Port Lympne

Port Lympne

Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, Near Folkestone, Kent CT21 4PD

Zoo and occasional festival site... Buy tickets here. Official site.

I been here! See more in my gigography.

Is this Port Lympne's april fool or The Sun's?

Gorillas get iPads...


Hevy Festival 2010

Gallows, Glassjaw, Sepultura, Napalm Death and lots more. This is the fest that was on the beach last year, not the one that was at the zoo!


Julien Dupont motorbike skills at Hevy Festival

I hope he's goign to jump over some rhinos or something:


I did not know the Hevy festival was at the zoo this year...

I have totally taken my eye off the ball. Full lineup here for the Hevy Festival, it's not one for the faint hearted is it?


Red List Live festival cancelled for this year :-(

Friend just got a press release (I did not) the festival has been postponed until 2010 based on the unacceptable risk of doing a festival in the current economic climate. Established local festivals were expected to have a greater impact than first envisaged. Not sure people have the money to go to too many of these in the same year.


Don't think I'll bother posting any more lineup info for Red List Live


More lineup info for Red List Live

See the official lineup, lots of ageing punks! Can't see this being much of a draw for the young people, but perhaps that's the plan..?


The Wombats to headline Red List Live

Of course, why didn't I think of them when I was after animal named bands to headline this zoo festival? Apart from them being indie no marks I mean, who an old giffer like me would not have called a headliner.


Wedding Present announced for Folkestone festival

Think the organisers of Red List Live might struggle to get advanced ticket sales for the festival, following the chaos of the Zoo8 festival on the site last year. Apparently it's not the same company organising the fest, it's just the same location, so headliners pulling out on the day because they'd not been paid etc hopefully won't be repeated.


Red List / Zoo9 / Sellindge Music Festival

An anti-press release from Sellindge Music Festival! Probably best to get some bands on board and send out some info about who is playing your festival, rather than just going on about someone else's festival. Good to point this out though, Zoo8 was a disaster IN MY OPINION. And you wouldn't want to get caught out accidentally buying tickets for zoo9 would you? Here's what they have to say:


First review of Zoo Thousand and Eight in

Here at safeconcerts.com, sounds a bit chaotic, more rumours of cancellations than actual cancellations possibly though.


Zoo8 Music Festival

at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park & Gardens. info: 0870-750-4647



BIZARRE Music festival, The Cribs, Athlete, Funeral For A Friend and more. We'll go if you can you get me free tickets?


Zoo9 tickets!

Just saving a space on the site for next year! Was the festival a success? I hope so, and I hope it returns. (UPDATE: it was not a success, no-one hopes it returns).


Very cheap VIP tickets for Zoo Thousand!

[ebay=zoo thousand]Look here[/ebay] [ebay=zoo thousand]cheap vip tickets for zoo thousand / zoo8 / z008 / whatever[/ebay], less than cost price, a lot less in fact! You could get a bargain here...


Free parking at festival for car sharers

Free parking in some overflow car park or other if you have three people in your card it says here. Also a shuttlebus will be taking you to and from Westenhanger and Ashford stations, I hope that's free but I really don't know.


Free tickets for Zoo Thousand

You can get in free to ZooThousand and other festivals if you work as a volunteer... festivalvolunteer.co.uk for more details. Let me know how you get on.


Port Lympne

Zoo and occasional festival site... Buy tickets here. Official site.


"Me & my Dog" show

at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park & Gardens. info: 0870-750-4647

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