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Youtube and "youtube" related stuff, including venues, pubbing, gigs and blog posts about youtube.If you have anything to contribute regarding youtube that I have not covered here, Please chip in. Particularly if you have anything to offer regarding my family tree, local pubs or other venues, home automation youtube experiments, home brew, beer, or appley goodness. Thank you.

Presented by Mark and Lard. Ooh, it's on youtube. [1997-01-27 1997]

plus Captain America and Shonen Knife. I got the t-shirt and everything, wish I still had it. Wore it once down the Air Balloon (just to let everyone know I was there) and then gave it away, gah.

Birmingham Hummingbird is now part of the Academy.

This whole gig is on youtube.
Birmingham [1991-11-27 1991]

Nearly brought my Sony TV back to life The raspberry pi zero is good enough for playing music, but not video, I need to replace it... [Sat 6 January 2018]

Brought my Sony TV back to life We have a Sony TV in the bedroom that has been slowly dying. There is no aerial to it so we... [Fri 5 January 2018]

Just remembered we must be in this youtube video somewhere We were in Bath and watched them filming this Bath Rugby shirt launch event: Will watch... [Thu 26 January 2017]

HEHA travel video launch We're doing a new thing at work, launching a youtube channel. Here's the launch video, don't... [Sat 9 May 2015]

Phone call for [Mon 3 November 2014]

Robot butler automated garden watering video A quick video, more of a shaky unfocussed show off rather than a useful demo, but see me clicking... [Sun 4 August 2013]

Merry christmas from Holiday Extras Who says I'm not a joiner-in? [Wed 12 December 2012]

Day of hospitals Youngest is having his suspected tongue tie looked at today, if that is stopping him feeding... [Mon 10 December 2012]

Clare will like this one Knightmare spoof, as shared by @serafinowicz on the twitter yesterday: [Wed 10 October 2012]

Small apartments Read a feature on micro apartments in The Independent today, it has led me to youtube videos... [Wed 11 July 2012]

Average day, turning in to a lovely evening Had a nice lie in this morning, mostly watching Arduino tutorials on . Yesterday I... [Sat 14 April 2012]

Key monkey app I redid my keyboard monkey game that I wrote for Harry to use youtube last night instead of... [Thu 15 March 2012]

Giving up on the Arduino Possibly... I feel utterly defeated by this eight year old: So I'm going to get the boy to... [Sat 18 February 2012]

Page Turner Overdrive Very clever. Via the recommended share stuff on the google plus... [Fri 13 January 2012]

Done my first HD video on youtube Click on this and watch it full screen: Shot using the new camera on The Edge at... [Wed 24 August 2011]

Suede copyright infringement Bah We have disabled the following material as a result of a third-party notification from... [Wed 17 August 2011]

Some Suede videos from the shows we went to Not watched any of these yet: Moving : Black Or Blue My Dark Star This... [Tue 24 May 2011]

I'm saying yes I'M SAYING YES /> I've done a video for " /> I'm Saying Yes ", the /> Yes To AV song from... [Tue 26 April 2011]

This looks like one for you Dom Two Youtube videos and a crossfader ... [Wed 16 March 2011]

I am a shape This is Harry's new favourite thing, we have watched it thirty times today :-( Apart from... [Sat 29 January 2011]

Saving this one for later Pirate metal [Tue 18 January 2011]

rabbit type women statue That is at the top of the Old High Street , Folkestone , btw. [Mon 29 November 2010]

The Living Dead / Brett Anderson / Suede / Royal Albert Hall / Teenager Cancer Trust gig My bootleg video from the crowd... [Sat 27 March 2010]

Can I play HTML5 Youtube videos in Firefox right now? A nice reminder of the video issues in the shift from flash to HTML5. HTML5 will be omg the... [Wed 10 March 2010]

I think the official line is Yes car parking is boring, see what it might be like if it weren't boring. Boring is better,... [Wed 27 January 2010]

RE: Jurassic (car) Park I'm not sure I get it, it doesn't encouraged me to use airport car parking... [Wed 27 January 2010]

Jurassic (car) Park [Tue 26 January 2010]

What did they move the station for? Had to RUN for my train, I'm sure Westenhanger has got further away [Mon 25 January 2010]

Suede reuiniting for one night only ONE NIGHT ONLY??? [Fri 15 January 2010]

Brett Anderson - The Next Life - Live acoustic studio performance 2009 New version of an old Suede song on youtube [Thu 14 January 2010]

Snow blind! Was very bright when I went out to watch the snowskaters, but still deep #uksnow here [Fri 8 January 2010]

Me not stagediving More video, a wedding, no stage falling [Wed 18 November 2009]

Me, stagediving I ripped that video bootleg, oh yeah, this has been worth waiting for... [Tue 17 November 2009]

I am thoroughly unpleasant and really creepy Cassetteboy does Question Time, cheers @beamadelica and @philipbeel [Fri 23 October 2009]

RE: Thanks for even more detail Hi again. Not sure where you got your info about Black Sabbath playing at the 'Art College' - The... [Sun 26 July 2009]

RE: Skid Row (Gary Moore) rare vinyl Still got my original copy pauly! Also got "34 Hours" the follow up but I left the cover on the... [Sun 19 July 2009]

Skid Row (Gary Moore) rare vinyl See here , revive those memories for a tenner! If you have a record player still... [Sun 19 July 2009]

Thanks for even more detail Great to hear, nice story of nearly "making it" too, that's a lot further than 99% of bands get!... [Sat 18 July 2009]

RE: Thanks for that brilliantly detailed reminiscence Hi Pauly.... Sorry but my brain's a little befuddled about exact dates. However, I can tell you... [Sat 18 July 2009]

RE: did deep into your fading memory Trust me - I'm amazing now, lol Fading memory, um yes, well I was 18/19 so it would have been... [Fri 17 July 2009]

did deep into your fading memory Come up with some dates or something so I can put them on the site! I've got one of Justin... [Fri 17 July 2009]

RE: Ha I knew that about Skid Row, let me explain! Errata alert!!! The band I played with in Folkie was 'Grease Lighting' not the aforementioned... [Thu 16 July 2009]

RE: Ha I knew that about Skid Row, let me explain! Cheers P! 3 times eeewwwww, once is unforgivable but thrice! I got to meet Gary (nicked his... [Thu 16 July 2009]

Ha I knew that about Skid Row, let me explain! The links were just links to search this site for previous mentions of those acts, as I thought I... [Thu 16 July 2009]

RE: Skid Row pps* [Thu 16 July 2009]

RE: Thanks for that brilliantly detailed reminiscence Nice write up! Pauly,the "Skid Row" in your link is not the band yer man mentioned - it'll be... [Thu 16 July 2009]

Thanks for that brilliantly detailed reminiscence Don't suppose you have any dates for any of the other shows? I remember seeing at TOFTS:... [Wed 15 July 2009]

Black Sabbath 1970 I saw Black Sabbath at Tofts in Folkestone but the gig was in April (11th) "1971" - not 1970.... [Wed 15 July 2009]

Folkestone - the place of dreams Here's that spoof "Folkestone Tourist Board" video that was in the paper... [Wed 1 July 2009]

NME Brat Awards on youtube frome one of the times I was there, ancient history [Wed 25 February 2009]

Fan made Thundercats fake movie trailer This is amazing! [Fri 16 January 2009]

Emma's office makes a music video Not quite sure why, they're running a competition encouraging people to make their own version of... [Fri 21 November 2008]

No it does seem to have gone I'm sure you can see it at work, and it must reappear online at some point! [Sun 28 September 2008]

RE: Come on over to my place I can't see that video, say's it's not available anymore. Do you know anywhere else where it... [Sun 28 September 2008]

Come on over to my place Do you want to come and work here? See our recruitment video. I'm positive they said they... [Fri 26 September 2008]

Bhangra KISS Via . [Sun 3 August 2008]

I didn't know they did Blockbusters without Bob Holness One of those contestants looks familiar. [Sat 2 August 2008]

RE: Sad about Dave I lurk alot Pauly! this is still the best gig/event guide - cheers for your hard work [Mon 28 July 2008]

Sad about Dave This sunny weather would have been just right to see a dolphin leaping about. Good to know you're... [Mon 28 July 2008]

RE: sandgate dolphin on youtube don t watch Dave disappeared sometime in November and hasn't been seen since unfortunately [Sat 26 July 2008]

sandgate dolphin on youtube don t watch hi. my dad and family live in folkestone. i am comin down there on sunday and wondered if dave... [Fri 25 July 2008]

More video of Go Ape More video of our day at Go Ape last Friday. Actually the same video but I can embed it now.... [Fri 18 July 2008]

Haircuts are for girls There's one at Moors Valley which is about 30-40 minutes from here, sort of Bournemouth way.... [Tue 15 July 2008]

RE: Gone Ape Hope you get it cut before the wedding anonymous (Pops) [Tue 15 July 2008]

It was DA BOMB, I hardly panicked at all Is there one near you ? Let's go, I have a free weekend when Clare is in Barcelona at the... [Mon 14 July 2008]

RE: Gone Ape That looks GREAT - I like how you are suppressing all your panic just to look cool for the... [Mon 14 July 2008]

Gone Ape Went to Go Ape at Leeds Castle on Friday, bit of a work jolly. None of the pictures or video... [Sun 13 July 2008]

Ever had someone kick your garden wall down? [Wed 9 July 2008]

test [flickrv]2403846926[/flickrv] [Thu 10 April 2008]

Thanks for the message I know there must be people stumbling across these pages, it's nice when they say hello. The... [Thu 10 April 2008]

Time Travel came across this site by accident and started reading stuff,then looked at your little film of... [Thu 10 April 2008]

Ooh, Flickr video I didn't know about this . 90 second limit for your videos though, usually that's enough for... [Thu 10 April 2008]

Do The Indie Kid video Buy the single here , and get the mp3's free. Here's the video: [Mon 7 April 2008]

Like it! Delia Smith makes a kebab: Part of a series of faked up vids, from Don't Watch That,... [Wed 2 April 2008]

Alan Moore Not the barber shop in Portchester, but the comic bloke , Hibbett wrote a song about the time... [Tue 5 February 2008]

Is this an ad for Cloverfield? Not seen all of this yet, nor watched any with the sound up yet, but it was in this week's... [Thu 17 January 2008]

The unknown child of the Titanic A video: [Mon 31 December 2007]

Is this new and exciting? ROBOT GUITAR I think it's cool: Have they made a guitar where the frets move in and out yet so someone... [Tue 11 December 2007]

Magic Numbers every bit as good as I predicted We went out, on a week day [Fri 7 December 2007]

York (being the fourth part of my holiday) York is great, a lot like Canterbury , but seemingly with more pubs. Our hotel was the birth... [Wed 21 November 2007]

Most comments on a youtube video EVER! Well, the most for me anyway , from people that I don't know, who've just tracked my video down... [Wed 21 November 2007]

Lots of funny Darth Vader mashups on youtube They've been doing the rounds today at work: [Mon 1 October 2007]

Programming is a poetry for our time A fairly new song up on MJ Hibbett's youtube channel , not actually a new song, nor actually... [Fri 28 September 2007]

Reporting from the Lake District (being the fourth part of my two week holiday write up) More photos up now , but here's a bit of video we did. We were originally going to go for a... [Sun 22 July 2007]

Big ass table Via Nic P , a spoof of Microsoft's surface technology: [Tue 17 July 2007]

Boom Shake The Room [Sun 20 May 2007]

I'll run around with the camera later We've got a house meeting tonight, got to take some pictures for the insurance assessor or... [Mon 30 April 2007]

RE: No valuables lost can we see the cracks. Pops [Mon 30 April 2007]

Woo This is my most popular youtube video by far, 600 views! Not bad considering you had to view it... [Sun 29 April 2007]

RE: Boom shake the room! Cor, glad you're both okay, sounds pretty scary. You'll have to set up a Justin-tv style... [Sun 29 April 2007]

RE: Boom shake the room! Heard about this earlier but heard it was the Medway Towns - shame it wasn't.... glad to hear... [Sun 29 April 2007]

You expect this sort of thing in the wild midlands though YEAH, earthquake done broke my neck! No, I'm going to try and rotate it... [Sat 28 April 2007]

I figured it must have been an earthquake and went to sleep Nothing much rattles you, does it? [Sat 28 April 2007]

RE: Boom shake the room! Hey Pauly! DID THE EARTH MOVE FOR YOU!? and so on... Glad to see you're both okay. The first I... [Sat 28 April 2007]

RE: Boom shake the room! Here in Deal, it woke me at 8.20am. It was like a gust of wind had got in the room - the wardrobe... [Sat 28 April 2007]

No valuables lost Got a few cracks that I will have to get looked at, hopefully nothing serious. Cheers! [Sat 28 April 2007]

RE: Boom shake the room! Good to hear you are ok after the excitement. Shaken, but not stirred..... Any structural... [Sat 28 April 2007]

Boom shake the room! Well I suspect you've all been frantically refreshing wondering when I'd report from this... [Sat 28 April 2007]

RE: Sandgate Dolphin on YouTube: DON'T WATCH IT I agree with the sentiment about Dave's wellbeing but I fear it's starting to get a bit... [Fri 27 April 2007]

Sandgate Dolphin on YouTube: DON'T WATCH IT OK, you can watch this footage of "Dave", the Folkestone / Sandgate dolphin on YouTube, but don't... [Fri 27 April 2007]

Well of course they're on youtube Just found one of my favourite bands The Fighting cocks on youtube The beauty of their... [Thu 29 March 2007]

RE: You've probably already seen it, but Boo, hiss, the authorities are already lambasting him for that act but are unable to prosecute... [Wed 28 March 2007]

You've probably already seen it, but A guy skiing down the escalator at Angel tube station ... Why was there no Youtube when we... [Wed 28 March 2007]

Wii wii wii wii all the way home Nintendo Wii Console goes on sale today . This is the one with the barking remote control... [Tue 21 November 2006]

The guys who set up youtube made a quid or two then... [Mon 16 October 2006]

RE: That's top of my list too it was financed mainly by Sequoia, the venture capital firm. Previous investments for them... [Mon 16 October 2006]

five quid??? OOF! Pay to play, I never thought it would work... maybe it will, with enough marketing spend... [Tue 10 October 2006]

RE: Zombie squirrel, like it. Yep. Shame no-one was willing to make the same kind of investment in... [Tue 10 October 2006]

RE: That's top of my list too In some news story or other it said it had been financed using credit cards. What credit card... [Tue 10 October 2006]

That's top of my list too You have to be pretty confident to spunk away hundreds of millions of dollars before you have a... [Tue 10 October 2006]

RE: The strangest thing about Google buying YouTube is that Google have basically admitted that... [Tue 10 October 2006]

RE: clearly you were a giant before your time! [Tue 10 October 2006]

Sad news about Paul Hunter Also youtube and google and job interviews? Was this the Malice Box ? [Tue 10 October 2006]

Here's how youtube are going to make some money If that story about bandwidth costing them one milllion dollars a day was an exaggeration, it... [Tue 26 September 2006]

Everyone's going youtube crazy Here's some footage from inside the lower leas coastal park that I just found on ...... [Wed 19 July 2006]

Excellent 80s videos!!! Look out linkers to excellent 80s videos, you're getting suckered. has... [Fri 14 July 2006]

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As it turns out there are no pubbing / places regarding youtube anyway. Enjoy the blog posts though.Is there something I have missed? Please let me know!

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