The Ship

The Ship

Had a dreadful dinner at a pub on the way to Dungeness, The Ship in Romney Marsh. It wasn't meant to be a high-falutin' fancy gourmet extravaganza, but it was meant to fill a gap, and it failed in this meagre task.

Maybe they were busy, so we could let it slide that it took them an hour to bring us two plates of chili, a burger, a ploughmans, and a baked potato with beans (the only vegan thing I could make off the menu), but the food we got was very poor. One of the chilis was clearly the last burnt scrapings of the pan, it shouldn't have been let out of the kitchen, and the other one (which looked OK) was not good, and left uneaten. My potato was shrunken to the size of a golf ball, I guess through being microwaved to much. We got a refund, but no apology or alternative, and were left hungry.

Bizarrely someone here claims "i had one of the nicest meals of my life", but then on the same page someone claims to have encountered a ghost there, equally as likely I suppose.

The pub itself was nice, I had a good pint of 6X, and the place is decorated with artwork related to the Doctor Syn novels, which were written by Russell Thorndike in that very pub. So, a nice drink, and a bit of history, but I would recommend you get some crisps before you go in.

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Wed Apr 14 2004

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