Ship Inn

Ship Inn

65 Sandgate High Street, Sandgate, Kent, CT20 3AH ☎️ 01303 248525

AKA The Famous Ship Inn. Proper old pub, two bars, real ale, friendly crowd, and new big roof terrace (so now multiple outdoor seating areas) overlooking the beach.

Does he still do the quiz ever?

Gone off this one a bit recently.

I been here! See more in my gigography.

The back bar and the front bar used to be two different pubs back in the days of ancient history.

The Ship are brewing their own beer now

I didn't imagine it there is a big "home of Amazing Brewing" thing on their new window. They're brewing their own! Looking forward to trying this.


Secret door from The Ship into Loaf (the bike shop)

It looks like The Ship and the bike shop next door (currently Loaf cafe) always had a connection, it's the same building, and you used to be able to pass from one to the other. There are more details in the fabulous Tales From The Tap Room, [ebay=Tales From The Tap Room]ebay it, I have a copy and it's great[/ebay]. Now that connection is being opened up again, it looks like The Ship is expanding back into the next door premises. Will it be a new bar? Part of the restaurant? Who knows? No-one is telling me, but everyone seems to know about it.


Weather was good today for Sandgate Sea Festival

I should have posted the link to and reminded people it was on in advance shouldn't I? The 'Gerald is going down hill... Anyway just been along there, very busy, nice to see so many people in Sandgate. Escondido and new addition The Sixty Six were both doing food.


the ship inn a small moan

i was looking for somewhere to go new years eve.. and thouught about the ship in.. but i live in folkestone. I consider myself a regular there, its the only place i go to drink.. but probably only twice a month. I heard new years eve was just for locals.. is that me ? I had always thought it was a bit clicky in Sandgate and this confirmed it.


Sandgate sea / food / beer festival

Lots of things going on around The Ship pub over the bank holiday weekend... Is that this weekend or next?


Is the Ship quiz still on?

I see the pub is nicely done up now, maybe it's too posh for that little quiz now.


Ship Inn

AKA The Famous Ship Inn. Proper old pub, two bars, real ale, friendly crowd, and new big roof terrace (so now multiple outdoor seating areas) overlooking the beach.


Famous Ship Inn Christmas Party

The evening starts with carol singers at about 8, the Blue Room will take to the front bar about 9 for a night of music, fun and games.


Have not been to the Ship Inn quiz for ages, is it still on?

Just trying to update my listings and I'm aware this repeat listing has a comment attached about us winning the quiz this week... if you know if the quiz is still on, then please feel free to reply!


Woo, we took the Ship quiz again!

The wife and I got 30/30 in this week's Ship Inn quiz, beat that!


Famous Ship Inn beer festival!

Brilliant! See me there all weekend!


Beer festival at the Ship this weekend

See you there all weekend! Looking forward to this a lot.


Black Tie New Years Eve

Until 5am, LOCALS ONLY though, no guests, so if you didn't already know about it I guess you're not going.


This quiz is getting less fun

The wife and I were made to sit apart again in the Famous Ship Quiz, no-one else gets this treatment, wonder what's going on? We don't win every week, but ironically Clare has won each time we've been made to play apart...


Dolphin Filming

dolphin | Dave the Dolphin has been in touch again, firstly with a full filming schedule from the BBC (their Inside Out TV programme will be filming a Folkestone Dolphin special), and local people really ought to be involved... The plan is:

Meet near the harbour on Thursday around nine. meet at the ship Sandgate around midday. Friday. Meet at Daves beach at nine. Meet at the Clarendon AT Midday.

They surely didn't mean to send the whole filming schedule to everyone, but it's interesting to see that they can afford to stay at the Sandgate Hotel on our license payers money... It's a bit of a walk from the Sandgate Hotel to the harbour isn't it?


Morris Festival



Soem sort of Morris festival going on at The Ship tomorrow, where on earth are they going to do this though? It's not a big pub and ten different Morris chapters will be turning up.


Rah, we took the quiz again

The quiz at the ship is GREAT, surprise question master this week was the wife's cousin, but I SWEAR this is not how we won. It all came down to a tie breaker in the end, set by the landlord (who is not a relation) on how much the bus fare was from Barcelona airport to the town...


Dolphins in Sandgate!

They might be porpoises actually, but there's a family of three aquatic mammals playing happily in the sea just by The Ship in Sandgate, get down there and have a look.

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10 Jul 2010

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