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Splendid Italian, maybe a bit pricey but very nice.


I been here! See more in my gigography.

Previously a lovely French style restaurant called Truffles (that sadly didn't last long), Mexican restaurants called La Bamba and Pancho's Cantina (1989), before that a wine bar in the '80s, a pub called The Oak Inn, a post office and a s

I liked Pancho's

The owners were Scottish weren't they? That was our restaurant of choice at that time, since it closed nothing has survived for very long in that building.



Splendid Italian, maybe a bit pricey but very nice.


First trip to Truffles

From my recent blog posting:

Friday night we had our proper birthday night out, taken out for a meal by Clare's bro and fiance to Truffles. I was a bit apprehensive, as we'd checked out the menu when it first opened (it used to be Panchos and La Bamba) and there was nothing for me, and I'm not usually the type to say "just make me something". Someone else was booking, so they did, and it was FANTASTIC. Shame to not see it busier in there, I don't understand it not being packed to the rafters, I heartily recommend it.
As I say, I wasn't sure about this place beforehand, seeing nothing on the menu at first glance I discounted it. However, the menu has changed since we first looked, and there were a few options to tempt me - throw into the mix the guarantee they'd sort something out for me and I was ready to go.


La Bamba reopening as Truffles

The curse of me strikes again, a good reliable Mexican restaurant La Bamba has closed, and is reopening soon as something called Truffles. No idea what kind of food yet, sounds French or Italian though.

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27 Jun 2008

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