Lunch at the Jackdaw - slight return

Lunch at the Jackdaw - slight return

Went BACK to the Jackdaw this weekend, there's a bus from Folkestone goes straight there, of course, we've done the journey many a time on the way to Canterbury. Anyway, on to LUNCH!

Clare had the same meal she has every time we go, (steak and Guinness pie), it must be good. Take note though, the recipe of the pear and ginger pie has changed, it's now stuffed with cheese! Instead of a pastry based dish I went for the fruity vegetable curry, it was fruity indeed, I'd have preferred a bit more veg in there, but it was exactly as described on the menu, so no complaints really. Huge portions too, that's good. As we were bussing and not driving we could have a pint, and with one eye on the timetable we relaxed in front of the roaring fire, and stepped out the door just as our municipal chauffeur arrived to take us back to town.

Going back again for an evening meal this Saturday, and very much looking forward to it.

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Mon Feb 13 2006

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