7-9 Longmarket, Canterbury, CT1 2JS

Excellent Japanesish canteen type affair. Try the plum wine! wagamama.com

I been here! See more in my gigography.

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2 for 1 at Wagamama again

Here at menshealth.co.uk


How strange to compare this Wagamama review with today

I never have Yasai Katsu Curry any more, though I used to eat it all the time in London. Maybe this was my first visit to the Canterbury branch...


Wagamama tipping policy

we do not include a service charge and when people leave a tip, 100% of the money goes to our staff - they are the ones who earn it, and theyre the ones who should receive it! our staff are also paid national minimum wage or more and we do not use tips to meet the national minimum wage requirements. for more info, click here

Free meal at Wagamama, until the 29th June

Voucher here from menshealth.co.uk.



Excellent Japanesish canteen type affair. Try the plum wine! wagamama.com


Nearest Wagamama to Folkestone

Just got this from Canterbury" title="Wagamama restaurant nearest to Folkestone">one is closest, but here are links to the others anyway.


Wagamama review

Had lunch at Wagamama in Canterbury on Saturday, for the first time since this new branch opened. It was busy, but not as crowded as some lunching venues are, so we got seated quickly. I love Wagamama, but haven't been for a while, we usually head straight for Nando's when we're up this way. First difference from my previous "positive eating" experiences was glaring - I was driving, so NO plum wine. This perhaps coloured the rest of the meal for me. Clare went for Yaki Soba, and the chicken in it wasn't that nice - it looked a bit grey to me. My Yasai Katsu Curry was just as I remembered it it, and the Yasai Gyoza on the side were good too, if maybe a bit squidgy. With soft drinks this came to 23 quid, not outrageous, but we could have spent less elsewhere. Worst point of all was we felt a bit fat and sluggish for the rest of the day, though we both had it in our minds this would be a healthy option for lunch.



There's a Wagamama opening in Canterbury, opens on the 5th of May, though they're doing preview free food and staff training now... MMMM!

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25 Nov 2007

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