Bar Vasa is up for sale

Wow you can buy Dungeness for only 1.5 million

Also whatever happened to this story about flats in the Burstin being up for sale?

Underground house video

House for sale on Ebay

Do you really think DeHaan has made any money on this yet?

Rotunda / seafront masterplan starting to move ahead

Hotspots created as Londoners flood in

No longer for sale, those of you looking to purchase

A few years ago Folkestone was on its uppers

Folkestone in the Sunday papers

The Metronome up for auction

49 - 51 Earls Avenue

Restored to full health, and wealth, beside the sea

"When the rest of the track is finished in 2007 it will be possible to commute from St Pancras to Folkestone in 35 minutes"

Relocation, Relocation

Clive Emson

Rule Britannia

Fireplace Warehouse