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Daniel Defoe, 102 Stoke Newington Church Street, Hackney, N16 0LA

, Bideford Drive, Manchester, M23 0QN

I think I would be joint top too if I wasn't barred from playing :-( Good luck though! [Mon 15 January 2007]

RE: Magic darts i am delighted to say that i am joint top with 999 points. ok, it wasnt that hard, but i'm... [Mon 15 January 2007]

Magic darts Turned on the final of the Lakeside World Championship last night while we were having tea... [Mon 15 January 2007]

Why are you searching for "frozen balls" anyway? Get off my site you freak! [Tue 28 February 2006]

RE: Frozen balls fu, deleted this site, this sux, i want to search something and i come up here, on this crapy... [Tue 28 February 2006]

RE: Frozen balls hey dick wad- why don't you set up a page that doesn't fuck up search engines!!!!!!!!! [Mon 3 October 2005]

Easter Beaster: Monday Yesterday (Monday) saw a proper day out for me - went to see QUEEN at Brixton Academy , with... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Easter Beaster: Sunday Sunday, more cleaning and packing, another trip to Fresh and Wild for lunch, and then perhaps... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Easter Beaster: Saturday Saturday was proper cleaning and packing day though we started it with a long walk down Stoke... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Easter beaster A lot to write about, had a huge great easter weekend and really managed to fit quite a lot in.... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Taste for the Web Taste for the Web [Wed 9 February 2005]

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas [Mon 1 November 2004]

VISITORS Web Log Analyzer [Sat 30 October 2004]

Lazy day Very lazy day in fact, still not dressed yet... Clare's been out shopping so I've mostly been... [Sat 30 October 2004]

Hey buddy can you spare some cat poo? A proper frightener yesterday in the mouse department, one up on the sideboard... Clare... [Wed 28 July 2004]

We're moving! At last, the company has confirmed that we're moving offices to Farringdon , in 3 weeks. Looking... [Mon 26 July 2004]

Digging for pie On a quest for PIE, Clare is frightened of the amount of shrooms in this mushroom and ale... [Sun 4 July 2004]

working at home The number of tunes I can hear from my flat, sounds like half of London is 'working from home'... [Wed 30 June 2004]

No-one told me Stokey would be like this Working from home again today, and there's someone playing Metallica out in the back garden... [Wed 30 June 2004]

Working at home has upset my whole routine As if it wasn't upsetting enough not having the same lunch from the same shop, I just had a... [Tue 29 June 2004]

Shaun of the Dead Saw Shaun of the Dead at last, see for more details on it... I am so glad it was... [Sun 18 April 2004]

RE: Progress on the flat Cool looking Flat mate - pleased to hear that you are back on form with your pool..may have to... [Sun 1 February 2004]

Progress on the flat Got some paperwork back from the solicitor, including a plan of the street and a plan of the... [Sat 31 January 2004]

Bar 98 Last night saw us drinking in the Rochester Castle (very busy, and not just with tramps and... [Sun 25 January 2004]

Farmer's Market Went to the farmer's market at Leswin Road today, it's a bit small innit? Soem of the usual... [Sat 24 January 2004]

A day in Stokey Not got much to do at all, might go out and take some snaps locally with the camera , might head... [Sat 3 January 2004]

Frozen balls Man it's so cold here today that my mouse ball is frozen, it's making it very difficult to... [Mon 22 December 2003]

N16 Mag only seems to be updated monthly with copy from the mag at the moment, but they're... [Tue 28 October 2003]

Science Museum Again Went to the Lord of the Rings exhibition at the Science Museum at last, and it's... [Sun 5 October 2003]

A night out in Stoke Newington We replaced the cancelled gig with a night drinking beer in the Defoe (they still have Lock Stock... [Thu 18 September 2003]

Gig tonight. CANCELLED Was planning to see Captain Soul tonight at a venue called 22 Inverness Street , which I'd... [Wed 17 September 2003]

band bible Working on the Barfly band bible more today, it's looking good, will hopefully be ready to go by... [Wed 17 September 2003]

Popbitch Karaoke Fallout Popbitch Karaoke was "genius" say the XFM Remix chaps , I like to think they're referring just... [Thu 4 September 2003]

Glastonbury Festival Tickets Available now - great seats Well that's what I've just been offered by a new Google ad ...... [Thu 4 September 2003]

Yesterday Popbitch party was last night, a little trial of a new venue, Centro on Grays Inn Road ,... [Thu 17 July 2003]

Links Hmm, The Royal Bengal's menu advertises but it's going nowhere at... [Sun 18 May 2003]

Royal Bengal After a very short pub crawl yesterday (couple of smashing pints in The Defoe , then no drinks... [Sun 18 May 2003]

Birdcage was too loud The music's good, but maybe we were just sat at a shitty table, sound was a bit crap. So where... [Sat 17 May 2003]

Snackspot Liking , it was in this week [Mon 12 May 2003]

Pool rules Witnessed a bizarre pool foul in The Defoe last night (we getting back on track with the Stoke... [Mon 12 May 2003]

Over to you, discussion about something local, but Please do be thoughtful... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, Find a flatmate, rent a room, property queries, current news, what's new, local events, for sale, local services, what I like about Folkestone, ask questions, offer advice, plug yourself... the more it's used the more better a site it will become. If you want a gig listed click here to add it (fixed now!), or just click here to post a message...

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