The White Horse

The Vaults

The Cob And Pen

Stags Head

Will we find time for the Fountain fun day?

Oh, I already did...

Fabulous supper club tonight

Mexican Supper Club at Kipps Ale House 31st May

Secret door from The Ship into Loaf (the bike shop)

So that explains why the Providence is now closed

Christmas eve at The Deck?

The new Banksy

Now with added FSA hygiene ratings

The Potting Shed was great

New micropub opens in Hythe today "The Potting Shed"

Events at the Mermaid Cafe Bar all this summer

Welcome to Open Mic Night @ The Chambers, on the second Friday of the month

Open Mic at Chambers on Friday 14th

Ploughing On Regardless

Vasa is shut again (are there any pubs still open?)

Is it time to shut down the folkestone gerald?

Was Gate 28 ever known as Bar 57?

We went to some new pubs #3 The Black Robin

Street party outside Chambers this weekend

Chambers easter ales festival is on all next weekend

Opening night of the new Marlowe Theatre music venue TONIGHT

BARRED from the quiz for being too good!

Good quiz at the Britannia, Horn Street

Also whatever happened to this story about flats in the Burstin being up for sale?

The Hobgoblin pub is now The Black Griffin

Anyone know of a Folkestone venue in the '80s called Peter Pipers?

Free tickets for Lone Star Comedy club at Lanterns this Saturday

Forthcoming Lone Star Comedy Club events

Kevin Bridges now headlining Lone Star Comedy

if you google image search for Club Indigo Folkestone

Living Room at The View

Richard Herring is in Ashford tonight

So people say Cream never played at Toft's...

Good night at Lone Star comedy

The Whole World Cafe closed because...

Ozzy Osbourne 1980

Frenchman hosts Sellindge Festival publicity stunt

99p pints at Wetherspoons?

A Christmas of sorts, and why doesn't the Whole World Cafe want customers?

Got your new years eve tickets sorted?

Gate 28 "under offer"?

Where can I find listings for Club NME Canterbury?

Leas Club / strip club

I played at Mick's Flamenco in June July or august 1967 !!

Swing Afternoon review

Thanks for the update

Open Mic night at the Whole World cafe this Friday

Hythe Murder Mystery Dinner

Did you see Michael Caine in Folkestone this week?

The Pretty Things in Folkestone

Excellent Folkestone gig history history from Patricia Duke (nee Brown)

What's happening to The Usual Suspects?

Sadly disappointed with La Tavernetta

RE: The Grand, The Leas, Folkestone. Details and advance bookings for vehicles: 01303 863509 - 10439

It had to happen sooner or later

Update from Tony King / Creative Eclectic

Michael Howard is proud of The Brit

Whole World Cafe: GOOD

Tim's Vinos and Tapas

Do you know the date of that gig?

Arson in Folkestone!

Folkestone gig history

Dolphin Filming

Tim's Vinos and Tapas review (slight return)

Frenchman opening next week?

Sample Sandgate Hotel menu

The happy frenchman,christchurch


RE: Impressions of Tontine Street, a first visit to a new bar - 8444

Oof, shooting in Cheriton!

The Jackdaw

LiteSnake 12th May - Westgate Pavilion

Oof, bum arse service in The Jackdaw

Impressions of Tontine Street, a first visit to a new bar

Jimi Hendrix 1966

East of Eden 1969

Didn't Sandgate + Folkestone look nice on TV last night?

RE: gay bars in folkestone kent - 4647

Lunch at the Jackdaw - slight return

Next Lone Star Comedy (and an explanation of the last one)

Cheers for chipping in

Lone Star Comedy

Escondido review

Charlie's Shed - New Year's Eve

Danny's not compering the Lone Star Comedy any more :-(

So what you doing for New Years Eve?

The Bufftings take London (again)

Fallen Grounds play The Harp on Saturday

Ladies, in their pants

La Vue Halloween Party

Lone Star Comedy

Comedy Club

Beer festival

Not a strip club

Lunch at the Jackdaw

The Bufftings take London

Lone Star Comedy

Neroli gig

So The Quarter is gone then

gig info - please add to listings

Lone Star Comedy for June

Radio Blah Blah

Someone Likes Yoghurt

Lone Star Comedy


Lone Star Comedy

Jimmy Jimmy

Speed Dating @ La Vue

The Fling @ Three Horseshoes


Chambers Easter Ales Festival

Bad Curry

Indie nights at La Vue?

St Pancras to open in 2007

Expose Club

Expose Club = Penny Theatre

Maybe this is the sort of place I should have bought

Christmas day's the next quiz

Chambers Quiz

New Restaurant

Folkestone Pubs

La Vue

Folkestone, safest place in the country

Talk about mudflaps, my girl's got 'em

Pub for sale

Chambers Beer Festival

Folkestone WiFi Hotspot #2

Folkestone WiFi Hotspots

Chambers Quiz

Wards Hotel and Bistro Bar

As one door closes...

Kapetan Michales

Chambers Beer Festival

Chambers Beer Festival