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Windebank and "windebank" related things, including venues, pubs, gigs and posts about windebank.If you have anything to contribute regarding windebank that I have not covered here, Please chip in. Particularly if you have anything to offer regarding my tree, local pubbing or other venues, home automation windebank experiments, home brew, beer, or cider. Thank you.

Have you seen our Windebanks? It's a great name easy to trace, here are all of ours do you see any crossover? [Mon 20 February 2017]

I am doing family tree and also have the surname windebank on my tree - not sure if we can help each other [Sat 18 February 2017]

The will of John William RAINEY (1888 - 1945) Read recently about the find a will service on , all wills from... [Sat 3 January 2015]

hi my 7 greatgrand father was nicholas windebank born about 1679. he was married to an elizabeth hi everyone here is an update Nicholas Windebank of Wield Hampshire had a twin sister! he was... [Tue 5 March 2013]

William VOKES of East Meon Also from East Meon Baptisms I have found some definite connections - William VOKES married... [Sat 24 September 2011]

Ann WINDEBANK Re: Ann WINDEBANK Hi imErnest Windebank,Aldershot Hants looking for info on Grandfather... [Tue 26 October 2010]

RE: We have a bundle of Windebanks I have briefly dabbled in my family's history, with almost no success. But just in case someone... [Sat 31 July 2010]

Thanks Colin, we have Windebanks and Irish's And the location sounds about right too, but we don't have any of those names in our tree at the... [Sat 11 July 2009]

WINDEBANK Re: WINDEBANK Hi, I've been trying to find out something about my mothers eldest sister and a... [Sat 11 July 2009]

We have a bundle of Windebanks Here's one John Windebank , maneuver your way around the family tree from there! Can you really... [Fri 3 July 2009]

WINDEBANK ernest Re: WINDEBANK trying to trace windebanks Bently hants,have other info re windebank back to... [Fri 26 June 2009]

RE: F WINDEBANK I am looking for Alicia Carames Windibank. She is a distant cousin. We are both related to... [Sat 26 July 2008]

RE: Windibank family tree i have since discovered that richards father was richard widebank also, and was a banliff... [Fri 25 July 2008]

Ah yes we have Edward Windebank born 1820 here he is , click around from there. So are we cousins or WHAT? [Thu 14 February 2008]

Got lots of Windebanks here Search the site for Windebank , or dive straight into the family tree and search just our... [Thu 14 February 2008]

Windebank Re: Windebank My grandmother was Irene Victoria Windebank, born 1897 in Hambledon. Thus far I... [Wed 13 February 2008]

That was posted two years ago, I guess they're unlikely to find you again now Here's hoping though, you found this site by searching for the name so I hope someone else does... [Fri 4 January 2008]

RE: Windibank Hello my uncle is researching our familly tree, He has discovered a Mary Kate Windibank (who I... [Fri 4 January 2008]

Did you know there was a Windebank on the Titanic? From Alfred Windebank's biography on : Mr Alfred Edgar Windebank... [Fri 26 October 2007]

Windebanks of wield. in a recent article in HGS magazine someone tracing north hants windebanks mentionned the wield... [Mon 25 June 2007]

RE: I knew that hi all this is for all those interested in the windebanks of wield. i was passed the info by... [Sun 28 January 2007]

RE: Windibank the following info is for all who are interested in the windebank s of wield . i was passed... [Sun 28 January 2007]

RE: I knew that The 1881 census (RG11/1169/8/8) has Walter as 34 years old.His headstone has him aged 69 in... [Fri 5 January 2007]

I knew that That's in reference to my new bookmark The Passingham Family Blog: May 2006 Archives there is... [Thu 4 January 2007]

Windebank/Passingham Edward Windebank was born in 1847 [Thu 4 January 2007]

Got her / them Matilda Windebank , daughter of Clarke and John Windebank . [Tue 5 December 2006]

RE: I don't have a Matilda Windebank... She is the daughter of Caroline Clarke & John Windebank born 1833. They had 7 boys & 2 girls,... [Mon 4 December 2006]

I don't have a Matilda Windebank... Maybe I'm not as up to date as you, I have a Matilda Samways (1888) , Matilda Clarke (1851) ,... [Mon 4 December 2006]

RE: Hambledon Marriages William & Lucy are ours.Did you check out the Jacobs page for hambledon. Edward Jacobs married... [Sun 3 December 2006]

Hambledon Marriages a transcription of Hambledon marriage records , has a mention of William Tee marrying Lucy... [Sun 3 December 2006]

RE: John WINDEBANK There was a Windebank coat of arms but it was not hereditary. It was awarded to only one... [Sun 17 September 2006]

RE: Windibank I am searching for the family of Mary Kate WINDIBANK, sister to Frank, who married Arthur WALKER... [Tue 25 April 2006]

RE: The Windebanks from Wield Hampshire Am searching for Thomas Windebank, born, supposedly, in Hampshire, in 1774. Think he could be... [Mon 13 March 2006]

RE: F WINDEBANK am seeking information about Thomas Windebank, born 1774. Think he MIGHT be the son, grandson,... [Sat 4 March 2006]

RE: F WINDEBANK I have a connection to the windibanks James Goodall who m)Winifred Windibank is brother to Elias... [Wed 15 February 2006]

William of Orange family tree Not sure if / how any of those Windebank's mentioned fit in here, but just as an aside here's... [Mon 13 February 2006]

RE: Windibank family tree My grandmother, Mabel (nee) Windibank, was daughter of Henry Robert Windibank, born about 1854 in... [Sun 12 February 2006]

RE: Windibank family tree Elizabeth......please mail me, My Grandfather born 1918 was born in... [Thu 2 February 2006]

RE: F WINDEBANK [Mon 30 January 2006]

RE: F WINDEBANK Hi Stephanie I would love to swap details so that I can fill in some gaps. [Sun 29 January 2006]

RE: hi bazzer sorry its been a long time from my last comment. windebanks are a long line of great... [Thu 29 December 2005]

RE: hi just saw your message re nicholas.i note you have sarah noller as wife too nicolas jr.which is... [Fri 23 December 2005]

RE: windebank westbrook goodall Emma Gurtrude was my 2nd cousin 6 times removed whilst Lloyd Westbrook was my 2nd Great uncle. I... [Thu 8 December 2005]

RE: windebank westbrook goodall Commander Lionel Crabb's mother was born Beatrice Goodall and she married Hugh Crabb. I don't... [Thu 8 December 2005]

RE: Hello, My 6th g Grandfather was Nicholas, born abt 1682 married to Elizabeth. I am decended... [Thu 3 November 2005]

RE: Windibank family tree Hi, My grandfather was also a blacksmith from Liphook, Larkfield,Broadbridge Heath. Hersham, [Sun 23 October 2005]

RE: F WINDEBANK hi my name is Stephanie Windebank daughter to Peter Windebank (1950-present). He's originally... [Wed 19 October 2005]

RE: windebank westbrook goodall hi any other info you might have will be of benifit for both of us [Mon 17 October 2005]

Be Warned Be aware that if you give a credit card number to (even if you are registering for... [Thu 15 September 2005]

Windibank family tree Sorry, mail add is [Tue 16 August 2005]

You didn't leave an email address there [Tue 16 August 2005]

Windibank family tree Hi, My greatgrandfather was also from Liphook and was a village blacksmith, my grandfather Victor... [Tue 16 August 2005]

windebank westbrook goodall hi winifred windebanks, daughter emma gurtrude goodall ch.25 june 1865 in wield married lloyd... [Tue 16 August 2005]

goodall / windibank It seem's there could be a connection to my family, it looks as thought James Goodall who married... [Fri 12 August 2005]

Windibanks My father Peter Frank Windibank 1918-1986 had a family tree, since lost and I remember from my... [Tue 26 July 2005]

Dodger is a GREAT name for someone's mum! [Tue 26 July 2005]

Windibank My father was Peter Windibank 1918 - 1986. His father was Frank Windibank (died 1918) and his... [Mon 25 July 2005]

The Windebanks from Wield Hampshire I have the following: Elizabeth Windebank Bapt 1737 at Wield Hants. George " " " 1735... [Fri 8 July 2005]

Jemima Windebank I'm trying to trace siblings and parents of Jemima Windebank b. 1806 Bentworth Hampshire married... [Tue 21 June 2005]

windibank / goodall goodall also links with the westbrooks of wield. judy [Thu 9 June 2005]

alice and arthur westbrook hi there i would be greatful if you contact me at the following i... [Thu 9 June 2005]

RE: Windibank family tree There may be a connection somewhere as all our Windebanks were from the Widley/Cosham area.... [Thu 28 April 2005]

RE: Windibank family tree Hi I too am looking for a windebank connection richard windebank abt 1828 cosham,portsmouth who... [Wed 27 April 2005]

RE: Arthur Westbrook In researching my great-grandmother, Alice Westbrook (b 1869 of James Westbrook & Charlotte nee... [Sat 16 April 2005]

Windibank family tree If any of this is of help please do not hesitate to contact me:- My great grand father was James... [Fri 8 April 2005]

John WINDEBANK Re: John WINDEBANK I am trying to trace my ggggrandmothers line Charlotte Inwood married a John... [Mon 4 April 2005]

F Windibank There are windibanks connections in the goodall family in Hampshire Area [Mon 14 February 2005]

What is her name, where did she come from? What is her name, where did she come from? [Thu 7 October 2004]

Hi Gary,
Tell us more
Hi Gary, Tell us more Bazzer [Thu 7 October 2004]

windebanks related to windebanks via my maternal grandmother [Tue 5 October 2004]

Re: Nicholas Windebank Nicholas Windebank born 1676 is in my family tree. He was my 7th great grandparent. Can anyone... [Sat 14 August 2004]

ancestors it seems that all my ancestors come from hants area bucks horn oak farringdon [Mon 2 August 2004]

hi my 7 greatgrand father was nicholas windebank born about 1679. he was married to an elizabeth. they had a son nicholas christened acording to th... hi my 7 greatgrand father was nicholas windebank born about 1679. he was married to an elizabeth.... [Thu 29 July 2004]

windebank we have the windebank coat of arms [Sat 17 July 2004]

RE: John WINDEBANK There is a coat of arms for Sir Francis Windebank.A Azure(blue) sheild with a gold chevron... [Tue 23 March 2004]

RE: John WINDEBANK Hi Jackie, It is frustrating when you find the same names as yours on other peoples websites.It... [Fri 27 February 2004]

John WINDEBANK hi my name is mrs jackie walder and I live in kent I am trying to trace my late husband'a tree... [Fri 27 February 2004]

RE: John WINDEBANK Hi Robin, I don't remember you.No coat of arms that I know of for Windebank's. All the info I... [Mon 12 January 2004]

John WINDEBANK Hi There, My name is Robin wood and I beleive we may have exchanged correspondance before (my lot... [Sun 28 December 2003]

RE: John Windebank Hi John, Where do your Windebank's come from, ours are shopkeepers from Cosham,Portsmouth area (... [Sun 16 November 2003]

Saucy! Thanks for all this John... we've had a few red herrings before because of really common... [Thu 13 November 2003]

John Windebank My name is also John Windebank. My sister is currently researching our family tree. There is a... [Sun 9 November 2003]

The Sussex Weald There's lots of info on that area at [Mon 27 October 2003]

RE: F WINDEBANK Hi Vernon, I have some info on Windebanks in the Wield area which came from someone in Canada,... [Mon 13 October 2003]

RE: F WINDEBANK Sorry I'm new to this message board stuff -- my e-mail is [Sun 12 October 2003]

F WINDEBANK Hello -- some of my ancestors were Windebanks Upper Wield Hampshire 1600's Vernon Maldoom [Sun 12 October 2003]

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As it turns out there are no pubs / venues concerning windebank anyway. Enjoy the blog posts though.Is there something I have missed? Please give me a shout!

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