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Lots of festivals going on right now this one looks great: Lower Road. River. Dover Kent CT17 0UY 08701 453857 [2017-09-15 2017]

Kaddy, off the TV! Brilliant!
Folkestone, Kent [2011-07-24 2011]

QUIZ to raise some money for Details on Facebook, people still use facebook then? Basement Business Premises, 98 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, CT20 2BE 01303 223333 [2009-05-04 2009]

Plus Sons and Daughters it says here... The Leas, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 2DZ 01303 228600 [2005-04-15 2005]

protect creative rights! and some! Be a friend-protect Folkestone and its inhabitants/environment/history/& heritage/... [Tue 14 July 2009]

Ajax landing page To Claire We are renting out the cottages at Lympne Castle Cottages rod@lympnecastle... [Mon 12 January 2009]

Dad, did you say you were after a new phone? How about this one ? A chum just sent it, they're made in Folkestone apparently... [Thu 20 November 2008]

AF&RM CAMRA says Gate 28 is reopening as a pizza restaurant Not sure if that info is more up to date than what I read on Facebook . This is from the... [Mon 15 September 2008]

These guys rave about The India Not sure I trust these guys , they do make it sound good, but we did not have a good meal there... [Thu 19 June 2008]

Thanks but I am a bit busy at the moment [Thu 10 January 2008]

Open Source Technology Paul; Even though you are not actively in the market for a new position, your site prompted me to... [Thu 10 January 2008]

not a church goer myself but these events tend to either be the one nearest to [gmap=folkestone central station]Folkestone... [Mon 19 November 2007]

Ajax landing page Please Help Music Concert at a Church in Folkestone at 11am on 8th December BUT which Church Need... [Mon 19 November 2007]

Tontine Street war memorial (for Tim Bryan) heard that there is a memorial site in tontine street that used to be a pub, got bombed in wwII??... [Sun 23 September 2007]

thanks, any idea of the correct number? [Wed 23 May 2007]

Ajax landing page The telephone number you list for "Wild for Coffee" is incorrect. [Wed 23 May 2007]

Ajax landing page Hi, my name is Alex Clarkson and I live on the north coast of Durban South Africa. It is Sunday... [Sun 13 May 2007]

I'll have a look There's a great book on the history of Folkestone pubs [abe]Tales From The Tap Room[/abe] (or... [Tue 30 January 2007]

Ajax landing page Hi There! Tim Bryan (me) ex-folkestonian... I heard that there is a memorial site in tontine... [Tue 30 January 2007]

RE: Jose Mourinho's Chelsea Premiership 05/06 Winning Medal I stumbled across your blog and just wanted to let you know that I caught Jose's medal. The... [Mon 6 November 2006]

Oh no, that's good for Dover but with Dover being so much cheaper everyone who might have bought in Folkestone will buy there... [Fri 14 July 2006]

RE: The rest of the country are noticing us and our new high speed rail link I saw on Meridian News today that the HSR is now going all the way to Dover Priory - good news... [Fri 14 July 2006]

Did it work? Hope so, I'm off for the weekend now, BYE! [Fri 14 July 2006]

Testing [Fri 14 July 2006]

Excellent 80s videos!!! Look out linkers to excellent 80s videos, you're getting suckered. has... [Fri 14 July 2006]

bizarre, cheers for that Is it not just that you're already logged in, the site has remembered who you are by the medium... [Fri 14 July 2006]

You know I said there was no-where to log-in? This is what I get using different browsers when attempting to post comments. Happens at home &... [Thu 13 July 2006]

The TV card is DVB-T and analogue It has the two tuners in there... when it's on analogue I can pick up snowy terrestrial channels... [Thu 13 July 2006]

Oh yeah, just realised The reason you're having so much trouble sending the pictures over the aerial is probably that... [Thu 13 July 2006]

Good luck ! [Wed 12 July 2006]

That's brilliant, of course, the line in is what I wanted I'll give all this a go and let you know. I'm not expecting great quality, just want to preserve... [Wed 12 July 2006]

I've done a bit of video stuff Not used TV tuner cards so can't comment on that. I wouldn't use the aerial lead anyway, all that... [Wed 12 July 2006]

Not much to say for a few days Been watching quite a lot of Due South (we forgot to update our Amazon list) and doing some... [Wed 12 July 2006]

It's hard to tell Might not be a change of trains, might be like it is now coming from Charing Cross to Folkestone... [Sun 25 June 2006]

RE: Including a change of trains Which means that the HSR isn't coming to Folkestone then, only as far as Ashford? Confusing innit! [Sun 25 June 2006]

Including a change of trains And a short wait to meet up with another service I reckon... a lot of these numbers are guesses... [Sun 25 June 2006]

RE: The rest of the country are noticing us and our new high speed rail link Umm... 36mins from London to Ashford - then 26.5 from Ashford to Folkestone? It's only 15mins by... [Sun 25 June 2006]

The rest of the country are noticing us and our new high speed rail link From 24 Dash : From 2009, the trains will run between London 's King's Cross station and... [Sat 24 June 2006]

Evacuate Not sure if there was some kind of emergency today at Charing Cross , there was a log jam of... [Tue 20 June 2006]

Done my Javascript referer thing See my landing page thing in action like so: Google for Paul Clarke CV Click on the Paul... [Wed 14 June 2006]

RE: No casino for Folkestone seafront THANK GOD! That Linda bird is an idiot. A Casino would have brought only more poverty and... [Fri 2 June 2006]

Back into the routine Properly tired today, like a zombie, but I did sleep well last night, and was tired when I got... [Wed 31 May 2006]

No casino for Folkestone seafront has the full story : Shepway District Council has been notified by the Casino... [Tue 30 May 2006]

RE: Jose Mourinho's Chelsea Premiership 05/06 Winning Medal The auction was removed from eBay for some reason. Someone's archived it here:... [Mon 8 May 2006]

My mistake, sorry! Good luck at the interviews. [Sat 6 May 2006]

RE: Cheers Well, am being shuffled off to various interviews next week - have finally managed to find a... [Fri 5 May 2006]

Cheers Will save that for home as I have no speakers here right now... still not got work then? I'm... [Fri 5 May 2006]

RE: Don't take your love to town I was looking at Ruby On Rails just last night as a result of our chat on popex last week, and... [Fri 5 May 2006]

Don't take your love to town Why is this ruby script getting links to it? Is it all people like me who can't believe it's... [Wed 3 May 2006]

Jose Mourinho's Chelsea Premiership 05/06 Winning Medal On ebay still , though two people were on GMTV this morning with the medals, both saying this... [Tue 2 May 2006]

There must be a site somewhere, with a dedicated pocket pc community Something like but for IPAQ . [Wed 26 April 2006]

RE: That is strange, it ought to be the same results well there's a pocket version of quicken, but the prob with this is that the manufacturers of... [Wed 26 April 2006]

That is strange, it ought to be the same results That's a google thing, not something I have control over... any joy with finding what you want? I... [Wed 26 April 2006]

RE: I don't know, have you tried searching? aahh - it seems to work better if you do an advanced search through the google site proper than... [Wed 26 April 2006]

I don't know, have you tried searching? Some of my search stuff might not be working, but have you tried searching using google ? [Wed 26 April 2006]

RE: Squirrel stamped to death and set on fire i'm also trying to gain access to that thread which has your links for ipaq software... [Wed 26 April 2006]

RE: Squirrel stamped to death and set on fire mesh had some good deals last time i look. obv you need dual core. but anyway, i should have... [Wed 26 April 2006]

Squirrel stamped to death and set on fire Don't worry! It wasn't a real squirrel ! Oh, it was a person . Marcia Squirrel, 56, was... [Wed 26 April 2006]

Don't put plastic trays in your recycling [Thu 13 April 2006]

She's always confident about everything I try to be gloomy about things, but she brings me right back up again. [Thu 6 April 2006]

I think you're taking this very well But I you're bang-on, it gives you 12 months to get the job you want rather than the job you... [Wed 5 April 2006]

haha, how long before this one is blocked..? [Wed 5 April 2006]

RE: You never visit now anyway! that's a shame. oh and for the record, it's cos the firewall at work wont let me go there.... [Wed 5 April 2006]

It's Not Easy Being Green I quite enjoyed this programme last night, if you have not seen it here's a book of it , it's... [Wed 5 April 2006]

You never visit now anyway! Yeah I signed it all away about 5 years ago. [Wed 5 April 2006]

RE: Yep, sure I could did you sign all your IP rights in POOEX away in your contract? it just wouldn't be right without... [Wed 5 April 2006]

Yep, sure I could I want to squeeze every last penny out really though, so in years to come when it turns out... [Wed 5 April 2006]

RE: First full day of knowing my leaving date... hold on. let me get this've got a mutual notice period of 12 months? yikes. if so,... [Tue 4 April 2006]

First full day of knowing my leaving date... ... and I have nothing to say. Is this what it's going to be like for the rest of the year? I've... [Tue 4 April 2006]

Spicy Cabbage Soup Recipe I'm not dieting or anything but I thought I'd follow this super no fat diet recipe . I added in... [Mon 3 April 2006]

That is a lie [Sun 2 April 2006]

Chops! Started the weekend with a super rarity, drinks in Farringdon . Been trying to meet up with a... [Sun 2 April 2006]

RE: Charlotte Church mobile phone pictures i have the one with her and briteny having sex [Sun 2 April 2006]

RE: [Mon 27 March 2006]

A review of Elvis in Folkestone Elvis Costello, from 1980 ... [Tue 14 March 2006]

RE: On my own today Going Underground (jam) Sound of the Underground (that girl band) Tunnels of the underground (men... [Fri 10 March 2006]

It's all kind of familiar from so many Private Eye columns Cheers for the update! [Wed 8 March 2006]

On my own today Work's been a bit hectic, my IT colleague is out sick, so I'm fielding all enquiries (though... [Wed 8 March 2006]

RE: No to a badger cull! badger cull update... [Wed 8 March 2006]

We are dumb and missed it We chose Midsomer Murders instead... luckily it's repeated on Saturday so will be watching it then. [Tue 7 March 2006]

RE: No to a badger cull! those badgers (just like the killer squirrels) arent as cute as they look you know! also, i... [Tue 7 March 2006]

No to a badger cull! Click here to email DEFRA . [Tue 7 March 2006]

BUMS! Motley Crue are supporting Guns'n'Roses in Dublin this Summer, and we're at a wedding that day!... [Thu 23 February 2006]

Lots of new things! [Tue 7 February 2006]

IPOD pants IPOD pants , Levi's possibly making a pair of fully wired jeans. There are a few things like... [Wed 11 January 2006]

Ace changes the suit in our game Or putting down a card of the same number, ie 6 of diamonds on another 6 changes the suit to... [Tue 10 January 2006]

RE: The Clarke Cup and new technology I hope she didn't let you win! Are you both competitive? My ex and I were very competitive so in... [Tue 10 January 2006]

RE: The Clarke Cup and new technology Don't your carpets need ironing next Saturday night? [Mon 9 January 2006]

The Clarke Cup and new technology You know how if you spend too long in the house on your own not talking to anyone you can go a... [Mon 9 January 2006]

Sly new coding feature Updated my AJAX selector, the bit of a form that (on here) looks like this: but you can't... [Tue 6 December 2005]

Welcome to! - [Sat 12 November 2005]

Channel Tunnel to get a GSM-R Network Hmm, this story 's not actually that interesting. [Fri 11 November 2005]

RE: More likely I've just been lucky so far Virtual Dub rocks and does most things you need it to, including rotating video images (handy if... [Thu 10 November 2005]

Ipaq HQ Forums - TUTORIAL: resizing/downsampling .AVI videos [Tue 8 November 2005]

More likely I've just been lucky so far Having other people around to help. I'm not saying I can create a DVD that'll run on any player... [Mon 7 November 2005]

RE: My DVD is proper bo so what you're kind of saying is that you're much more smarter than me... :o( [Mon 7 November 2005]

My DVD is proper bo A friend burned me a bundle of episodes onto a disk, and I can watch them with that, guessing... [Mon 7 November 2005]

RE: what do you think it'll take a long time to do? yes, but unless your dvd player is proper bo, it wont have the right codec to play the avi's on,... [Mon 7 November 2005]

what do you think it'll take a long time to do? Can't I just get some software to handle all that? My DVD player can play data disks anyway, so I... [Mon 7 November 2005]

RE: Tres productive weekend good luck with converting them. i can assure you, if you want to author them properly, you'll... [Mon 7 November 2005]

Tres productive weekend Finished the wardrobe at last, doors on, shelves in, etc. The room's looking a bit bare now... [Mon 7 November 2005]

oof, enjoy! Thought I'd fixed the disappearing username box, sorry... [Sun 6 November 2005]

RE: Yeah, but new it's 500 quid There isn't anywhere to sign in or put my name on this post. Everything is good here, heading to... [Sun 6 November 2005]

Slight repost Reposting from popex to here, as it's quite newsy: Tickets appear to be on sale now for a... [Tue 1 November 2005]

Yeah, but new it's 500 quid I know, as we just bought one... it's really nice stuff though, mostly solid oak. I didn't bid on... [Mon 31 October 2005]

RE: BBCode Blimey, that chest of drawers is expensive! Muddy [Mon 31 October 2005]

BBCode Did some coding today to make bbcode work on all my forums, as it seems to be popular on... [Thu 27 October 2005]

I need this A bulletproof denim jacket , be very handy for drinking in Cheriton...... [Fri 21 October 2005]

RE: Foyles War Tell him about what? Where did that come from? Did I mention Foyle's War somewhere here? Is... [Tue 27 September 2005]

Foyles War Tell the Foyle's War writer about it here! [Tue 27 September 2005]

30 quid each, bargain! Got a comment, by email pointing out some numbers regarding a response ... 1.7 billion is only... [Mon 11 July 2005]

Doesn't that last post look a bit weak now? We're allowed to leave work, but we're advised not to - our journey is two hours at the best of... [Thu 7 July 2005]

Google Maps Google Group Very useful group for discussing google map things... [Tue 21 June 2005]

Bad Wolf Bit disappointed with the last episode of Doctor Who - it would have been ace if I'd not been... [Mon 20 June 2005]

Yeah I have, some good stuff going on Seeing what other people had done geed me along a bit... I'm only using my own XML feed at the... [Sun 19 June 2005]

Tom Cool. Have you looked at - they're doing some really interesting stuff with... [Sun 19 June 2005]

Coming soon! 183 gigs catalogued so far, I reckon I will give you the link on Monday when I've done some more... [Fri 17 June 2005]

never mind fancy maps where is this gigography?!!?! [Fri 17 June 2005]

Google map obsessive Fancy map techniques [Fri 17 June 2005]

Google Map App Made me a sensible google map based application at last, it's an interactive map of Folkestone... [Fri 17 June 2005]

charlotte church Cant find any pics, treied your link but its been closed down. Let me know how I can see them... [Mon 9 May 2005]

Wagamama There's a Wagamama opening in Canterbury, opens on the 5th of May, though they're doing preview... [Mon 25 April 2005]

RE: Charlotte Church Hoax I have no clue how it got started with the press, but on ebay I heard it was an April fools joke... [Mon 25 April 2005]

RE: Folkestone in the news! My sympathies are Green too, and I voted for them in the Euros, but this is a 1st past the post... [Fri 22 April 2005]

That is SO FAKE [Tue 19 April 2005]

Charlotte Church ive found the topless pic ;) [Mon 18 April 2005]

Folkestone Property Prices Trying out a new Folkestone property prices thing from - lets me have live... [Fri 15 April 2005]

Doctor Doctor please I thought Doctor Who was great this week, a trip back in time to 1869 and Charles Dickens , as... [Mon 11 April 2005]

Handy! Cheers again [Thu 7 April 2005]

Sounds like a scam to me... Charlotte Church on Ebay ... [Thu 7 April 2005]

then what are the pics on ebay all about
then what are the pics on ebay all about [Thu 7 April 2005]

coupla good links for you DigitalSpy Hummer [Thu 7 April 2005]

Folkestone's not ethnically diverse enough to be held up as any kind of example [Thu 7 April 2005]

Labour in Folky The media eh? ITV were down at the harbour talking about about immigration, then(while still... [Wed 6 April 2005]

Here's what Labour say they've done for Folkestone, Umm.. is that why they're threatening closing wards in the the Royal Vic? [Wed 6 April 2005]

Folkestone in the news! Did you see Folkestone on the BBC news last night? John Prescott came to town to unveil a... [Wed 6 April 2005]

Charlotte Church Hoax It was a hoax - probably created by those people now selling faked pictures on Ebay . [Tue 5 April 2005]

Cheers for the tips mate [Mon 4 April 2005]

That's not the camera phone pictures though That's regular paparazzi topless holiday shots of Charlotte Church... I'm saying the story about... [Mon 4 April 2005]

here ya go! CC [Sun 3 April 2005]

lucky enough to have both but only moved from the Tivo because Sky+ is the only way to get a digital audio feed into your... [Fri 1 April 2005]

Sky+ vs TIVO Looking for Sky+ hacks , as we're getting Sky+ and I'm wondering if it could be hacked /... [Fri 1 April 2005]

Charlotte Church mobile phone pictures JUST MY TWO PENN'ORTH, but I don't think there were any nude snaps on Charlotte Church 's mobile... [Thu 31 March 2005]

Can find only one mention of that page In someone else's referrer logs ... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Adam Curry saviour of the universe!!! Hmm, I know who wrote this story . I have stopped listening to all the podcasts I used to... [Tue 29 March 2005]

New Home Of Me and My Monkey New Home Of Me and My Monkey [Wed 16 February 2005] Define Your World Define Your World [Tue 15 February 2005]

I have no idea who they are was just checking my referers... [Tue 8 February 2005]

oh no! Gasp! no longer zeitgeisty! does this mean you are in for a long period of introspection while... [Tue 8 February 2005]

Once Zeitgeisty calls me " once zeitgeisty "... [Mon 7 February 2005]

Folkestone roundup Ref Leaves Field After Stab Threat in Folkestone... Referee Gavin Hoare ran and hid and... [Mon 31 January 2005]

Apple - Are you fed up with them too ? So, after 16 months of owning a G3 iPod, I'm thinking of giving it all up and going back to CDs... [Wed 5 January 2005]

A review of Paul's From . [Thu 23 December 2004]

Santy worm makes unwelcome visit The Santy worm first appeared on 20 December and within 24 hours had successfully hit more than... [Wed 22 December 2004]

Looking forward to The Tears We're off to see The Tears tomorrow night, if the tickets ever show up... got a call from SMS... [Wed 15 December 2004]

Old Street Art Pranks Saw a wacky situationist prank at Old Street this morning, a breakfast table set up on top of a... [Mon 13 December 2004]

I don't have it I work in the same office as The Fly magazine and they've been playing it... Look forward to it! [Sat 11 December 2004]

Frances The Mute... Hey Pauly, where did you get Frances The Mute...i really really need to know me out. My... [Fri 10 December 2004]

Gangland hit linked to Folkestone! Lordy ... [Wed 8 December 2004]

Yeah was away No computer for days, lordy! is back now, got a shedload of other stuff to fix though! [Tue 7 December 2004]

That Auction City idea is a good one, although I'm sure using them would squeeze your margins massively.

Are you away for a long weekend...
That Auction City idea is a good one, although I'm sure using them would squeeze your margins... [Mon 6 December 2004]

Too... many... links... Lots of things I want to mention before I get bogged down in work and trying to leave early.... [Fri 3 December 2004]

Yes they are going to do that What they're going to do is run a new commuter service, on new fast trains, on the channel tunnel... [Mon 29 November 2004]

do u reckon this looks loog? unlimited bandwidth apparently! i'm concerned about going to canterbury at... [Mon 29 November 2004]

Weekend of travels A great weekend in Folkestone though we seem to have been travelling around Kent for most of... [Mon 29 November 2004]

Oh dear Bandwidth Limit Exceeded I'm going to go over mine this month I think, I am up to 4.9GB and I... [Mon 29 November 2004]

I see Coverville have exceeded their bandwidth!

I see Coverville have exceeded their bandwidth! Muddy [Mon 29 November 2004]

Blog Torrent Simplified Bittorrent, it says here... server side scripts for managing bittorrents. [Sat 27 November 2004]

good link that blogtorrent.. yay php!!! [Sat 27 November 2004]

also im slightly concerned about the legal implications of having my site hosted in america.... [Fri 26 November 2004]

nothing to fancy im afraid...just wanted to *finally* get round to designing a website. and phase 2 of... [Fri 26 November 2004]

Oh dear I had that once Knocked me out for weeks, hope you get better soon. Depends what you want to do with your... [Fri 26 November 2004]

yo im here. been poorly with glandular fever and am writing from me bed. was wondering if you knew... [Fri 26 November 2004]

Result! Quiz night at the Nobody Inn worked out quite well, we came third, and won a big bottle of... [Fri 26 November 2004]

David Blunkett Policy Maker Arrest innocent people, and then put their children into care. And charge them for it. Props... [Wed 24 November 2004]

I need this KISS bowling ball A KISS bowling ball indeed... it doesn't even come with finger holes in it!... [Fri 19 November 2004]

[insert title here] Diverted via East Bank and the post office this morning, to collect my Darkness tickets, and saw... [Tue 16 November 2004]

Cheers mater! I suspect it's that XML::RSS isn't finished, but I will investigate further... You might have... [Thu 4 November 2004]

RSS Looks ok to me from the snippet - are you setting the in the heading? It's definitely... [Thu 4 November 2004]

Visions of sinking ships Mmm, saw a squishing on the road yesterday, not a pigeon, hedghog, or even a squirrel though,... [Wed 3 November 2004]

RSS Enclosure malarkey Trying to put enclosures in my RSS using XML::RSS , but no matter what I try to add, the... [Tue 2 November 2004]

Michael Howard and the polar bear Excellent, wind farm protesters dressed as polar bears ... was it the Super Furry Animals ? Or... [Wed 27 October 2004]

Fight club it wasn't a documentary you know... Here's my favourite Fight Club thing... [Fri 8 October 2004]

Helena Bonham-Carter Saw her just now on Marylebone High Street walking passed the tup pub. Looking small and pale... [Fri 8 October 2004]

Looking for a fireplace It's about time I got a proper job done in the flat , so this weekend I'm going to take steps... [Thu 16 September 2004]

DeElle Look! ELLE are running a rework-our-cover campaign! Did anybody from THE FACE go on to work at... [Mon 30 August 2004]

Feedster Some sort of RSS feed aggregator, submitting a few of my feeds to try and get a bit more... [Wed 28 July 2004]

I think, but Ill have to check with my source That it is something to do with the wee. Rats dont like it, and mice dont like rat wee.... [Mon 26 July 2004]

Nice Do mice repel rats then? Or if there are mice around it means they've not been scared off by... [Mon 26 July 2004]

There is one upside to having mice It means you dont get rats. I was talking to our zoologist yesterday and he said that mice have... [Sat 24 July 2004]

iPoo A guide to toilets for the IPOD . Similar to piePod I expect, except they've included some... [Fri 23 July 2004]

Black Beans Black Beans (Not the oriental soy bean used for black bean sauce) Can be bought in sainsbury's. I... [Wed 21 July 2004]

broken CSS As before, it was an error on a previous line in the CSS that was causing the problem. [Tue 20 July 2004]

Lessons for the day Got to figure out why onBlur() isn't working on pulldown menus on the popEx control panel in... [Tue 20 July 2004]

RSS UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: All that info below is well out of date, I do have a new PHP based RSS... [Mon 19 July 2004]

Michael Moore he's blogging now . Some fun new things on Stalking heads - encouraging rating of celebs... [Wed 7 July 2004]

AH LIKES TO KILL ME STUFF! Got round to checking out this site about a guy who dug a hole in his garden, he's like Fink... [Fri 2 July 2004]

miriam [Mon 28 June 2004]

Mozilla are go Everyone at work's installing Firefox in response to this latest security hole in MSIE - this... [Mon 28 June 2004]

RE: Keira Knightly Wallpaper Sparrow can slide down the rope with both hands bound together even though both ends are fixed as... [Sat 19 June 2004]

Now BB fans kick off too! Beastie Boys fans that is, the new Beasties CD has all sorts of copy protection built in, don't... [Fri 18 June 2004]

RE: This is what I call try hard Oh, and have you seen this? I'm dying to. [Thu 17 June 2004]

This is what I call try hard This horror flick might still be a good film, though, but I'd be surprised. Watch the trailer of... [Tue 15 June 2004]

IPOD battery FAQ Exactly what it says... [Fri 21 May 2004]

Nickelback Not listened to this yet , but it sounds like it might be an amusing bootleg - cunningly mixing... [Wed 19 May 2004]

hamster porn you heard me: hamster porn [Mon 17 May 2004]

what you need is ... [Mon 17 May 2004]

McMansionization Of Suburbia This fellow is documenting people knocking down cute little houses and replacing them with... [Sat 8 May 2004]

Source of memes For some similar stuff to what you're posting here, I check out popdex and daypop and... [Fri 7 May 2004]

RE: Superdrug! "At the previous slumber party, available compounds included: MDMA, LSD, 2C-B, 2C-T-21, 2C-I,... [Sun 2 May 2004]

RE: Superdrug! and some more! [Fri 30 April 2004]

More Devant links: Courtesy of and : David Devant greeting cards... [Thu 29 April 2004]

Superdrug! yipee! a new way of getting hammered! [Thu 29 April 2004]

Some pretty amazing erotic photography Preview here but you have to subscribe to see the whole lot. [Mon 26 April 2004]

"neurocops" 'We have a big report coming out soon on pharmacotherapy. The focus is on how the new breed of... [Sun 25 April 2004]

incomprehenisble, lovely. hilariously easy kill bill game. [Thu 22 April 2004]

RE: That whale Oh yes, the vibrations, the drowsy daydreams brought on by the heat - soft lob guaranteed. [Wed 21 April 2004]

Where do you find out how heavy it is? At a whale-weigh station. [Wed 21 April 2004]

RE: That whale on reflection, i think it's more of a semi . perhaps he was sitting on the top deck of a bus on... [Tue 20 April 2004]

how do you circumsize a whale? you need four skin-divers... [Tue 20 April 2004]

That whale has a bit of a bendy wand... [Tue 20 April 2004]

nowwhere can we find a picture of a whale with an erection? here of course ! [Tue 20 April 2004]

No no no no no no... ooh close! This headline: Libertines Joined By Very Special Guest At Love Music Hate Racism Gig just... [Thu 18 March 2004]

RE: Pirates of the Caribbean MISSTEAKS (and spoilers) 1) they turn into skellitons when they are in the moonlight, and are actually not breathing air,... [Wed 3 March 2004]

DIY IPOD battery pack nice idea here from ... a few more IPOD hacks on that site too, like how to... [Tue 2 March 2004]

Double Competition Action Caiaphas and All One Surface giveaway... [Wed 4 February 2004]

Chav From this weeks' Parishioner Eric Shipton comes to the rescue of David... [Mon 2 February 2004]

Forces of Darkness OH NO, Darkness Street Teams! [Sat 31 January 2004]

Keira Knightly Wallpaper paper-flower has some Keira Knightly Wallpaper (not nude) here , as well as loads of Buffy... [Thu 8 January 2004]

H Wald and Co Another Folkestone estate agent , not much of an online presence this time though. 102... [Mon 5 January 2004]

Clarke / Clery These guys say the name Clarke was interchangeable with Clery up to the beginning of the... [Sat 3 January 2004]

Pirates of the Caribbean game There's a Pirates of the Caribbean for the PC starring (at least the voice of) Keira Knightly ... [Sat 3 January 2004]

IPOD For Dummies IPOD and iTunes for dummies , get started with your IPOD . [Sat 3 January 2004]

Secrets of the IPOD Secrets of the IPOD . Another book, about the IPOD . [Sat 3 January 2004]

The Missing Manual IPOD - The Missing Manual , get the most out of your IPOD . [Sat 3 January 2004]

IPOD Get a 40GB IPOD , 10,000 songs in your pocket. The one like mine is discontinued. Collectable! [Sat 3 January 2004]

Thanks for the Google Get feedback I've tried running when kazaa is not running, but still no joy. Good to know there is a debug... [Sat 3 January 2004]

RE: Runtime error 5:at 0040437 F [Wed 31 December 2003]

IPOD Wallpaper Keep seeing the phrase IPOD wallpaper bandied about, and started to think there might be a way... [Mon 29 December 2003]

RE: Google News hey, i'm the creator of googleget and if you're still having this problem then i'd be interested... [Sun 28 December 2003]

Oyster Cards - What a load of old crap! Got an Oyster Card update from a friend: I tried to RENEW mine by phone and after a LENGTHY... [Mon 8 December 2003]

Pirates of the Caribbean DVD Out Monday! [Sun 30 November 2003]

PopEx Admin all day Spent all day deleting accounts, fixing accounts, deleting emails, and keeping an eye on the... [Mon 17 November 2003]

Oystercard update Aha, just going through my mails (250 spams over the weekend that got through Yahoo's spam... [Mon 17 November 2003]

Unsubscribe Wow, the new mail bounce handling code is working far too efficiently, I was sure all the... [Mon 17 November 2003]

Fixed it at last! [Sat 8 November 2003]

They were right! Music match has stopped recognising my IPOD! Could be coincidence, but I tried to install... [Fri 7 November 2003]

Google News Google Get still won't connect to the web, but I can open Google News in a browser... [Thu 6 November 2003]

tasks 3/4 day popex admin, 1/3 day barfly admin [Tue 4 November 2003]

Miles Barr Lots of Folkestone properties on this site . [Mon 3 November 2003]

Ward Now here's an idea , what about buying a restarant with attached accomodation..? Maybe not. [Mon 3 November 2003]

Weekend in Folkestone Not feeling too clever for spending all day and all night in Chambers , but good weekend anyway.... [Mon 3 November 2003]

RE: IPODing ipodlounge is the best ipod site in the world... more content than any other ipod site [Fri 31 October 2003]

Pocket Things Pocket Things has some interesting IPOD features, real hacks this time, apparently there's a... [Tue 28 October 2003]

Won't connect to the web Doh! Of course I'm online... [Mon 27 October 2003]

IPOD Library IPOD Library is an e-book manager for the IPOD, it reads various format files and gets round... [Mon 27 October 2003]

GoogleGet More things to check out; GoogleGet is some sort of aggregator that will get news from... [Mon 27 October 2003]

Runtime error 5: Well, that was fun... "runtime error 5", "invalid procedure call or argument" when I try and run... [Mon 20 October 2003]

Weather For Me Will have a look at this when I get home... Probably too American to be of any use to me, but... [Mon 20 October 2003]

IPOD Hacks Some neat tips and links at , but no actual hacks yet for the 3rd generation IPOD... [Thu 16 October 2003]

IPOD Lounge , more IPOD based malarkey. [Thu 16 October 2003]

IPOD Found some sites, to check out at leisure... haven't actually found any "hacks" here yet:... [Thu 9 October 2003]

IPODing seems to have much the same content as IPOD Hacks and IPOD Lounge ... Still... [Thu 9 October 2003]

House prices falling The flat next to us seems to have been reduced in price, that's a good sign... Not that I am... [Sun 7 September 2003]

No joy with the IPOD Windows '98 is having none of it, got to upgrade it, will try and get XP next week, or give it a... [Wed 3 September 2003]

Black Beans Why can I not get any black beans? Want to make a black bean chili after seeing a recipe in the... [Tue 2 September 2003]

Keira Knightly Masturbation Stories No, not really, but I just got a search referral saying that, nice! [Mon 1 September 2003]

Stoke Newington Cinema While I'm in this thread I should give a mention to the Rio Cinema , 103-107 Kingsland High... [Mon 1 September 2003]

Pirates of the Caribbean MISSTEAKS (and spoilers) I thought of a few of things about the film - if "Bootstrap" Bill Turner was tied to an anchor... [Mon 18 August 2003]

Pirates of the Caribbean is ace Well worth going to see, and Warner Village Islington was a great place to see it. Apart from... [Sun 17 August 2003]

Warner Village Islington Going to the cinema tonight to see Pirates of the Caribbean , to the Warner cinema (Parkfield... [Sun 17 August 2003]

Glastonbury Off to Glastonbury on Thursday, and just been told by a mate that this guy is there already,... [Mon 23 June 2003]

Tasks BACK in the office today for a meeting, so preparing for that... DANN rain overnight meant water... [Mon 23 June 2003]

Glastonbury Glastonbury lineups are out now and it looks like The Darkness are going to be opening the... [Fri 30 May 2003]

Lifeslide Just seen my Lifeslide , great idea, but it says nothing to me about my life... well not much.... [Fri 30 May 2003]

Robbie is the best selling artist EVER! Still some tickets left though... [Mon 25 November 2002]

Robbie Williams Tickets on sale 9am On sale here, how exciting... [Fri 22 November 2002]

Thanks and things Cheers for all the stuff... [Thu 7 November 2002]

Over to you, discussion about something local, but Please be thoughtful... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, Find a flatmate, rent a room, property queries, current news, what's new, local events, for sale, local services, what I like about Folkestone, ask questions, offer advice, plug yrself... the more it's used the more useful a resource it will become. If you want a gig listed click here to add it (fixed now!), or just click here to post a message...

As it goes there are no pubbing / venues regarding php anyway. Enjoy the posts though.Is there something I have missed? Please do give me a shout!

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