 July 2004]

Ah see, I talk about buying stuff more than I actually buy stuff [Friday 30 July 2004]

Pauly call me nosey [Friday 30 July 2004]

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy [Friday 30 July 2004]

The referee needs someone else to abuse him! [Wednesday 30 June 2004]

pagewank more like [Monday 28 June 2004]

it'll be muddy and shit anyway. [Friday 25 June 2004]

Swiss grocer my arse! [Friday 25 June 2004]

not 'down' with the 'kids' anymore ? [Wednesday 12 May 2004]

More Devant links: [Thursday 29 April 2004]

More David Devant [Friday 23 April 2004]

more on the face [Thursday 22 April 2004]

RE: well blow me [Thursday 22 April 2004]

RE: well blow me [Thursday 22 April 2004]

May I be the first to say [Thursday 22 April 2004]

well blow me [Wednesday 21 April 2004]

RE: More IPOD rubbish [Wednesday 14 April 2004]

More IPOD rubbish [Wednesday 14 April 2004]

More flat fun [Thursday 18 March 2004]

It's not a hoax [Friday 5 March 2004]

RE: More Pixies tickets [Friday 5 March 2004]

More Pixies tickets [Friday 5 March 2004]

Kalala [Tuesday 10 February 2004]

No more 106 [Monday 9 February 2004]

London By London [Friday 2 January 2004]

RE: London On London [Sunday 14 December 2003]

Belle and Sebastian @ London Astoria [Wednesday 3 December 2003]

Gloria Estefan Edinburgh (Once more) [Wednesday 26 November 2003]

Belle and Sebastian Tickets [Friday 14 November 2003]

Comedy Tonight Too we went to a brilliant charity comedy show with Bruce Forsyth, Ian McKellan and more... [Sunday 26 October 2003]

More on the referer scam [Thursday 9 October 2003]

More tasks [Friday 3 October 2003]

The things you see when you don't have your camera [Friday 3 October 2003]

More Belle and Sebastian Tickets [Sunday 28 September 2003]

Belle and Sebastian tickets [Wednesday 24 September 2003]

Regular tasks [Monday 22 September 2003]

More redesign [Monday 22 September 2003]

Clarks and Clarkes [Monday 22 September 2003]

Added some more Clarkes [Tuesday 16 September 2003]

London On London [Friday 5 September 2003]

More virus action [Friday 5 September 2003]

Two fat ladies divided by two little ducks [Friday 5 September 2003]

ranked at last [Saturday 9 August 2003]

Programming [Sunday 3 August 2003]

More Folkestone houses [Sunday 3 August 2003]

Passione D'Amore [Sunday 3 August 2003]

More tasks [Tuesday 24 June 2003]

More tree info and photos coming later today [Tuesday 18 March 2003]

More Feeder dates You lucky people, more dates announced for March... [Tuesday 10 December 2002]

We have a WINNER! Someone got the DVD player... stay tuned for more... [Thursday 14 June 2001]

Coo Shee Coo More free stuff for cockneys... [Thursday 17 May 2001]

High Fidelity competition to win Feeder tickets Right, now we got two more tickets to give away... [Friday 11 May 2001]

More than a feeling... A good review, on a bad day... [Saturday 28 April 2001]

Big Up The Fly More press for popEx [Tuesday 3 April 2001]

Album Of The Week Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' "No More Shall We Part", out today... [Monday 2 April 2001]

Annoy more people on the train Got some more ringtones... [Friday 30 March 2001]

TCTC Free Single Got more details of the forthcoming The Cooper Temple Clause singles... [Tuesday 13 March 2001]

All Your Music Videos Are Belong To Us You'd think Damon would have done more press..? [Wednesday 7 March 2001]

Dig Deep for Guns'n'Roses... A G'n'R fan thinks the band need your money more than you do... [Monday 29 January 2001]

BASE! How low can you go... Alisha's Attic live, and more... [Thursday 18 January 2001]

PopEx-mas charity campaign Dig deep for those more fortunate than you... [Monday 11 December 2000]

Send no more biscuits! All the free t-shirts are gone now... [Monday 27 November 2000]

Commission is BACK! No more trading with impunity... [Friday 17 November 2000]

Didn't know there was a chat section? There's more to popEx than most people think... [Sunday 5 November 2000]

Hooverdam RIP Hooverdam are on the up! But they're not called that any more... [Thursday 2 November 2000]

Frozen shares frozen no more... BUY DANIEL O'DONNELL!!! HE MUST SOAR!!! [Monday 23 October 2000]

Where's Dave? Anyone worried about what Dave Rowntree was going to be left out of Blur's solo t'ings need WORRY NO MORE... [Wednesday 26 April 2000]

Stars of Tracklist and Field JEEPSTER RECORDS have announced more details of teh upcoming Belle and Sebastian album, the snappily titled "Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant"... [Wednesday 8 March 2000]

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