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Covers Band. 8.30pm Free. updated [2012-01-28 2012]

Last orders for lunch 4.30pm. 4.30 - 7.30pm Admn. Free. updated [2011-11-20 2011]

updated 68 High Street, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8TB 01233 625512 [2011-06-25 2011]

updated 201 Old Chatham Road, Aylesford, Kent Me20 7es 01304 204759 [2010-11-20 2010]

updated 201 Old Chatham Road, Aylesford, Kent Me20 7es 01304 204759 [2010-11-19 2010]

updated 201 Old Chatham Road, Aylesford, Kent Me20 7es 01304 204759 [2010-10-02 2010]

updated 234 Tonbridge Rd, Maidstone, Kent ME16 8SR 01622 727260 [2010-08-12 2010]

Wow, on sale 10am Friday morning, the prince of darkness is coming back to Folkestone... Updates on @officialozzy m/ The Leas, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 2DZ 01303 228600 [2010-06-29 2010]

(apparently, I heard it on Twitter)
UPDATE: Didn't happen, did not get fire risk insurance or something.
33 Canute Road, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 3FJ 023 8033 5959 [2009-10-30 2009]

One of my favourites from when I was a youth, I must go...
UPDATE: I was sick and did not go :-(
The Leas, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 2DZ 01303 228600 [2007-06-14 2007]

CANCELLED!!! Do you remember howling them off the stage when they supported The Darkness last January? Well, they're BACK! You knows it. Update: oh no they're not, it's cancelled... The Leas, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 2DZ 01303 228600 [2005-02-22 2005]

Last gig ever! Played some great sets, the gig seemingly got chopped short, we left to the ghostly strains of We'll Meet Again... I hope we do.

UPDATE: we did, Suede reformed.
157 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EN 020 7434 9592 [2003-12-13 2003]

Can you remember where the threepenny bit shaped hall was? What other gigs did you go to? [Sat 6 October 2012]

The Comsat Angels 1980 I saw The Comsat Angels in 1980 yep I was there, I use go to a lot of post punk gigs around... [Sat 6 October 2012]

Update from Totally Jazz We have just opened a new Jazz Bar and Restaurant at the top of the Creative Quarter, 11-15 The... [Fri 5 October 2012]

Weather update After yesterdays' crap weather report , it really brightened up by the end of the day. I had the... [Wed 18 April 2012]

Thanks for the Manic Street Preachers in Folkestone update The venue is still empty, can't see it coming back to life. I heard a while ago it had been... [Thu 13 October 2011]

Manics in Folkestone Stumbled across this page during a fit of nostalgia! You are right it was rescheduled, apparently... [Wed 12 October 2011]

Fringe updates folkestone fringe Extra Fringy News Last Chance to See Between Worlds, at 39 Tontine Street... [Fri 26 August 2011]

Folkestone Fringe update Read it here : folkestone fringe Fringy Update Presenting the 20th Folkestone Triennial... [Thu 23 June 2011]

Shed update Still no shed, though @bandq have been in touch... [Thu 2 June 2011]

Not sleeping He fell asleep on the way home from the shops and now will not nap. Plus, local Folkestone news... [Sat 29 January 2011]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history I can confirm that Jimi Hendrix played at the small club near the top of what we knew as Grace... [Sun 17 October 2010]

Nice security update firefox :-( firefox and google bummed popbitch [Thu 16 September 2010]

1p for a Laura Ashley Milton table and six chairs + DIY update + Stephen Fry... [Mon 13 September 2010]

Day six in the new house Boring house update. [Wed 25 August 2010]

thank you I will update [Wed 14 July 2010]

Cancelled show According to other websites regarding Saturday Summer Magic, featuring ABBA tribute band, Utter... [Wed 14 July 2010]

I will not buy any more furniture until we have moved house Oops, bidding on a dining table i will have to collect form Oxfor [Wed 14 July 2010]

Coyote station is shut again! Fareham bar news update! [Fri 4 June 2010]

It's national cask ale week Update from CAMRA [Tue 30 March 2010]

Update from The Hermitage The Hermitage - 15 Cheriton Place, Folkestone. CT20 2AY Garden menu open on nice days Lovely... [Tue 6 October 2009]

Hello from The New Inn, Etchinghill Update on forthcoming events... [Tue 6 October 2009]

Baby update MASSIVE POO! No pictures, don't worry. [Thu 16 July 2009]

Boy's birth by twitter Might come back and update this one with more details... [Mon 8 June 2009]

Got a twitter feed for your pub / cafe / hotel? Let me know and I'll update the site from it like I am for @burlingtonhotel [Wed 3 June 2009]

Why don't local venues send me listings like this? Update from... York? [Thu 28 May 2009]

Got our Ricky Gervais tickets, 8th October Now to watch rugby. Hmm are my twitter updates not working? [Sat 16 May 2009]

Woo #twitkit released an update at the weekend #twitkit is back working again after #twitter made a change last week [Tue 14 April 2009]

Thanks for the update Dave Any memorabilia from the era you'd like to share, set lists, photos and things, please either... [Wed 18 February 2009]

The Herd 1968 I saw The Herd in 1968 and I played in the Support band "The Circuit" with Rod Jones Guitar,... [Tue 17 February 2009]

'baywatch - battle of the console tables update There was a clear winner in the battle of the console tables from last week - the console... [Tue 3 February 2009]

Folkestone Fringe update, actually in time for the mailout this week! at the leas lift, curated by club shepway: on wednesday 20th and thursday 21st aether flyer... [Wed 20 August 2008]

Folkestone camera club update Recently our 5th Print competition of the season was held and judged by Kevin Harvey a member of... [Tue 15 April 2008]

Thanks for the update I've updated the page . That pub looks great! [Sun 13 April 2008]

jumbo gumbo Jumbo Gumbo are at the Hook and Hatchet on Thurday May 1st (NOT 30 April) Emily and the Beast... [Sun 13 April 2008]

Folkestone camera club update On 30th March was our 5th digital image competition of the season when our members learn from... [Tue 8 April 2008]

Some popbitch updates Had a quiet night in last night, while Clare was out down Chambers with her bro, putting the... [Sat 29 March 2008]

Mothers day update from The George in Rye Mothers Day is nearly here. If you haven't sorted anything out yet, fear not: we're hosting a... [Thu 28 February 2008]

A festive update from Hibbett Hmm, this newsletter is called "The Last Working Day Of The Month" (from one of his songs ), but... [Fri 28 December 2007]

And a Folkestone property update Surely this is worth DOUBLE that..? Maybe not. [Tue 30 October 2007]

Update from Tony King / Creative Eclectic Hi Everyone Tony King here........I have started an entertainment initiative called CREATIVE... [Mon 13 August 2007]

Thanks Sherry, I've updated it [Fri 5 January 2007]

wifi is wrong... There is full free internet access [Fri 5 January 2007]

Good to hear! We're putting that on our list, and never watching Bones again, and finding the Kathy Reichs... [Sun 31 December 2006]

RE: Too busy being festive to update I hate bones its so damn unrealistic! And that face thing, purlease.... its badly acted,... [Sun 31 December 2006]

And to you Have you seen Pirates of the Carribean 2 ? That's not nearly as good as the first one, agreed... [Sun 24 December 2006]

Merry Christmas Oh and shame you and your lovely wife aren't around this Christmas - you will be missed. Hope... [Sun 24 December 2006]

RE: Too busy being festive to update From Hell is great - in fact, I haven't seen many Johnny Depp films that I haven't liked apart... [Sun 24 December 2006]

Too busy being festive to update Been doing all the usual things though, one lot of xmas drinks with some friends that I don't see... [Sat 23 December 2006]

Updates Travel update: twenty minutes late today, eitehr track circuit failure, or track surface failure,... [Fri 1 December 2006]

Bonus travel update Sevenoaks turned into some sort of no go area yesterday, no trains allowed to pass through it... [Wed 22 November 2006]

Cheers for this update Harry Good luck with this - slicing up OAPs sounds a bit harsh though... [Wed 22 November 2006]

Black Horse @ Monks Horton This Pub has just been taken over by Harry Willett who ran The Tiger Inn at Stowting, he has... [Wed 22 November 2006]

Transport updates Journey times have been much better since Monday. If I race out of the door here at six, I get a... [Fri 10 November 2006]

RE: An update from Timothy's Wine Bar Tim's wine bar has now certainly changed! I dined there last week and I have to say that I could... [Thu 9 November 2006]

It's evolution in action I reckon Would the same people who're encouraging the extermination of greys to protect the reds also call... [Thu 20 April 2006]

RE: I prefer the greys to the gingers I doubt you will get more squirrel related traffic from my site... itseasytoremember.co.uk .... [Thu 20 April 2006]

I prefer the greys to the gingers But TA for the link, and the link to me, I will gird myself for an onslaught of squirrel related... [Thu 20 April 2006]

RE: Double squirrel update Good morning Pauly, I did see the squirrel and thought of your interest. Did you know that... [Thu 20 April 2006]

Double squirrel update Update to recent squirrel news (whereby a squirrel stole a student's ID ), said squirrel felt... [Thu 20 April 2006]

Folkestone Gerald update Got some more Folkestone gig history stuff for 1969 and 1970 , posted from Germany of all... [Mon 6 March 2006]

It's a good job shit spelling isn't fatal [Fri 10 February 2006]

she butiful keira knightly is a very pretty talented young actress and shes only just and is already big even... [Thu 9 February 2006]

RE: Keira you are full of it [Wed 25 January 2006]

RE: PSP update The software I've been having fun with recently is http://www.pqdvd.com/psp/. I've also invested... [Mon 23 January 2006]

RE: Cheers Sorry, yeah, it needs at least 2.5. Not sure if you like football, but I bought FIFA06 and took... [Wed 11 January 2006]

IPOD pants IPOD pants , Levi's possibly making a pair of fully wired jeans. There are a few things like... [Wed 11 January 2006]

PSP Hacks - Hacks, Mods, Cracks, Utilities, Homebrew. Hack Sony Play Station Portable [Wed 11 January 2006]

Home - PSP Hacks [Wed 11 January 2006]

Cheers not sure what version our firmware was to start with, but I've checked out those sites and looks... [Tue 10 January 2006]

RE: I thought it was only the 1.0 or previous that could do the unauthorised stuff? Anything upto version 2.0 is downgradeable (is that a word?) anyway it wont be long until 2.6 is... [Tue 10 January 2006]

I thought it was only the 1.0 or previous that could do the unauthorised stuff? Gah, have I messed up? We are on 2.60 now. I don't imagine it's easy to change down to an earlier... [Tue 10 January 2006]

RE: PSP update Hi Paul, I am a friend of Nic P and often check your website from the link from his. My link is... [Tue 10 January 2006]

PSP update I updated Clare's PSP yesterday, it's now got a new version of it's little operating system,... [Tue 10 January 2006]

RE: AJAX progress and a small update Loving the Ajax. I've been using it for a few months without realising - I was using .NET... [Sat 17 December 2005]

RE: Lone Star Comedy Update - it's a double header Regarding Neil Mooney, he's performed in various spots (including Open Mic nights) around... [Thu 15 December 2005]

AJAX progress and a small update OK, not a lot in the way of actual AJAX progress, except that I'm putting some of my routines... [Thu 15 December 2005]

Lone Star Comedy Update - it's a double header REGINALD D HUNTER (returning to the club after a revelatory headline performance last year,... [Tue 13 December 2005]

What bands did you see there Bruce, anyone good? [Sat 19 November 2005]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history Wasn't Tofts nearly opposite the old Gasworks on Bournemouth Rd just west of the Scew(sp?) Arches... [Fri 18 November 2005]

This is great, I don't suppose you have any memorabilia from that time do you? Photos, posters, ticket stubs, anything like that? I'd love to know when some of those bands... [Tue 8 November 2005]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history When I used to go to Tofts in 1968/69, it was on Grace Hill. It had a coffee bar but served no... [Tue 8 November 2005]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar We recently visited your restaurant for the first time and was amazed at the quality and... [Sun 6 November 2005]

Updated Savour Aroma now! Sorry, guess that's a bit late for your tea... how was it? [Thu 27 October 2005]

Savour Aroma What are the contact details??? [Thu 27 October 2005]

Folkestone Property Update Are prices picking up round our way? There's a two bed ground floor flat next door to us, in need... [Tue 25 October 2005]

west wing that special episode they did was really just way too patronising - even the yankee doodles must... [Tue 12 July 2005]

Update US forces are allowed into London again ... [Tue 12 July 2005]

Blah blah London blah blah US troops ordered to avoid London , thanks for that chaps! None are being ordered to avoid Iraq... [Tue 12 July 2005]

Weather update Are we going to miss these storms then? BBC says Folkestone will stay sunny today, though... [Fri 24 June 2005]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar My wife and I are regular visitors, only because the service, food and welcome is excellent. Peter [Wed 20 April 2005]

From Amy i think keira knightly has the same personality looks and voice in every film which really annoys... [Fri 15 April 2005]

IMDB the Internet movie database IMDB the Internet movie database [Wed 9 February 2005]

Timothys wine bar Timothys may have had some teething problems, but is now one of the best venues in Folkestone. I... [Sun 9 January 2005]

La Vue It's a nice bar and doesn't attract and fools. Which is nice. Friendly staff as well and some... [Mon 29 November 2004]

Got an update from The Quarter The bar's called La Vue (kinda what you said) and it's a new venture by Paul O'Connor, local... [Tue 16 November 2004]

La Vue Nice to see La Vue laid on some free tea and biscuits for the veterans on Sunday. We were... [Mon 15 November 2004]

Weekend update About time for a weekend update, all the things I didn't have time to write yesterday, if I can... [Tue 9 November 2004]

iMac update Holding down the space-bar gets the extension manager up, but I don't have permission to remove... [Tue 24 August 2004]

That's the bunny! [Tue 24 August 2004]

so er so it's not one that looks very much like this? [Tue 24 August 2004]

That is better than the computer I use at work Properly blow it up, get some dynamite, and video it too! There was a story on engadget.com... [Fri 20 August 2004]

Where were you yesterday man? Oh on your side of the world it probably still is yesterday! I tried a few of those keystroke... [Fri 20 August 2004]

gawd i'm bored seriously contemplating things to do with very old hardware anybody have any experimenta type... [Fri 20 August 2004]

okey, apparently it's the PRAM thats the problem You may want to try "zapping your PRAM" or doing a bios reset in pc speak and the magic key... [Fri 20 August 2004]

Mac boot key combos Something here has got to come in handy for getting into this iMac , not sure I can wait... [Thu 19 August 2004]

IPOD update I thought we third generation IPOD types weren't going to get this ? Ah, that's the updates... [Tue 27 July 2004]

kiera is beatuful and i would ask her on a date kiera is beatuful and i would ask her on a date [Sun 25 July 2004]

Goldie Lookin' update Goldie lookin' chain are playing Portsmouth too the day before, could be a proper tour...... [Fri 23 July 2004]

GLC play the Astoria GLC play London Astoria on the 22nd of October, tickets here ... Goldie Lookin' Chain... [Thu 22 July 2004]

Stokey filming update Various popbitch suggestions , one agreeing it might be Chris Morris , but one more interesting... [Thu 22 July 2004]

I'm ready for my close up Mr Burton They're STILL filming something on Manor Road , in a big old building that has "Depository" on... [Thu 22 July 2004]

she is really pretty but... her eyebrows really annoy me!!! i think she should pluck them... i totally think she is a gr8... [Wed 21 July 2004]

I can't believe they met her once and now she's their best friend, who they would die for... seriously, you need help. [Wed 21 July 2004]

Oh my God I can not belive you met Keira, if i met her i eckon i'd be specless 2 she is so bloody perfect... [Wed 21 July 2004]

Keira I am hopelessly in love with keira knightly she's sexy in all the right ways she's is absolutely... [Wed 21 July 2004]

Keira I think keira is the most beautiful person in the world.And she is as beautiful on the inside as... [Sun 18 July 2004]

Did you go with Gary? "Gary Hawkins" who also posted spontaneous praise below? [Tue 29 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Hi everyone. I have just visited an interesting little place in folkestone called Timothy's wine... [Tue 29 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar I have visited Timothy's Wine Bar twice now on my journeys through Folkestone and now will make a... [Fri 25 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Thanks for the comprehensive review of Timothy's Wine Bar. I found the review from a google... [Thu 24 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Gaby - where are you mate ? Got no answer ? C'mon, we could work together. Twatter. I should... [Fri 11 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Gary - the review was not unfair. You were not at our table and didn't receive the service we... [Fri 11 June 2004]

Thanks for your feedback It's good to have a balanced viewpoint. I like how you deliberately made mistakes yourself there,... [Fri 11 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Can i just first of all the review that you gave Timothy's is very unfair and that you should... [Fri 11 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar ... [Tue 8 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Last time I looked there were at least a couple of restaurants in London. So, unless you want to... [Mon 7 June 2004]

if a glass of sangria is 25 quid you certainly won't see me there! [Mon 7 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Reading your article has offended me, but you should know that if you publish facts you should be... [Sat 5 June 2004]

RE: Keira Knightly update meh.. shes not as hot as PAC (thats polly ann coleman) , man now SHE was hot.. if you dont know... [Fri 28 May 2004]

RE: Keira Knightly update Your a bit of a Knob Jokey arnt you [Tue 25 May 2004]


RE: Keira Knightly update I think Keira Knightly is one of the most hottest actresses in the world. If I had a chance with... [Thu 6 May 2004]

RE: Keira Knightly update Dude you are right the actresses in Hollywood we have arn't half is hot as Keira Knightly [Thu 6 May 2004]

Buffy Update An update from a mate who is also going to the Ghost of the Robot gig: James Marsters band... [Wed 28 April 2004]

loads of different standards of RSS I think ATOM isn't strictly speaking RSS , but some people have adopted that instead of RSS... [Wed 28 April 2004]

RE: You're not wrong! yeah the rss plugin dont work with the blogger site for some reason. works with every other rss... [Wed 28 April 2004]

You're not wrong! I'll fix that, it's some dodgy HTML... I keep meaning to say I have a problem with your XML... [Wed 28 April 2004]

RE: Bus update bovril lavigne? oh your rss feed is bust for some reason? [Wed 28 April 2004]

Bus update Haven't reported in for a while, as I didn't really leave the house for a week, but today's ride... [Wed 28 April 2004]

Keira Knightley ah, i love keira knightley. (not in a lesbian sort of way) She's the prettiest girl in the whole... [Fri 23 April 2004]

RE: Keira Knightly update Oops! in the first sentence of my rant, I meant to say "doesn't think she's great-looking." Sorry. [Sat 17 April 2004]

RE: Keira Knightly update In all honesty, part of me isn't all that suprised she does think she's great looking. Look at... [Sat 17 April 2004]

GLC Update Saturday's Sun says Goldie Lookin' Chain are possibly developing their own BBC2 sitcom,... [Tue 13 April 2004]

Folkestone property update No news on the flat , and no news on Clare 's brothers house in Hythe (though we had a sneaky... [Mon 12 April 2004]

Updates of the day Got the David Devant single today, there's a review up here , get tickets for their Dingwalls... [Thu 8 April 2004]

Estate Agent Update The estate agent phoned about the flat , saying he's spoken to the freeholders, they'll amend... [Wed 31 March 2004]

An update from Timothy's Wine Bar Our matriarchal representative wrote a pretty fierce letter to Timothy's (possibly as stern as... [Mon 29 March 2004]

Keira Knightly in "The Hole" Every time someone comes here searching for Keira Knightly it costs me money, so please... [Mon 29 March 2004]

RE: Keira Knightly update I have no idea why keira is'nt happy with the way she looks cause she is without a doubt the best... [Sun 28 March 2004]

RE: Keira Knightly update i love kiera knightley she is fucking perfect i dont know why she would ever think she's not... [Sun 28 March 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history IT WAS THE SUNDOWNER CLUB MY DAD WAS THE BOUNCER BACK IN THE DAY.. [Fri 26 March 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history I think the name of the club on Grace Hill was the Sundowner Club . [Sun 21 March 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Folkestone is in danger of becoming a culinary wasteland. Sure, it has the usual collection of... [Tue 16 March 2004]

Keira Knightly update Keira Knightley is not just a pretty face and a flat chest, she has things to say! In the... [Wed 10 March 2004]

RE: Titanic update The sister they refer to is Ada Mary West but, her maiden name was WORTH, so as Ada Maria... [Mon 8 March 2004]

Titanic update There's some interesting speculation here on Encyclopedia Titanica suggesting that Ada Maria... [Fri 5 March 2004]

Anapod update I use anapod to organise my IPOD , and it's great. It looks like a regular explorer window but... [Fri 5 March 2004]

Cheers for that! There's a lot of confusion surrounding Tofts , I think I have it covered though - after the... [Mon 23 February 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history My mum used to go out with Noel Redding way back in the 60's so I can confirm that Hendrix... [Mon 23 February 2004]

Good work fact man! Don't worry about that Vic and Bob thing, we'll catch the repeats now I think... cheers though. [Fri 20 February 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history irrelevant fact: The New Cross Venue used to be called The Harp Club . [Thu 19 February 2004]

Updated Folkestone gig history From someone on mr gig : Toft's Jazz Club was just down the hill from the Harp Club .... [Thu 19 February 2004]

Valentines day update, with Hibbett news MJ Hibbett is doing his first gig of the year at the 12 Bar Club , that's Denmark Street... [Sun 15 February 2004]

Passport Ebay update Hey buddy, can you spare a grand? [Thu 5 February 2004]

Chart update DotMusic haven't updated their charts for two weeks now, wonder if anything's up there...... [Mon 5 January 2004]

Oyster Cards - What a load of old crap! Got an Oyster Card update from a friend: I tried to RENEW mine by phone and after a LENGTHY... [Mon 8 December 2003]

PopEx Admin all day Spent all day deleting accounts, fixing accounts, deleting emails, and keeping an eye on the... [Mon 17 November 2003]

Oystercard update Aha, just going through my mails (250 spams over the weekend that got through Yahoo's spam... [Mon 17 November 2003]

Unsubscribe Wow, the new mail bounce handling code is working far too efficiently, I was sure all the... [Mon 17 November 2003]

Updated the tree with new info Some updated birth dates and marriage info... [Mon 24 February 2003]

PopEx Mail Updates There's a new feature in the popEx "daily mail" that tells you about upcoming gigs in your area,... [Thu 4 October 2001]

Food is short in the world of Technosphere Beastie update... no music content... [Mon 15 January 2001]

The first EVER constantly updated website... An amazing breakthrough in human / website / pop group interaction... [Tue 29 August 2000]

Space Daddy Update Devant are on XFM tonight, and playing a gig tomorrow (Tuesday)... [Mon 31 July 2000]

Over to you, discussion about anything local, but Please do be considerate... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, Find a flatmate, rent a room, property queries, current news, what's new, local events, for sale, local services, what I like about Folkestone, ask questions, offer advice, plug yrself... the more it's used the more better a site it will become. If you want a gig listed click here to add it (fixed now!), or just click here to post a message...

As it turns out there are no pubbing / places regarding update anyway. Enjoy the blog posts though.Is there something I have missed? Please give me a shout!

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