The Captains Table

The Captains Table

26 The Stade, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 6AE ☎️ 01303 221 959
The Three Mackeral is now a cafe and coffee lounge called The Captains Table it does great food and is well worth a visit.

I been here! See more in my gigography.

Was The Front, The Nostalgia Bar, and The Three Mackeral. Phone number was 221950, and it proved too, too 1950 for the people of Folkestone. Then Euphoria came and went. Was Oddfellows / Odfellows at some point.

The Captains Table

The Three Mackeral is now a cafe and coffee lounge called The Captains Table it does great food and is well worth a visit.

Is it still the Three Mackerel?

It has had more names than that in just the few years I've been here, it seems jinxed... It was Nostalgia Bar a fifties themed bar just before it was Euphoria I think. I've only liked one of the incarnations in recent years, when it had the hexagonal pool table, The Front I think, but that closed about the time I moved here. At least it's still open (if it is still open) so many pubs locally are closing.


RE: Do you really think DeHaan has made any money on this yet? - 10965

They've reduced the price now to 47k.Must be desperate.


the three mackeral

i find it really hard to understand why certain people here cannot support local people who are trying to improve folkestone.i have visited the three mackeral on numerous occasions and have always found it to have a warm friendly atmosphere with pleasant,helpful staff.The landlady,Julie is an extremely hardworking young lady who puts in long hours and deserves the support of the good people of Folkestone.i have never witnessed any trouble or badly behaved customers in this bar and i feel that it is one of the few pubs in folkestone where you can feel at ease and genuinely welcome.I,for one,hope Julie stays on as landlady and feel that you should all do yourselves a favour and visit the three mackeral for a pint and a plate of the fantastic,locally caught fish and chips that they sell.


Three Mackeral

i think that the three mackeral is a really nice pub, you always feel welcomed when you arrive, they do the best fish and chips ever you should try them, there beer is great and i think that the people that get in there are really nice to, its just a really nice atmosphere and you dont feel on edge. people just gave up on the pub when it was nistalgia and the front, but the new people that have taken over it, did have the name of Euphoria but they didnt give up on the pub cos they still own it now, and it is called the Three Mackeral, back to the original name, i really think that if you would like a nice place to eat or drink, go to the three mackeral :) :) :)


Whole lot of interesting detail there, though you do sound a bit bitter

Does Folkestone really need any more apartments? I know it has lots of pubs and they're all empty, but that's because there are almost none that are worth going to.


When will they learn?

The Three Mackerel is now for sale for 85k - why why why? - that is just for the leasehold business, not the property! Don't prospective buyers actually look at the books?


Nostaliga Bar closes, reopens as Euphoria

Went to Euphoria on Saturday afternoong, which is where The Nostalgia Bar was, which is where The Front was before that. Now the '50s theme has been dropped, and it's just a nice bar again, nice to sit outside anyway, the high energy happy hardcore young people's dance music they were playing in the bar was a bit offputting.

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27 Jun 2010

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