The Metronome

The Metronome

1 Grace Hill, Folkestone, Kent

The Metronome is long derelict, guess it will be redeveloped at some point, it's days as a club have passed though.

I been here! See more in my gigography.

Was a cinema once, then a music venue on the circuit playing host to Suede, PJ Harvey, Manic Street Preachers, Faith No More, and lots more. On a similar circuit to The Joiners in Southampton in its day.

Manics in Folkestone

Stumbled across this page during a fit of nostalgia! You are right it was rescheduled, apparently due to the singer having a sore throat. However! It was 22nd March 1992 (or rather the following Sunday), rather than 1994. Brilliant gig, even though my mum made me take a kagool (I was 15). Support band was Boneyard. Whatever happened to them? Brilliant venue- someone restore it!


The Metronome

The Metronome is long derelict, guess it will be redeveloped at some point, it's days as a club have passed though.


Thanks for this Chris, love this gig history

Got all of these gigs in the Metronome history page, don't suppose you have the actual dates of any of those do you?


Is this who's bought the Metronome?

assura group has a metronome page, looks like they own other medical type facilities so this backs up the story of it being bought by a health care trust.


now all we need is the date...

did you see any other bands there? I've heard of a few others playing there, it was on the indie circuit, but no-one's sure of actual dates. Suede played there, that's one I do have a date for, as it's in their biography Love and Poison. I hear Faith No More played there, and PJ Harvey too.


Thanks for that, think it's the Metronome you mean

Have you seen it recently? It's derelict, but been bought by the NHS I think.


Inside the Metronome

Hmm, is this working..? The Metronome might be gone, take one last look around the inside with these trespassing skaters...


Farewell then The Metronome

In Folkestone Herald | the Herald last week it said it's opening as some sort of medical / health centre. Where now might we ever see again bands of the calibre of Suede, The Manics, or Faith No More playing in intimate surroundings?


Ride, Verve, Mercury Rev, and The Manics in Folkestone

Hmm, bit more gig history confusion... Ride played Folkestone on the 21st March, 1992. Now I look into that properly, it says support came from Mercury Rev" title="Verve | The Verve / Richard Ashcroft">(and not verve, which I got from somewhere). this Mercury Rev gigography," title="Manic Street Preachers | Search the forums for mentions of The Manics...">and they all confirm that the bands were elsewhere on Sunday March 22nd and Sunday March 29th.


Manic Street Preachers 1994

I saw Cud and PJ Harvey at The Metronome I think in 1994. I am sure that Ride played in Folkestone on the same night as the Manics


The Metronome up for auction

Guide price 200 - 250k with Clive Emson...


There's a couple of pages on the Prince Albert in that book

More Tales From The Tap Room, I have it in front of me now, I won't reproduce it here though, you can get it in Ottakers. It dates from at least 1782, where it shows up on a survey, it was owned by the mayor's son and then run as a school before starting as a pub in 1841.


Is it a nice flat? Is it new?

It's next door to The Metronome isn't it? I'll dig out the history that I have... there's a book you can get in Ottakers called More Tales from the Tap Room and it has a history of local pubs / hotels of the past...


Clive Emson

Walking around Grimston Gardens at the weekend, saw a flat that's available by auction... will be a bargain for someone, lovely location and that. According to Clive Emson's listings, one that sounds like it sold last week for 76k. Also what's this "Former town centre club with planning for pair of houses, 195k", also sold, could that be the Metronome?


Manic Street Preachers

CANCELLED, rescheduled for a week later? Quite a few people now say they were there, so looks like it was! Last day on the Generation Terrorists tour possibly.


That Petrol Emotion



They played London Marquee the day before and the John Peel show the day aftetr - Folkestone, slap in the middle of music.


Ocean Colour Scene


PJ Harvey

before she started applying makeup



Definitely played here, supporting Kingmaker, it's in Love and Poison.


Catherine Wheel

With God Machine... Says "Meterodome" on the website.


Going Going

Hugh Hopper - he played a lot in Folkestone


Faith No More

Setlist: Chinese, Faster, R'n'R, Crab, Care, Sweet, Blood, Spirit, Bowen, War Pigs, Grade, Anne, Bother, Jungle... not sure where this gig took place.


John Martyn


Gene Loves Jezebel

Not sure if the gig was actually at the Metronome or not, were you there, do you know?

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