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Stoke newington and "stoke newington" related things, including venues, pubs, gigs and blog posts about stoke newington.If you have anything to offer regarding stoke newington that I have not covered here, Please do chip in. Particularly if you have something to contribute regarding my tree, local pubs or other places, home automation stoke newington experiments, home brew, beer, or cider. Cheers.

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The Daniel Defoe 102 Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 0LA

Bardens Boudoir 38-44 Stoke Newington Road, London

Base Bar 184 Stoke Nerwington High street, Stoke Newington, London N16 7JD 0207 9231211

Il Bacio 61 Stoke Newington Church St, Hackney, Greater London N16 0, UK 020 7249 3833 (bookings), 020 7249 2344 (takeaway)

Stoke Newington International Airport 1-15 Leswin Place, off Leswin Road, Stoke Newington, Hackney, London N16

The Dervish Stoke Newington Church St, Hackney, Greater London N16 0, UK 020 7923 9999

The Eye 79 - 81 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 0PH

Stewart Lee is doing a secret gig in a cemetery [Thursday 11 September 2014]

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Yes, moved here (to Folkestone) full time back in April [Sunday 21 August 2005]

Decent places to get a coffee [Sunday 21 August 2005]

Haha, cheers Jacob [Thursday 28 April 2005]

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We'd have to go to the Stoke Newington polling office anyway [Monday 25 April 2005]

RE: Won't vote, can't vote [Friday 22 April 2005]

Won't vote, can't vote [Wednesday 20 April 2005]

Easter beaster [Tuesday 29 March 2005]

New Home Of Me and My Monkey [Wednesday 16 February 2005]

Paul Bradley Stoke Newington [Wednesday 9 February 2005]

Married life is suprisingly good. Anyway all that hard work will pay off on the day... one step at a time and all that.
[Sunday 23 January 2005]

Hmm, not much progress since last time [Friday 21 January 2005]

I find it a tad worrying that one of Craigs life options was death with his killer remaining uncaught. But its a FAB idea! I don't think I ...
[Friday 21 January 2005]

Folkestone and Stokey in the same Guardian column? [Friday 21 January 2005]

We go out in the week, but not late [Tuesday 4 January 2005]

The fansites are a bit crawly [Tuesday 4 January 2005]

absolutely [Tuesday 4 January 2005]

That's nothing, it's buy one, get one free on crack in Harlesden ;-) [Tuesday 4 January 2005]

On Glenn Quinn, I wonder what he died of. All the website says is "Out of respect for Glenn and his family, cause of death, once determined, will r... [Tuesday 4 January 2005]

Crack Down [Tuesday 4 January 2005]

Cheers, and to you [Tuesday 4 January 2005]

At The Eye? [Tuesday 4 January 2005]

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Christmas roundup [Monday 3 January 2005]

Thriller [Wednesday 22 December 2004]

Lego Thriller [Wednesday 22 December 2004]

Carol singers [Tuesday 21 December 2004]

You can all rest easy now [Thursday 16 December 2004]

Just spoken to Special Mail [Thursday 16 December 2004]

Secret Franz Ferdinand gig [Thursday 16 December 2004]

Il Bacio [Friday 26 November 2004]

Tommy Walsh Stoke Newington [Monday 1 November 2004]

isn't folkestone south enough for you?!!!! [Monday 20 September 2004]

I lived in New Cross for three years [Sunday 19 September 2004]

happarently [Sunday 19 September 2004]

Oh - and I'd imagine PA subs cost a fortune, although you could always ask...

Years ago, Compuserve used to publ...
[Friday 17 September 2004]

Probably the only ones who allow it to filter through to Google News, at least. [Friday 17 September 2004]

Stoke Newington? Edgy?

Hahahahahaahaha! Have they visited Harlesden lately? Or Peckham?

Mind you, I have only ever been to N1...
[Friday 17 September 2004]

"Edgy" [Friday 17 September 2004]

How much is it to subscribe? [Friday 17 September 2004]

You pay your subs to PA, and a lot of regional papers (and the Express group) uses its stuff verbatim - but few put it online. [Friday 17 September 2004]

What it's there for though isn't it? [Friday 17 September 2004]

The Scotsman appears to publish most of the Press Association wire stories straight away - and it's PA which gets most stories first.

[Thursday 16 September 2004]

Keane [Thursday 16 September 2004]

Action Plan [Wednesday 15 September 2004]

Free gig tonight [Tuesday 14 September 2004]

Stoke Newington Train Times [Tuesday 7 September 2004]

I had a night at Gossips a few weeks back - it's stunningly grotty, isn't it? [Monday 6 September 2004]

73 RIP [Sunday 5 September 2004]

Miles Hunt Stoke Newington [Wednesday 1 September 2004]

Hey buddy can you spare some cat poo? [Wednesday 28 July 2004]

Sanjay Stoke Newington [Wednesday 28 July 2004]

John Power Stoke Newington [Wednesday 28 July 2004]

Mice droppings are back. I think your mouse has headed back up to my place, possibly bringing its extended family. [Monday 19 July 2004]

Another day, another mouse [Monday 19 July 2004]

Trouble on Stoke Newington High Street [Saturday 17 July 2004]

London Buses [Saturday 17 July 2004]

Electric Soft Parade Stoke Newington Church Street [Wednesday 7 July 2004]

Fun of London Transport [Tuesday 6 July 2004]

Digging for pie [Sunday 4 July 2004]

working at home [Wednesday 30 June 2004]

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miriam [Monday 28 June 2004]

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Stoke Newington by the sea [Sunday 23 May 2004]

DC Carver Stoke Newington [Friday 23 April 2004]

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Bar 98 [Sunday 22 February 2004]

Can you save it? [Tuesday 17 February 2004]

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It's been a week [Monday 16 February 2004]

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Bar 98 [Sunday 25 January 2004]

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Keira Knightly Wallpaper [Thursday 8 January 2004]

Pirates of the Caribbean game [Saturday 3 January 2004]

Anapod [Saturday 3 January 2004]

Stoke Newington Crime [Wednesday 24 December 2003]

Stoke Newington serial killer [Sunday 7 December 2003]

Stoke Newington [Tuesday 2 December 2003]

Power cut [Tuesday 2 December 2003]

Miles Hunt Stoke Newington [Monday 1 December 2003]

Pirates of the Caribbean DVD [Sunday 30 November 2003]

It's that the road is narrow I think [Thursday 13 November 2003]

PopEx Chart Commentary [Tuesday 11 November 2003]

RE: 106 Hell [Tuesday 11 November 2003]

2 bed cottage by Folkestone Harbour, 128k [Monday 10 November 2003]

106 Hell [Monday 10 November 2003]

RE: Anglo Asian [Sunday 9 November 2003]

Haikksun [Monday 20 October 2003]

Stuart Lee and Kevin Eldon Stoke Newington [Tuesday 7 October 2003]

Three wheeled off road baby buggies [Thursday 25 September 2003]

A night out in Stoke Newington [Thursday 18 September 2003]

Another burst main on Regents Park Road [Wednesday 17 September 2003]

Gig tonight. CANCELLED [Wednesday 17 September 2003]

band bible [Wednesday 17 September 2003]

Excitement [Monday 15 September 2003]

Sue Perkins Stoke Newington [Thursday 11 September 2003]

Emma Kennedy Stoke Newington [Thursday 11 September 2003]

Anglo Asian [Sunday 7 September 2003]

Keira Knightly Masturbation Stories [Monday 1 September 2003]

Stoke Newington Cinema [Monday 1 September 2003]

someone did get some popbitch passwords, how slack [Monday 1 September 2003]

Doctor Doctor [Sunday 31 August 2003]

Folkestone Weekender [Saturday 30 August 2003]

Suede [Tuesday 26 August 2003]

Pirates of the Caribbean MISSTEAKS (and spoilers) [Monday 18 August 2003]

Pirates of the Caribbean is ace [Sunday 17 August 2003]

Warner Village Islington [Sunday 17 August 2003]

Some links to add to popex when it's back [Thursday 14 August 2003]

Natural History Museum [Thursday 14 August 2003]

Family arrive this evening [Monday 11 August 2003]

Congestion Charge [Monday 11 August 2003]

Paul Bradley Stoke Newington [Thursday 7 August 2003]

Why I can't stay in Stoke Newington [Wednesday 23 July 2003]

Street party [Monday 7 July 2003]

New properties in Stoke Newington [Wednesday 2 July 2003]

Stoke Newington For Sale [Tuesday 1 July 2003]

Overgrown Stoke Newington [Monday 30 June 2003]

Irvine Welsh Stoke Newington [Tuesday 17 June 2003]

Stoke Newington Traffic [Tuesday 17 June 2003]

Holiday reading [Wednesday 11 June 2003]

Il Bacio Il Bacio, Stoke Newington, phone numbers [Sunday 1 June 2003]

is this your car? [Monday 26 May 2003]

Stoke Newington car crash [Sunday 25 May 2003]

Patrick Joseph [Sunday 18 May 2003]

Links [Sunday 18 May 2003]

Royal Bengal [Sunday 18 May 2003]

arcade games [Sunday 18 May 2003]

Birdcage was too loud [Saturday 17 May 2003]

Stoke Newington Action [Wednesday 14 May 2003]

Snackspot [Monday 12 May 2003]

Pool rules [Monday 12 May 2003]

Cosmopolitan is now booked [Sunday 11 May 2003]

Badger Cam [Sunday 11 May 2003]

No sign of Nigel [Saturday 10 May 2003]

The Joy of Hoovers [Saturday 10 May 2003]

Mmm, bus fun [Friday 9 May 2003]

Hello [Thursday 8 May 2003]

John Hegley Stoke Newington [Wednesday 7 May 2003]

Brooke Kinsella Stoke Newington [Wednesday 7 May 2003]

Paul Bradley Stoke Newington [Monday 21 April 2003]

Peter Gabriel Stoke Newington [Saturday 5 April 2003]

David Walliams Primrose Hill [Saturday 5 April 2003]

Ross Kelly Primrose Hill [Saturday 5 April 2003]

Gwen Steffani Primrose Hill [Saturday 5 April 2003]

Nigel from Eastenders Stoke Newington [Sunday 23 March 2003]

Egg from this life Stoke Newington [Monday 10 March 2003]

Kevin Shields Rocker's Disco, Stoke Newington [Wednesday 18 April 2001]

Talvin Singh Stoke Newington [Monday 2 April 2001]

All of the band Rockers Disco, Stoke Newington [Tuesday 12 December 2000]

Beth Orton Death in Vegas Rockers Disco, Stoke Newington [Monday 11 December 2000]

Dot Allison Death in Vegas Rockers Disco, Stoke Newington [Monday 11 December 2000]

Hey Punker... Never say there's not enough punk content on popEx again... [Friday 26 May 2000]

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