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Universal Square, Devonshire Street North, Manchester, M12 6JH

Chart Covers from an attractive & talented female duo. 8.30pm Free [2011-12-17 2011]

CT20 2HA [2005-04-12 2005]

Folkestone gets a big up in the Telegraph An article here by Country Life "Editor at Large" says Folkestone has got seaside regeneration... [Thu 1 April 2010]

also "surprise me with a bottle"? Sounds a bit Michael Barrymore ... [Mon 22 March 2010]

I still have a bottle (empty though) It was [vino]Pinord Clos 15 Penedes[/vino], I didn't think they'd have any left. What a shame! [Mon 22 March 2010]

RE: Boys night in Went to the Goods Yard today. Told the family it was so they could choose their dinner but it... [Mon 22 March 2010]

Boys night in The boy's in bed, Clare's gone out for a meal with some fellow mums, so I'm in on my own tonight.... [Sun 21 March 2010]

yes, no beef or tomato in it at all Real pot noodles are the same. There might be tomato powder in it but definitely no beef. The... [Fri 19 March 2010]

RE: Boing "Beef and tomato"? Are you not one of those vegematarians? Or are Pot Noodle type things so far... [Fri 19 March 2010]

Yesterday was a good day I didn't even have to use my AK. And the boy started crawling [Thu 18 March 2010]

Boing Spring appears to have sprung! [Tue 16 March 2010]

What's a good cocktail? I have Chartreuse, Jack Daniels, gin, bacardi, Travarica, amaretto, and vodka. I don't drink... [Sat 13 March 2010]

A shooting! Member of my extended family just shot another TO DEATH! [Thu 11 March 2010]

Recommend someone to value our Folkestone flat for lettings? Tried to track down Avenue, as they have valued it before, but failed. [Thu 25 February 2010]

Flat in our block for sale for a lot less than ours Got a third viewing lined up... [Fri 19 February 2010]

Hot links of the day lego rubiks robot (via @hpoom) and Folkestone urban skiing [Fri 19 February 2010]

Snow blind! Was very bright when I went out to watch the snowskaters, but still deep #uksnow here [Fri 8 January 2010]

High Speed rail link is live today So all timetables have changed, look out! [Mon 14 December 2009]

John Lewis Bergerac side table Cheshire again, why none in the south? [Tue 22 September 2009]

100k doesn't buy you much of a home round here Buy these wartime tunnels instead! [Sun 6 September 2009]

Thirty-seven! Belated happy birthday me, had a lovely day, cheers all [Mon 27 July 2009]

Set of SIX Habitat Radius chairs Collect from London this time [Sat 25 July 2009]

Another brace of Habitat Radius chairs AND we got our flat valued yesterday. [Thu 23 July 2009]

Underground house video Not dance music, actual underground houses in the Metropole [Sun 10 May 2009]

Just to clarify The original message you're replying to was just another anonymous post like your own, don't want... [Tue 5 May 2009]

RE: When will they learn? I think the person that wrote those comments about the three mackerel pub, is a sad and pathetic... [Mon 4 May 2009]

Canterbury Wholefoods is great It's all vegetarian, with some vegan options. We had the christmas dinner there (just before, uh,... [Tue 17 March 2009]

RE: Saw a GREAT house at the weekend Karl's very posh ! What is Canterbury wholefoods like for food, I have never been in the eating... [Mon 16 March 2009]

Saw a GREAT house at the weekend Bah too small. Good weekend though. [Mon 16 March 2009]

Not thought to look on ebay for a house before Here's one near us . Via FG , where there are more details . Kind of via there anyway,... [Thu 26 February 2009]

House for sale on Ebay In #Capel, near #Folkestone [Thu 26 February 2009]

Titanic property investment and an all vegan NHS Couple of interesting stories in the Guardian podcast today , first a seemingly obviously... [Mon 26 January 2009]

Good day's house hunting Saw the one I mentioned the other day , and it was not what I expected. The pictures don't do it... [Sat 17 January 2009]

Ooh dicky tum today There I was earlier this week bragging about how I never ever get ill, and I am possibly super... [Wed 14 January 2009]

Back on the house train As just mentioned, we've kickstarted our house hunt again, starting with three viewings... [Sun 11 January 2009]

Rents not so soaring Well, I'm sure they're still rising , but the flat upstairs has possibly not been let yet, I... [Thu 22 May 2008]

Rents SOARING! Saw a feature on BBC Breakfast this morning about how that blame-for-everything credit crunch is... [Tue 20 May 2008]

Yep, I could do with some clear signs I think things are actually falling right now, but I want a nice blatant signpost saying "they... [Mon 21 April 2008]

RE: Yesterday's house hunt Hey, difficult thing isn't it? Do you wait for "the crash that might never happen" or just get... [Sun 20 April 2008]

Yesterday's house hunt A trip to Canterbury yesterday, an early start, four houses to see. First one was a bit further... [Sun 20 April 2008]

The Long Blondes at the Amersham Arms Just reading this post about a gig in New Cross (from one of my regular reads ) makes me... [Wed 12 March 2008]

Boo, pissed off Just had our viewing of the house we were going to see tomorrow cancelled, the vendors have... [Fri 7 March 2008]

Another house hunting trip to Canterbury Saw three places today, first one before lunch was at [gmap]Forty Acres Road, Canterbury[/gmap]... [Sat 16 February 2008]

RE: Do you really think DeHaan has made any money on this yet? ... [Fri 15 February 2008]

Boo, house rubbishness Both the houses we were interested in (even if we could barely afford them) this modern one near... [Wed 13 February 2008]

Two completely different properties this week Saw two houses yesterday in Canterbury , wildly different, and they highlight the fact that we... [Sun 27 January 2008]

House-hunting trip to Canterbury #3 Just setting up a space for the map here, preloaded it with some images of one place we're going... [Fri 25 January 2008]

RE: the text entry box is just something I was trying out at work No-one reads the blog in situ any more , do they? It's all RSS and things isn't it? Actually... [Wed 23 January 2008]

RE: the text entry box is just something I was trying out at work I've been in Ed for 10 years now, I doubt I'll move anytime soon. You can't keep adding features... [Wed 23 January 2008]

That must be it but WEIRD that the estate agent didn't know anything about it... [Wed 23 January 2008]

RE: Second house-hunting trip around Canterbury The secret room most likely doesn't comply with building regulations, so cannot be advertised as... [Wed 23 January 2008]

That one's a bit small so we've not been to see it We did go see a three bed place right across the road from there that was nice, but also a bit... [Mon 21 January 2008]

the text entry box is just something I was trying out at work and I thought "I'll have a bit of that"... We've lived here for about three years, but owned this... [Mon 21 January 2008]

RE: West is best right now too well i think generally speaking, the victoria trains tend to go from East - that's the line that... [Mon 21 January 2008]

RE: Who says the housing market is dead? Are you moving again? It seems like only yesterday that you left your deborturous London ways... [Mon 21 January 2008]

Who says the housing market is dead? Clare reports that that house we really liked in Black Griffin Lane is under offer already.... [Mon 21 January 2008]

West is best right now too The wife ideally wants to go to Victoria, but just about anywhere in London is good, and that's... [Mon 21 January 2008]

RE: It looks like West is best for London, long term well i think it depends on whereabouts in london you want to end up? personally I would think... [Mon 21 January 2008]

It looks like West is best for London, long term But it's hard to be sure, that's why we don't want to be too far from either. You've not been... [Sun 20 January 2008]

RE: Second house-hunting trip around Canterbury which train station would you need to get into london - east or west? how big a house do you want? [Sun 20 January 2008]

Second house-hunting trip around Canterbury Saw five houses today in Canterbury , have a map with details of the things we saw. Clare's out... [Sat 19 January 2008]

Yeah, want to go halves? This is the only house we went to see inside: thought it might be a bit rude to take pictures... [Tue 15 January 2008]

RE: Google Maps hacks Can't see any houses!are you going to buy a pub now [Tue 15 January 2008]

Google Maps hacks I'm sure you've checked out Saturday's walk around Canterbury by now, I've merged in the photos... [Mon 14 January 2008]

Today's walk around Canterbury OK, not all walking, we got the bus to Canterbury , and the GPS kept the signal all the way as... [Sat 12 January 2008]

Do you really think DeHaan has made any money on this yet? He's spent money but is unlikely to have anything other than humungous losses so far I'd have... [Fri 4 January 2008]

RE: Whole lot of interesting detail there, though you do sound a bit bitter The "Euphoria" just sounded like a gay bar, when in fact it was just another rough Folkestone... [Fri 4 January 2008]

also "literally dozens turned up on the opening night [to find the place full]" Did you miss a bit out there? [Mon 31 December 2007]

Whole lot of interesting detail there, though you do sound a bit bitter Does Folkestone really need any more apartments? I know it has lots of pubs and they're all... [Mon 31 December 2007]

When will they learn? ... [Sun 30 December 2007]

And a Folkestone property update Surely this is worth DOUBLE that..? Maybe not. [Tue 30 October 2007]

Rotunda / seafront masterplan starting to move ahead Billionaire Roger De Haan has revealed he is in negotiation with a number of companies which... [Fri 24 August 2007]

A view over the pool Nice shot of the pool... More pictures to come... [Fri 3 August 2007]

Hotspots created as Londoners flood in Ashford is one of the most preferred new locations for buying in the UK - but other towns such... [Mon 16 July 2007]

Kent on track for a high-speed boom-Life & Style-Property-Investment-TimesOnline The real... [Sun 17 June 2007]

Folkestone property boom! Well sort of. First off this bungalow that I pass every day on my walk from Westenhanger... [Tue 13 March 2007]

Telegraph | Property | The name's Bond - from the back of beyond A thing in The Telegraph , covering Folkestone, high speed trains, property, and James Bond.... [Mon 15 May 2006]

Someone posted a reply, and then it got deleted I have attached the lost replies to the original now, so a) they're back but b) the whole thread... [Wed 10 May 2006]

RE: Hmm, no it wasn't, where are they all? yeah, it said there was 7 responses - but i counna see tham! [Wed 10 May 2006]

Hmm, no it wasn't, where are they all? I will track this down - perhaps one was removed for being irrelevant spam, so the replies to... [Wed 10 May 2006]

Yours was the first comment for this post! [Wed 10 May 2006]

RE: Restored to full health, and wealth, beside the sea for some reason i can't see the comments...! [Tue 9 May 2006]

No worries As below, your money will go further over the East Side than the West End I think. How much space... [Tue 4 April 2006]

RE: property sorry have duplicated this request please ignore didnt realise first time i tried to register was... [Tue 4 April 2006]

property does any one know the best place to buy property in folkestone should we go for west end or up on... [Tue 4 April 2006]

I meant to add that yesterday You could easily spend 250k round here, but if you were thinking of a nice sea view that's more... [Thu 30 March 2006]

RE: best place to live in folkestone ... [Wed 29 March 2006]

I live in the West End and would recommend there I would say somewhere between the station and the town would be a good bet, have a look at the... [Wed 29 March 2006]

best place to live in folkestone i am thinking of moving to folkestone and am unsure of where to live. I am looking to move from... [Wed 29 March 2006]

Folkestone property prices kicking off! Just got an update from to say they've updated the site or something. Did the... [Wed 22 March 2006]

No longer for sale, those of you looking to purchase La Bougie is now the fabulous Escondido , though have a look in the property section , see if... [Mon 6 March 2006]

Not sure I can help you there! Are you after the price it last sold for or what? If you want a valuation, go to an estate agent. [Wed 18 January 2006]

RE: current valuations For heaven sake get me the valuation of 82 carvers croft woolmer green knebworth herts. SG3 6LX... [Tue 17 January 2006]

Folkestone property BOOM! ... [Tue 3 January 2006]

Folkestone property section live now Check out Folkestone property to have a look at what's up for sale around this way. All the... [Mon 5 December 2005]

mostly they're being open and nice about what they're doing With things like gmail they let you connect to your account however you like, using outlook,... [Fri 28 October 2005]

RE: Yes, that's a spoof article... well that's why i use the term de facto standards...their product is so superior (for a number of... [Thu 27 October 2005]

Yes, that's a spoof article... The wacky thing is Google aren't enforcing any standards, they're just coming up with better... [Thu 27 October 2005]

RE: Googlebase that article in the onion is a spoof isnt it? i'm personally starting to get a bit worried by... [Thu 27 October 2005]

Googlebase Was wondering why there's no google property site, seems there's one on the way ... This will... [Wed 26 October 2005]

Folkestone Property Update Are prices picking up round our way? There's a two bed ground floor flat next door to us, in need... [Tue 25 October 2005]

A few years ago Folkestone was on its uppers A few years ago Folkestone was on its uppers, with boarded-up buildings and run-down... [Mon 19 September 2005]

Folkestone property prices booming! There's nothing under 100k on the folkestone property map right now, though that's just... [Thu 25 August 2005]

Folkestone in the Sunday papers Nothing sordid (this time) a two bedroom property in Earls Avenue was one of the recommended "why... [Tue 16 August 2005]

It was in the property supplement with the paper Maybe I'll scan it in and put it up here. Wasn't sure if they'd put the property supplement bits... [Sat 13 August 2005]

Standard Where? Searched their site and cant find nuffin about Folkestone other than old stories [Fri 12 August 2005]

Folkestone in the London papers The property supplement in today's Evening Substandard has a double page spread on how great... [Wed 10 August 2005]

Folkestone property map Check this out , it's along the lines of my pub map , in fact it's identical - put no work into... [Mon 1 August 2005]

west wing that special episode they did was really just way too patronising - even the yankee doodles must... [Tue 12 July 2005]

Update US forces are allowed into London again ... [Tue 12 July 2005]

Blah blah London blah blah US troops ordered to avoid London , thanks for that chaps! None are being ordered to avoid Iraq... [Tue 12 July 2005]

The Metronome up for auction Guide price 200 - 250k with Clive Emson ... The premises comprise a former theatre with office... [Sun 3 July 2005]


current valuations now do current valuations as well... [Tue 21 June 2005]

49 - 51 Earls Avenue The snazzy looking development on our road is finally for sale with Fell Reynolds ... they say:... [Sun 15 May 2005]

F...... Folkestone it is then! [Fri 13 May 2005]

Yeah 'stoney isn't perfect Really don't like Folky though, it's like "old folk" and "folk round here don't like change" and... [Fri 13 May 2005]

Stoney! err.. dunno if I like it, evokes a picture of Dungeness/Greatstone? I'm sure I picked up 'Folky'... [Thu 12 May 2005]

Wish I'd got in sooner I found out the flat I bought was half the price the last time it sold, two years before I bought... [Wed 11 May 2005]

I love Folky It was me guv! Too much brandy for a rewrite? Just to say I'm glad I've relocated to Folky - when... [Tue 10 May 2005]

something made your message vanish Mick [Tue 10 May 2005]

We made the right call! [Mon 9 May 2005]

Restored to full health, and wealth, beside the sea The Telegraph does a feature on Folkestone property ... Good work! They say: For several... [Mon 9 May 2005]

Yes might well do OR, a pair of these bad boys would be the answer... they're a couple of hundred quid though,... [Wed 27 April 2005]

is dandruff not cool then? *sweeps shoulders* [Wed 27 April 2005]

RE: Randall and Hopkirk (Disqualified) Oh yeah, MEANT to say - you should get some of those foam earplugs for the commute. And a... [Wed 27 April 2005]

RE: Terror-torial Commuting I'd be very concerned if I was you. I think this is how murderers and psychotics start off, you... [Wed 27 April 2005]

Randall and Hopkirk (Disqualified) Had a great idea for a TV show for Vic Reeves , but on trying to explain it to Clare, it didn't... [Wed 27 April 2005]

The right carriage! Went for carriage number one today on our little commute from Folkestone to Charing Cross , and... [Wed 20 April 2005]

"When the rest of the track is finished in 2007 it will be possible to commute from St Pancras to Folkestone in 35 minutes" That sounds a bit quicker than I'd heard before, but so says ... it also... [Tue 19 April 2005]

Folkestone Property Prices Trying out a new Folkestone property prices thing from - lets me have live... [Fri 15 April 2005]

Relocation, Relocation Good to see Folkestone not only feature on Channel 4's Relocation, Relocation last night, but... [Thu 14 April 2005]

Property of the week Hmm, an irregular series here... Doesn't look like much from the outside, and to be fair I've not... [Wed 13 April 2005]

Clive Emson Walking around Grimston Gardens at the weekend, saw a flat that's available by auction... will... [Mon 11 April 2005]

XMLHttpRequest Working Examples Pid sends me this directory of XMLHTTPRequest examples , from , cheers.... [Wed 6 April 2005]

Hope I spelled her name correctly The second image here hardly looks like her at all... Ah, I did misspell, it's Kirstie... [Tue 5 April 2005]

Cat Fight According to googlefight, Sarah Beeny wins by a significant margin [Tue 5 April 2005]

no i think it's just in the nature of british people - they're very funny about houses and perceive... [Tue 5 April 2005]

Why do people go on that show and STILL not listen? Maybe it's all in the editing, and she doesn't come up with the smart advice until afterwards... [Tue 5 April 2005]

my god *rubs thighs* - i would give my right leg to see those two have a naked mud wrestle. they both... [Tue 5 April 2005]

Property Ladder Property Ladder is back on TV tonight, 8pm. Please let me watch it Clare, please! When we get... [Tue 5 April 2005]

Nice big property! 9 bedrooms for 450k ... oh, and a bar, restaurant, etc... on Marine Parade . The two bedroom... [Mon 7 March 2005]

Yep, still too scared to look at it myself... [Mon 14 February 2005]

wow! that mouseprice is great! well, apart from the fact I've now seen the true price the previous owners of this place paid for ours! w*nkers! wow! that mouseprice is great! well, apart from the fact I've now seen the true price the... [Sat 12 February 2005]

If you buy one in France You'll be nearer to Folkestone than you are now! [Tue 8 February 2005]

Try this site for unusual properties for sale

Try this site for unusual properties for sale [Mon 7 February 2005]

Mouse Price Heard a bit over the weekend about finding out the price of any house online, for a small fee, so... [Mon 7 February 2005]

Still up for sale, down to 385,000 now [Sun 30 January 2005]

Rule Britannia Britannia Hotels have just bought the Grand Burstin Hotel from Grand Leisure Hotels, and show... [Mon 29 November 2004]

Having checked out your link to that Find A Property website it would appear that it means Fareham has the highest number of owners actually living... Having checked out your link to that Find A Property website it would appear that it means... [Wed 24 November 2004]

We don't want no Demographic's living in our part of Fareham, send them all back to Demographica!
We don't want no Demographic's living in our part of Fareham, send them all back to Demographica!... [Tue 23 November 2004]

Yeah all a bit wooly It sounds like a good thing to me, but I can't extract anything more from it. IE if the town was... [Mon 22 November 2004]

A high amount of homeowners in an area means that it has the best affordability for the demographic who wants to live there. Not that that really m... A high amount of homeowners in an area means that it has the best affordability for the... [Mon 22 November 2004]

Find a property According to Fareham has the third highest amount of homeowners of any area... [Fri 19 November 2004]

Eating chicken gives you cancer Something like that anyway, according to this story on the beeb ... Property prices appear to... [Thu 21 October 2004]

La Bougie also up for sale A slightly more serious 455,000 for this one, though that includes a 3 bedroom flat and it's a... [Mon 20 September 2004]

New neighbours The flat next door is sold! Indisputable proof that Folkestone property prices are going... [Thu 9 September 2004]

it could have been Monkey Dust! it could have been Monkey Dust! [Thu 9 September 2004]

Monkey Caravans "That show you wanted to watch is on, what's it called, Monkey Caravans ?" So, I found... [Wed 8 September 2004]

Folkestone property prices Inspired by the sales of the flats next door , and the fact everyone seems to be convinved... [Wed 1 September 2004]

I trust you'll be getting the mickywave and fridge option I trust you'll be getting the mickywave and fridge option [Wed 11 August 2004]

Quantum Sleeper We're after a new bed, could this be it? Thanks as ever ,... [Tue 10 August 2004]

Fireplace Warehouse Just spotted this in a local paper, sounds like the sort of place we're after. Crap website... [Mon 9 August 2004]

Folkestone property crash! Was a bit concerned to spot that a flat next door was up for sale for less than we paid for ours,... [Mon 26 July 2004]

Folkestone in The Guardian Here is the article from the Guardian that bigs up Folkestone, "This is an English seaside... [Wed 14 July 2004]

Folkestone property update No news on the flat , and no news on Clare 's brothers house in Hythe (though we had a sneaky... [Mon 12 April 2004]

RE: Bite the bullet Look, monsieur 'Pauly' there are plenty of delux properties within the EUROPEAN UNION - EU. You... [Tue 6 April 2004]

Bite the bullet Very nice weekend, figured out how to do all the "manual" features on the camera, so can do black... [Mon 5 April 2004]

RE: Fish 4 homes BUT ......PLENTY OF CHOC FUDGE !!! MMH1 xxx [Thu 1 April 2004]

Fish 4 homes Ended up going boozing Friday night and had dinner at Il Bacio where they got my order wrong... [Mon 22 March 2004]

Progress on the flat Just heard from the solicitor , and the contract is on its way, going in the post now, I... [Fri 19 March 2004]

Trains, tubes, and flats. Turd of a journey in this morning, the Victoria line is out completely, which meant the train... [Wed 10 March 2004]

Bradford and Bingley Those pictures aren't from their site, but I'm buying the flat through Bradford and Bingley ...... [Tue 3 February 2004]

Taylor Riley Have just instructed Taylor Riley to survey the flat for me, see if there are any nasties...... [Tue 3 February 2004]

It's not as flowery as it looks Quite neutral, all the furniture (and the teddy) was gone before I viewed the flat, and obviously... [Wed 21 January 2004]

RE: Earl's Avenue Nice place - looks a bit fancy! I hope you redecorate that bedroom though. [Wed 21 January 2004]

RE: Earl's Avenue This in Folkestone? Looks ace - though you'll probably need to sort that furniture out though! [Tue 20 January 2004]

The Flat Found some pictures on the web of the flat when it was previously marketed, it's probably not... [Mon 19 January 2004]

Wallpaper Saw these ages ago in Spitalfields Market , and have been hoping to find them again... one of... [Tue 6 January 2004]

H Wald and Co Another Folkestone estate agent , not much of an online presence this time though. 102... [Mon 5 January 2004]

Property prices falling in Stokey This place (pictured) is next door but one to us, and as previously mentioned it's been up... [Mon 24 November 2003]

tasks 3/4 day popex admin, 1/3 day barfly admin [Tue 4 November 2003]

Miles Barr Lots of Folkestone properties on this site . [Mon 3 November 2003]

Weekend in Folkestone Not feeling too clever for spending all day and all night in Chambers , but good weekend anyway.... [Mon 3 November 2003]

Ward Now here's an idea , what about buying a restarant with attached accomodation..? Maybe not. [Mon 3 November 2003]

Homes Online HOUSES, rah, I am back on the mailing list... nothing as cheap as... [Thu 16 October 2003]

Hello Today I started a new website, this is it. It's going to be a kind of weblog , a place for me to... [Thu 8 May 2003]

Big Chair Lawks, Silverchair are a bit popular aren't they? [Mon 4 September 2000]

Over to you, discussion about something local, but Please be considerate... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, Find a flatmate, rent a room, property queries, current affairs, what's new, local events, for sale, local services, what I like about Folkestone, ask questions, offer advice, plug yourself... the more it's used the more better a site it will become. If you want a gig listed click here to add it (fixed now!), or just click here to post a message...

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