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Wine and "wine" related things, including venues, pubs, gigs and posts about wine.If you have something to offer regarding wine that I have not covered here, Please contribute. Particularly if you have anything to contribute regarding my family tree, local pubs or other places, home automation wine experiments, homebrew, ale, or cider. Thank you.

161-165 Greenwich High Road, London, , SE10 8JA

Ground Floor Business Premises, 14 Bouverie Road West, Folkestone, CT20 2SZ

15A South Court, Deal, Kent, CT14 7AF

West Terrace, Folkestone

Pullman Wine Bar, 7-9 Church Street, Folkestone, CT20 1SE 01303 252524

83 Cheriton Road, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1DG 01892 544700


47 Villiers Street, Charing Cross, London WC2N 6NE

43 St Peter's Street, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2BG 01227 764 380

As it turns out we did go to both of those gigs! Just a quick update ten years later, as I just noticed this old popex news post sat there on... [Sat 13 September 2014]

Red Dwarf X Wasn't very good was it? Not really a surprise, oh well. Clare points out it was better than the... [Sat 6 October 2012]

Great weekend in Watergate Bay Been to Cornwall with the weekend with the boys, not Newquay , but near Newquay , Watergate... [Mon 1 October 2012]

Clare is back! She had a lovely time, did whitewater rafting and climbing and wine tasting and a Segway tour and... [Sun 13 November 2011]

Southsea Fest was GOOD Did not make the most of our wristbands, only went to the Wine vaults and then the Wedgewood... [Tue 20 September 2011]

Dinner party Good dinner last night, much wine, then up for the lambing day today... [Sun 3 April 2011]

A full day of rails today I'm not getting ill am I? Probably just new year detox... [Thu 6 January 2011]

Confusing new year At what point do we say we're giving up drinking? [Sat 1 January 2011]

Still my favourite Dremel review Here , about the dentures... [Tue 28 December 2010]

Secret santa got me a dremel 300 multitool! [Tue 28 December 2010]

Christmas sickness George has swine flu. Oink! [Tue 28 December 2010]

Made it to London and back in the snow (part one). Had a great time [Sun 19 December 2010]

Freezing here again today A very cold middle day of a long weekend for me. I have Monday off looking after Harry while... [Sun 28 November 2010]

Lightening the load for the move on Friday Opened a couple of good bottles of wine, so as to make the move go slightly easier... Two... [Wed 18 August 2010]

Even this broken PSP just went for 30 quid OK enough ebay now [Wed 4 August 2010]

Ah good we were going to Canterbury to buy the boy some shoes anyway! BIN END WINE SALE - 20% OFF SELECTED WINES Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th Have a nice weekend... [Fri 23 July 2010]

He cries in the night, Daddy whispers baby it's OK Up many times in the night [Sun 18 July 2010]

I might struggle to find a barrel that's big enough to use as a shed This one is 800 euros and it's not as tall as I am, bah. [Wed 26 May 2010]

Spanish promotion all this week at Karl's ... [Wed 26 May 2010]

What a cracking day Weather lovely in Canterbury today. Enjoy the work party if you are going... [Sat 22 May 2010]

Natural Wines at Karl's this Thursday This Thursday, we will be looking at Natural Wines, a movement that started approximately 10 to... [Tue 18 May 2010]

Run to Gatwick and back was fine today What a nice day, all went smoothly running father-in-law up to Gatwick to collect his car.... [Sat 17 April 2010]

also "surprise me with a bottle"? Sounds a bit Michael Barrymore ... [Mon 22 March 2010]

I still have a bottle (empty though) It was [vino]Pinord Clos 15 Penedes[/vino], I didn't think they'd have any left. What a shame! [Mon 22 March 2010]

RE: Boys night in Went to the Goods Yard today. Told the family it was so they could choose their dinner but it... [Mon 22 March 2010]

Boys night in The boy's in bed, Clare's gone out for a meal with some fellow mums, so I'm in on my own tonight.... [Sun 21 March 2010]

Chilean Chocolan Shiraz on the tasting table at Karl's Good Food A personal favourite... [Fri 12 March 2010]

Some unusual gems for you on the Tasting Table this weekend..... at Karl's Good Food this Saturday [Fri 26 February 2010]

Hot links of the day lego rubiks robot (via @hpoom) and Folkestone urban skiing [Fri 19 February 2010]

More vino we did not open that wine in the end. [Tue 16 February 2010]

Escaped the snow today Went to Canterbury, lovely, poor boy was sick when we got home though :-( [Sat 13 February 2010]

Expensive bottle of wine on the tasting table at Karl's this weekend Plus valentines offers. Have a nice weekend! [Fri 12 February 2010]

Snow joke getting in today Still got a lot of snow here, did I mention it? [Fri 12 February 2010]

Weekend and that Comedy and wine and police and death [Mon 1 February 2010]

Wine tasting this weekend at Karl's Good Food Plus 10% off all those on the tasting table, enjoy! [Fri 22 January 2010]

Karl's tasting table at Karl's Good Food Wine tasting and offers in Canterbury... [Fri 15 January 2010]

Habitat Radius table and chairs, starting cheap! Maybe I'll spend my premium bond win on this! [Sat 5 December 2009]

ah forgot to attach my own take on that here ah forgot to attach my own take on that here [Thu 12 November 2009]

Swine Flu Essentials RT @philipbeel amazing marketing strategy! [Thu 12 November 2009]

Spend it quick before it all goes Just done a wine shop! [Fri 30 October 2009]

I think it was the original blockingness that I got the report about I wish I was using OSX at home too... [Mon 19 October 2009]

RE: Another lovely weekend I got that message in Firefox too, it appears that Mozilla are unblocking WPF rather than going... [Mon 19 October 2009]

Another lovely weekend Not much to report, although it's been a week. So don't click! [Sun 18 October 2009]

Splendid weekend Nice time with the family, the boy was good, tried some good vino too [Sun 23 August 2009]

Back to front weekend Lunched in Canterbury on SUNDAY, how mad are we??? [Mon 10 August 2009]

The best day of all Profit share day! Have a good weekend everyone [Fri 31 July 2009]

Thirty-seven! Belated happy birthday me, had a lovely day, cheers all [Mon 27 July 2009]

So what animal would you NOT buy as a pet, mid swine flu pandemic? Yup, Derrick just got a pig [Tue 30 June 2009]

Planet Of The Grapes Best wine shope name ever [Fri 5 June 2009]

Chest of drawers: collected Now do I risk a beer / glass of wine tonight? [Fri 29 May 2009]

Sorry for spamming this a few times, been having a few technical issues... [Sat 2 May 2009]

New opening times for Karl's (Canterbury) Open until 9.30 Thursday and Friday nights now. [Thu 30 April 2009]

#hamageddon comes to Fareham! I expect every local has a non story like this:... [Thu 30 April 2009]

Nircom Babysense ll Movement/Sound Monitor @itchypaws recommends (I think), any opinions? [Fri 24 April 2009]

Two Dine for 10 (two courses plus glass of wine). ... [Mon 16 March 2009]

Had a great valentines day Lunch, fine #wine, new table, and maybe a new car. [Sun 15 February 2009]

Seven second pint Indigo2 at the O2 Arena are boasting a fast pint: "7 second pint" fast-pour technology at... [Thu 8 January 2009]

How strange to compare this Wagamama review with today I never have Yasai Katsu Curry any more, though I used to eat it all the time in London. Maybe... [Sat 20 September 2008]

Free bottle of wine at Pizza Express Register at , got to promotions , and enter the "you can only possibly know... [Sat 2 August 2008]

Free food at Pizza Express There's a voucher on this week for a free meal in Pizza Express . We might well... [Tue 8 July 2008]

If the high speed rail link is even finished by then, that sounds about right [Sat 1 March 2008]

RE: For a bit, for Canterbury Ah, 2030ish then, lol! ;) [Sat 1 March 2008]

For a bit, for Canterbury Will come back again when Folkestone is all regenerated I think. Who are you? [Sat 1 March 2008]

RE: Quiet few days House hunting? Are you leaving our beloved Folkstone Pauly? [Sat 1 March 2008]

A response, hurrah! [Fri 29 February 2008]

RE: Quiet few days Great sandwich!:) [Fri 29 February 2008]

Quiet few days Had a lovely weekend, disastrous in terms of house hunting, but great in every other ways. We... [Mon 25 February 2008]

"No daft names to consider, no clever descriptions to confuse" Well I don't know I approve of the wine thing , the new take on a wine list of (friends of... [Thu 14 February 2008]

Free bonus bit of decoration Got decorators in right now, finally getting our earthquake damage done, and they've done a... [Mon 10 December 2007]

Cheers for the feedback I might give a couple of them a go, other friends have recommended the Sunday Times one and the... [Mon 10 December 2007]

RE: The first rule of wine club I'm the same, as soon as I see a cut price bottle of wine I immediately assume they marked the... [Mon 10 December 2007]

The first rule of wine club Anyone in a wine club? Got any recommendations? Someone's sent me an introductory thing for... [Mon 3 December 2007]

What's that, you'd like to buy an ad on my site? I'm not connected with Paul's restaurant in any way, just provide listings on this site. What is... [Wed 14 November 2007]

thewinetrack Please add a link to so that your article is useful to the reader (I... [Wed 14 November 2007]

Mulled wine! And BEER! Barbecue tomorrow with added booze, to wash away the pain of this javascript... [Wed 31 October 2007]

Comments were very thin on the ground, I did feel abandoned [Mon 8 October 2007]

RE: hurrah Ha, comments a bit thin last week? I had a really busy week, partly hangover induced. What do... [Mon 8 October 2007]

Boo, just found this Amy Winehouse message from 3 years ago Not only was she a clean living newcomer to the world of pop then, but she'd just bigged up... [Fri 5 October 2007]

hurrah If there was a prize to be had for being the first one to reply to me this week, you would have... [Fri 5 October 2007]

RE: Amy Winehouse (aged 14) in The Fast Show That was on BBC3 last night as part of a program about annoying pop stars. [Fri 5 October 2007]

Amy Winehouse (aged 14) in The Fast Show In a "Competitive Dad" sketch... [Fri 5 October 2007]

Tim's Vinos and Tapas I've only been to Tim's twice, the first time was just to have a quick glass of wine and see what... [Sun 8 April 2007]

RE: An update from Timothy's Wine Bar Tim's wine bar has now certainly changed! I dined there last week and I have to say that I could... [Thu 9 November 2006]

Tim's Vinos and Tapas review (slight return) We finally bit the bullet, and returned to the venue of our very worst Folkestone dining... [Tue 3 October 2006]

A big wine glass I had one of these, but Clare broke it a few months back :-( Big wine glass [Sun 7 May 2006]

Haha, we'll soon make a mess of the new one! No, we'll try and keep it nice. It won't be here for 8 weeks, hope you can visit before then? [Mon 24 April 2006]

RE: Got one! Dang, forgot to include my username. [Sun 23 April 2006]

RE: Got one! We might come and visit you now you've got a nice new sofa :o) I was hoping you were going to... [Sun 23 April 2006]

RE: Got one! Stone me - that's a nice big sofa - now you can Advertise Things! you see, I reckon it's big... [Sun 23 April 2006]

Got one! [flickr][/flickr] One trip to Lakeside... [Sat 22 April 2006]

Amy Winehouse 2004 I saw Amy Winehouse in 2004 and she was awful [Sun 29 January 2006]

ah but do they offer a free crate of wine to new applicants? Cheers for the tip, but I was in a hurry so I've given a go. Just waiting on a... [Thu 17 November 2005]

RE: Up to my arse in javascript we have our joint account with them - all online, all good [Thu 17 November 2005]

Cheers, very handy not arsed about interest, just need an account we can pay a few "Mr and Mrs Clarke" wedding gift... [Thu 17 November 2005]

RE: Up to my arse in javascript I would never open a bank account without first checking out [Thu 17 November 2005]

Up to my arse in javascript Doing some testing on here that I'll be using on popex and our company intranet, you'll be able... [Thu 17 November 2005]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar We recently visited your restaurant for the first time and was amazed at the quality and... [Sun 6 November 2005]

Wagamama review Had lunch at Wagamama in Canterbury on Saturday, for the first time since this new branch... [Tue 30 August 2005]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar My wife and I are regular visitors, only because the service, food and welcome is excellent. Peter [Wed 20 April 2005]

Marble Plastering Hmm, maybe will have it marble plastered , by my cousin's new venture The Marble Plastering... [Tue 5 April 2005]

Can find only one mention of that page In someone else's referrer logs ... [Tue 29 March 2005]

Adam Curry saviour of the universe!!! Hmm, I know who wrote this story . I have stopped listening to all the podcasts I used to... [Tue 29 March 2005]

The Fireplace Well here's the new fireplace so far: the fireplace Bit of a crappy picture, taken on the... [Sun 23 January 2005]

Timothys wine bar Timothys may have had some teething problems, but is now one of the best venues in Folkestone. I... [Sun 9 January 2005]

Amy Winehouse La Winehouse (who is a big fan of popex ) plays Leas Cliff Hall on the 15th of November. [Mon 2 August 2004]

Did you go with Gary? "Gary Hawkins" who also posted spontaneous praise below? [Tue 29 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Hi everyone. I have just visited an interesting little place in folkestone called Timothy's wine... [Tue 29 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar I have visited Timothy's Wine Bar twice now on my journeys through Folkestone and now will make a... [Fri 25 June 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Thanks for the comprehensive review of Timothy's Wine Bar. I found the review from a google... [Thu 24 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Gaby - where are you mate ? Got no answer ? C'mon, we could work together. Twatter. I should... [Fri 11 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Gary - the review was not unfair. You were not at our table and didn't receive the service we... [Fri 11 June 2004]

Thanks for your feedback It's good to have a balanced viewpoint. I like how you deliberately made mistakes yourself there,... [Fri 11 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Can i just first of all the review that you gave Timothy's is very unfair and that you should... [Fri 11 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar ... [Tue 8 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Last time I looked there were at least a couple of restaurants in London. So, unless you want to... [Mon 7 June 2004]

if a glass of sangria is 25 quid you certainly won't see me there! [Mon 7 June 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Reading your article has offended me, but you should know that if you publish facts you should be... [Sat 5 June 2004]

Amy Winehouse Charlie Flowers of the Fighting Cocks challenges you at pool, best out of three at Kentish Town... [Wed 21 April 2004]

RE: Amy Winehouse Who is Amy Winehouse, anyway ?! I am only a EU foreigner. Is she any good? If YES, at doing... [Wed 21 April 2004]

RE: Amy Winehouse tell her to come to our gig then Pauly! and I'm coming to her pool hall and I'm gonna thrash her... [Mon 19 April 2004]

so wot is her username do u thiNK?! [Mon 19 April 2004]

Amy Winehouse Amy Winehouse likes my website: [Mon 19 April 2004]

Go Amy! Go Amy! Go Amy! I love Amy Winehouse , she's my new favourite band! Go Amy! Go Amy!... [Mon 19 April 2004]

An update from Timothy's Wine Bar Our matriarchal representative wrote a pretty fierce letter to Timothy's (possibly as stern as... [Mon 29 March 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Oh. Full review now up at Folkestone RestauRANTS . [Tue 16 March 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Folkestone is in danger of becoming a culinary wasteland. Sure, it has the usual collection of... [Tue 16 March 2004]

Folkestone restaurant disappointment Another great weekend on Folkestone , a bit too boozy though. I woke up on a floor early on... [Sun 14 March 2004]

Weekender We're off to Timothy's Wine Bar for dinner on Saturday, some sort of Spanish evening, will... [Wed 10 March 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Hi mate, got the folks down this weekend and I've been showing them the web - can't believe mate... [Fri 13 February 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Timothy's Wine Bar must be open now, and they have a website, ... the... [Fri 13 February 2004]

Morning So, - have you checked it out? [Mon 26 January 2004]

What a load of bank And from home I get "An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the... [Thu 16 October 2003]

Tasks for the day keeping an eye on all websites, something's causing the box that they're all on to crash, and it... [Thu 16 October 2003]

My bank ought to be turned into a trendy wine bar! Just tried to follow an ad for insurance, and get: We do not support your browser We're sorry,... [Thu 16 October 2003]

Tramp in a wine bar Nose - Chorlton [Mon 24 December 2001]

Lauren laverne (or Sarah off Eastenders) Thresher wine shop, Narborough Rd, Leicester [Tue 20 March 2001]

Terry Christian Victoria Wine, Chorlton, Manchester [Wed 28 February 2001]

Over to you, discussion about anything local, but Please do be considerate... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, Find a flatmate, rent a room, property queries, current news, what's new, local events, for sale, local services, what I like about Folkestone, ask questions, offer advice, plug yrself... the more it's used the more better a site it will become. If you want a gig listed click here to add it (fixed now!), or just click here to post a message...

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