Beanos is closing

Vegetarian / vegan supper club at Follies 22nd March

Now with added FSA hygiene ratings

HimnHer live at Googies this Friday

Welcome to Open Mic Night @ The Chambers, on the second Friday of the month

Open Mic at Chambers on Friday 14th

Is it time to shut down the folkestone gerald?

We went to some new pubs #1 The Black Horse

Street party outside Chambers this weekend

Chambers easter ales festival is on all next weekend

Beano's vegetarian cafe / restaurant!

The Whole World Cafe closed because...

Had a great christmas dinner at Canterbury Wholefoods

A Christmas of sorts, and why doesn't the Whole World Cafe want customers?

Swing Afternoon review

Thanks for the update

A proper slating for cafe belge!

Open Mic night at the Whole World cafe this Friday

Did you see Michael Caine in Folkestone this week?

RE: The Grand, The Leas, Folkestone. Details and advance bookings for vehicles: 01303 863509 - 10439

It had to happen sooner or later

Starbucks - bouverie place folkestone

Update from Tony King / Creative Eclectic

Whole World Cafe: GOOD

Sample Sandgate Hotel menu

Is this the new Starbucks then?

The Jackdaw

More chain fun

Starbucks delayed until July

Oof, bum arse service in The Jackdaw

As one store closes...

Didn't Sandgate + Folkestone look nice on TV last night?

Lunch at the Jackdaw - slight return

Escondido review

So what you doing for New Years Eve?

The Bufftings take London (again)

Beer festival

Lunch at the Jackdaw

Neroli gig

So The Quarter is gone then

gig info - please add to listings

La Bamba reopening as Truffles

Rodney Hylton-Potts


Chambers Easter Ales Festival

St Pancras to open in 2007

Maybe this is the sort of place I should have bought

Christmas day's the next quiz

Chambers Quiz

New Restaurant

Folkestone Pubs

Chambers Beer Festival

Folkestone WiFi Hotspots

Chambers Quiz

Half price curry

Chambers Beer Festival

Chambers Beer Festival

Bob Geldof