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Folkestone Pubs

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Beer in the Evening have made some changes to their site, you can search for a pub by all sorts of things now, including customer comments... I can't remember all the details, I deleted the mail now, but go there, and have a look...

There's a good list of Folkestone pubs there, but some of the ratings are a bit off... how is Chambers not the highest scoring pub on their list?
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Folkestone Pubs

Ah never mind other sites, check out my very own list of Folkstone pubs, or search by criteria (Does it have a pool table? Real ale? Live music?) on the interactive Folkestone pub map...
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Over to you, discussion about anything local, but Please be considerate... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, Find a flatmate, rent a room, property queries, current affairs, what's new, local events, for sale, local services, what I like about Folkestone, ask a question, offer advice, plug yrself... the more it's used the more useful a resource it will become. If you want a gig listed click here to add it (fixed now!), or just click here to post a message...

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