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35 The Old High Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1RL

11 Earl Grey Street, , , EH3 9BN

4 Earl Grey Street, , , EH3 9BN

5-7 Earl Grey Street, Edinburgh, , EH3 9BN

44 Earl Grey Street, , , EH3 9BN

Had dinner at Frankie and Benny's It was alright, everyone enjoyed it. Staff were friendly, the food is not that great though. We... [Tue 9 June 2015]

Happy Birthday Harry Six today! Had a lovely day yesterday with Harry 's birthday party, we went tobogganing at... [Mon 8 June 2015]

Seems "Max's House" was a bit previous, but stop being negative people Great blog post here by @rhysdgriffiths gives all the facts about who's opening and who's not... [Mon 21 March 2011]

Max's House went NOWHERE Seemingly trumped online without actually having a deal for the premises... [Mon 21 March 2011]

Max's House New restaurant in Folkestone? Hope their cooking is better than their geography + web skills [Wed 27 October 2010]

Weekend roundup AS I mentioned , Harry and I did go to the beach, it was packed. We did not venture on to the... [Mon 28 June 2010]

The Earl Grey: closed Another one bites the dust, I seem to be saying that a lot these days. [Mon 23 February 2009]

RE: Impressions of Tontine Street, a first visit to a new bar I visited this 'hidden jewel'. Why is it so quiet? The food was excellent, service great and the... [Sun 4 June 2006]

RE: The Ship My local, well when I'm down at the harbour anyway! [Wed 12 April 2006]

Tofts pictures Was either of these buildings legendary Folkestone venue Tofts? I think I went to the right part... [Wed 12 April 2006]

New bar at Pipers ALSO, Pipers has had another refit, and at least a part of it is opening as if it was a new bar,... [Wed 12 April 2006]

Rubbish disco at Chambers Ended up at Chambers on Saturday night, terrible music going on there and a slightly creepy air... [Wed 12 April 2006]

The Earl Grey, still going! Popped in The Earl Grey for one too on a bit of a crawl around town on Saturday evening, it's... [Wed 12 April 2006]

Nostaliga Bar closes, reopens as Euphoria Went to Euphoria on Saturday afternoong, which is where The Nostalgia Bar was, which is where The... [Wed 12 April 2006]

The Ship Other bar news discovered while we were out... The Ship down at the harbour has a pool table, a... [Wed 12 April 2006]

Impressions of Tontine Street, a first visit to a new bar Heard there was a new bar in town, Impressions , and so there is, it's at 33 Tontine Street,... [Wed 12 April 2006]

Folkestone pub roundup Went on a bit of a wander down Tontine Street and to the harbour and though I would report... [Wed 12 April 2006]

The Earl Grey Just found this article / review about the Earl Grey, and it laments the change of landlord and... [Mon 21 March 2005]

Fawkenham Sounds like very North Kent to me, but I don't know. Heard from a journo that it was confirmed to... [Fri 8 October 2004]

Re Rail Confusion and the curse of me The BBC article mentions a high speed link between Folkestone and Fawkenham. Where IS Fawkenham?... [Fri 8 October 2004]

Nightmare! Don't forget we also got quite excited about Sylvester's and The Front and the relaunched... [Mon 17 May 2004]

Kapetan Michales I think I'm going to have stop eating out in Folkestone soon - we either seem to have a comically... [Mon 10 May 2004]

RE: Rail confusion and the curse of me Yes, there is a new railway line cutting through kent. It's the high speed channel tunnel rail... [Thu 11 March 2004]

RE: Rail confusion and the curse of me it's the tunnel between Higham and Strood on the North Kent line out to Gillingham that's... [Tue 20 January 2004]

Rail confusion and the curse of me Doing a bit more research into this rail lark, following a report from Ma and Pa today that a... [Mon 19 January 2004]

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