Skuba Bar

Skuba Bar

Langhorne Gardens, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2EA ☎️ 01303 251444

Gay bar very popular with smokers because of their big smoking awning.

Attached to the Portland Hotel.

Does food though possibly not still Thai, and occasionally karaoke. Big garden and outdoor seating area.

This is the first / main gay place in Folkestone afaik.

I been here! See more in my gigography.

Skuba Bar

Gay bar very popular with smokers because of their big smoking awning.


RE: Nice Thai food no longer - 11777

have you even ate in the restaurant?!?! lol!


The only pub around with an indoor smoking area?

Went to the Skuba Bar last night and sat in their new conservatory for the first time. We had two smokers with us who were very pleased to see they've found some kind of loophole against the smoking ban. The walls of the conservatory can be opened right up, so they don't quite count as walls, and the roof can be rolled back too, but to all intents and purposes it seems to me this is an enclosed are.


Nice Thai food no longer

It is a shame but the Skuba Bar has changed hands, and there went the Thai Food. Currently (08/2008), they serve a very bad version (e.g. bad quality produced, greasy and tasteless)of pub food.


Some thoughts on the Skuba bar

Slight repost from the weblog:

... got distracted by the thought of Thai food in Skuba. It was GREAT to sit out in their garden when we should have been at work, reading the papers while waiting for our lunch to arrive - this is the life I was thinking, I could do this every day, is there a way to make it pay?


RE: gay bars in folkestone kent - 4647

The Skuba Bar on the Folkestone Lees, is a must, it is very gay orientated and the owners and staff are all gay too,


Folkestone WiFi Hotspot #2

This week's Folkestone Herald would have it in their business section that the first Folkestone wireless hotspot has just been introduced at the Portland Hotel. It's not free unfortunately, but it means you can take your wireless device (laptop, pocket pc, etc) into the hotel or the connected Skuba bar and get webbing.

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08 Dec 2009

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