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Smart and "smart" related things, including places, pubs, gigs and posts about smart.If you have anything to offer regarding smart that I have not covered here, Please do contribute. Particularly if you have anything to contribute regarding my family tree, local pubbing or other places, home automation smart experiments, homebrew, ale, or appley goodness. Thank you.

, 218a Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA

9-12 St Catherines Terrace, Hove, , BN3 2RH

The Spark Centre, 1 Smart Street, London, E2 0SN

Smart & Simple Hotels, 55 - 57 London Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1DS

, 334 Bath Road, , SL1 6JA

50 Blackfriars Street, , , EH1 1NE

60 Barnes Lane, Sarisbury Green, Southampton, SO31 7BZ

Smart Internet Cafe, Ground Floor Shop, 189 Seven Sisters Road, N4 3NG

, 73 Burdett Road, London, E3 4TN

50 Church Road, Hove, , BN3 2FN

The Spark Centre, 1 Smart Street, London, E2 0SN

Unit 7 Port East, West India Quay, Hertsmere Road, London, E14 4AN

London [2010-05-30 2010]

At last! Chris Addison is back with a brand new show of his critically acclaimed stand-up. Daftness! Whimsy! Jokes! Lies! Smartarsery! Flapping about! All present and correct. 65-69 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1JR 01303 858500 [2010-05-28 2010]

4pm Grand tea + pianist.
5pm-9.30pm: dance music from the 1940's and 1950's with DJ's Reverend Boogie and Tim's Jumpin Jive.
Dress Code Smart ( modern or vintage )
For further details: or 07896 654 571.
The Grand, The Leas, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2XL 01303 277175 [2008-06-29 2008]

I now have one Alexa voice controlled light This is a bit of a step backwards in home automation terms though, as before I started today I... [Thu 28 December 2017]

IKEA are going smart light crazy Just gassing with Roly about smart lighting as he found these ; he has Hue lighting and they... [Fri 8 September 2017]

Fridge-bot This is cool , ho ho. [Mon 4 September 2017]

It is not really an intelligent mirror that can see through objects Nissan you are overselling your intelligent mirror slightly, it is a camera fixed to the... [Sat 2 September 2017]

IKEA do smart lights Nice found this tutorial for controlling IKEA TRADFRI lights ... still needs the ikea "hub"... [Thu 25 May 2017]

Another cool website for people with too much stuff in their pockets Found this nice belt buckle multitool which was the kind of thing I was first looking for when... [Sun 29 January 2017]

Getting me a key smart Enjoyed browsing found a few things that I NEED on there... going to... [Sun 15 January 2017]

Smart toothbrush and new Pointless answers Smart toothbrush that maps your mouth is coming soon from Philips . there's another with a... [Fri 10 June 2016]

There's ANOTHER new Pebble watch coming out I can't keep up. There are two new pebble smart watch es up here on the kickstarter . If only... [Tue 24 May 2016]

A couple more Lily selfie drone videos This one is slightly more objective , it does mention that the Lily has no obstacle avoidance,... [Thu 14 May 2015]

There is a rival selfie-drone and they have tracked me down Got an email from a pr person working for Hexo+ . They must be googling for mentions of the... [Thu 14 May 2015]

Lily camera looks amazing There's a new selfie drone in town! What, you didn't know a selfie drone was a thing? Is... [Wed 13 May 2015]

They did announce a new pebble watch They just released details on kickstarter colour screen and microphone for responding to... [Tue 24 February 2015]

Pebble is here! Had to take out five links from the watch strap. It came with a leather strap, no good for... [Mon 16 February 2015]

Laundrino diy smart connected washing machine continued I have changed my code now to use SSOCR now instead and it's working nicely. Live results... [Sun 15 February 2015]

Thinking of getting a Pebble smart watch I've not worn a watch for years and years, 25 maybe? Watches have moved on since I last had one.... [Wed 11 February 2015]

Laundrino (DIY smart connected washing machine) Done a little work on this today, while sitting in the playroom with the boys... I'm genuinely... [Sat 24 January 2015]

50'' Sony smart tv for 650 quid I always say I won't buy another sony , they're annoying with their non-standardness, but... [Thu 22 January 2015]

Check the lunchbox, and then check it again smarty pants... Haha Folkestone dad Lee Webb sent his three year old to "smarty pants" nursery in Folkestone with... [Tue 13 January 2015]

Thats a Karmann Ghia in that LG / Android google smart watch advert Hmm nice , google smart watch thing bringing smart internets to your wrist. I haven't worn a... [Thu 26 June 2014]

What Humax needs: I have humax instead of sky plus etc, it is my "set top box" that all of my tv comes through.... [Fri 6 June 2014]

Emberlight smart lighting Emberlight is building a home automation product that turns any light into a smart light. Our... [Thu 8 May 2014]

Bah we need a new washing machine The old one went bang and tripped out all of the electrics. It is old and was very cheap so it's... [Sun 9 March 2014]

Smart boy It's the start of the winter uniform season at Seabrook School today, so Harry was in shirt... [Mon 4 November 2013]

Cheap TV solution Well cheaper than it might be... someone at work is thinking of buying this TV , a 50'' led.... [Thu 12 September 2013]

Just bought a Humax One of these , so I have freesat hd now. Not cancelled my Sky subscription yet, as I still need... [Mon 21 January 2013]

Maybe I'll get a watch for the first time in twenty years or so I like the look of this watch , just seen it via Googler Matt Cutts . A watch that gets email... [Fri 16 March 2012]

I can't believe my Nan has a better telly than me Weekend roundup... also where can I watch the rugby in Hythe this Saturday? [Mon 12 March 2012]

New telly is here! The new TV just turned up at work. Awkward that it is today, when I don't have the car, and... [Thu 13 October 2011]

Using nodejs and a smart phone to control a browser game I like this . [Mon 12 September 2011]

Clare's new phone has arrived... Wait a minute I thought it was my new phone? Hmm, sounds like Calre might snaffle this new HTC... [Tue 5 April 2011]

Got a new mobile phone arriving tomorrow HTC Wildfire same as Clare... [Mon 4 April 2011]

Phone controlled beer cannon Brilliant, from The Register via @stuartdredge [Fri 14 January 2011]

Trying to avoid thinking about work for a whole hour FAIL [Thu 12 November 2009]

The pain, the angst Trouser shop was closed, but I need something "smart casual" for later in the week, what's a guy... [Mon 19 May 2003]

Barfly Glasgow "" Barfly Glasgow has gone live with the new... [Mon 19 May 2003]

My Nomine Est... Eminem: Smarter than we think? [Thu 4 January 2001]

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