In defence of

In defence of

Hmmm... maybe you got them on a bad night. It can be quiet, and that combined with the fact that the chef likes high romantic classical music playing in his kitchen can make it a slightly surreal experience for those used to Ravi Shankar and loud conversations. But I've always found the food to be excellent, and all my London visitors have agreed when I've taken them there. I'm vege as well, and two or three sides is an ample feed (the mushroom thing is particularly nice). As the Waitrose review suggests, it's a lot more authentic than somewhere like the New Delhi (where, btw, they emptied our unused pickles back into a big communal jar RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME), but they're an ageing couple and I think times are harder than they used to be (they used to get a lot of French customers), so maybe they're cutting a few corners these days on quieter nights. Do give it another go - maybe on a busier night in the summer. They shut at ten (and sometimes on Saturdays) to avoid lager louts from Mustangs next door. Oh, btw, the "Blue Vinny" in Elham which I mentioned previously was crap and overpriced. Their "fresh pasta" was bought from "a local supplier" - tasted uncannily like Tescos' finest, but cost nearly a tenner.

Renewed congrats on the site, it's the best source of info on Folkestone on the web bar none.

Sat Apr 02 2005

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