Smart and "smart" related things, including places, pubs, gigs and blog posts about smart. If you have something to contribute concerning smart that I have not covered here, please chip in. Particularly if you have anything to offer regarding local pubs or other venues, home automation smart experiments, home brew, ale, or cider. Thank you.

As it goes there are no pubbing / places regarding smart anyway. Enjoy the blog posts though.Is there something I have missed? please please give me a shout!

UWSU, Pendulum DJ set & Mc Vers, Luciana, Steve Smart, Bashy, Apex, Smoke Radio, Magic Fingers, Petchy Clapham Grand London [2010-05-30 2010]

Thats a Karmann Ghia in that LG / Android google smart watch advert [Thursday 26 June 2014]

What Humax needs: [Friday 6 June 2014]

Emberlight smart lighting [Thursday 8 May 2014]

Bah we need a new washing machine [Sunday 9 March 2014]

Smart boy [Monday 4 November 2013]

Cheap TV solution [Thursday 12 September 2013]

Just bought a Humax [Monday 21 January 2013]

Google calendar central heating timer [Friday 4 January 2013]

Maybe I'll get a watch for the first time in twenty years or so [Friday 16 March 2012]

I can't believe my Nan has a better telly than me Weekend roundup... also where can I watch the rugby in Hythe this Saturday? [Monday 12 March 2012]

New telly is here! [Thursday 13 October 2011]

Sony Bravia KDL24EX320W LED HD 1080p TV, 24 inch, Freeview with Built-in Wi-Fi, White [Saturday 1 October 2011]

Using nodejs and a smart phone to control a browser game [Monday 12 September 2011]

Boot fair this morning, so up early! [Saturday 9 April 2011]

Clare's new phone has arrived... [Tuesday 5 April 2011]

Got a new mobile phone arriving tomorrow HTC Wildfire same as Clare... [Monday 4 April 2011]

Phone controlled beer cannon Brilliant, from The Register via [Friday 14 January 2011]

Trying to avoid thinking about work for a whole hour FAIL [Thursday 12 November 2009]

The pain, the angst [Monday 19 May 2003]

Barfly Glasgow [Monday 19 May 2003]

My Nomine Est... Eminem: Smarter than we think? [Thursday 4 January 2001]

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