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Smart modern Mexican fusion type restaurant, moved across the road to bigger premises. Means "Hidden" in Spanish, a place in California too.

I thought this was part of a "chain", did they not have a branch in Deal too? not up to date...

I been here! See more in my gigography.

The original Escondido building was at 5 Sandgate High Street, across the road, which was previously La Bougie. The new premises were previously Gate 28.


Smart modern Mexican fusion type restaurant, moved across the road to bigger premises. Means "Hidden" in Spanish, a place in California too.


Escondido party menu

Just seen this on their new website, sounds like quite a good deal... we are heading there today, shame the offer is not on Saturdays...


Escondido has moved in to Gate 28!

Just went past Gate 28 and now it is Escondido! Not sure if it's open yet, but looking forward to finding out.


Better than I had heard

After living in Sandgate for the past 3 years, we finally decided to visit our local Escondido's today, as you would expect it wasn't busy midweek, in fact it was empty, given I had been told it wasn't the greatest restaurant in the area this worried me.


Comedy at Escondido

From lonestar, 19.95 for comedy and food!


Comedy at Escondido

Four great Comedians hosted by Amused Moose Finalist Mark Simmons This event is open to customers over the age of 16. A table service for drinks will be available whilst the comedians are performing


Comedy at Escondido

Food, drink and comedy at Escondido on 10th September at 19:30 to 23:00


New comedy clubs to open in Dover and Cranbrook

@lonestarcomedy Opening Clubs in Dover and Cranbrook in September plus doing the first Mexican with Comedy night at Escondido Sandgate - all go here

Not so keen on Escondido any more

Went last night, they seem to be fixed on their new short menu now. Seemingly no side dishes at all, where did they go? Did I just miss them? They are listed on that menu but I am sure they weren't on the printed menu... Also there is no vegan option there now. Probably there never was a vegan option, but while I didn't know that the vegetable paella vegetables were honey roasted, or the vegetable fajitas were cooked in garlic butter I was OK. But now they blatantly list these critical details on the menu! Good for people with allergies or properly strict vegans I suppose.


I recommend Escondido in Sandgate


Escondido in Deal, don't bother going there!!!

Hi We booked a table for four at escondido in Deal a few months ago when it first opened. When we got there it was absolutely packed and we were told that there were no tables left, we would have to wait at least an hour. Annoyed so we went elsewhere. Went again last night 20-3-09. This time there was no one in the downstairs section. We asked for a table and were told we would have to wait 30 minutes. 1 minute later we were taken to a table in the upstairs section. There were lots of free tables so I don't know why they said we would have to wait 30 minutes. We had the Nachos starter for two, it was very average and small. For main course we had mexican paella. It is nothing like paella. Dry tasteless rice, burnt on the bottom of the pan it was served in. I was expecting something packed with a chilli punch but it was possibly the most boring meal I have ever had. As there were whole prawns with shells we were given a finger bowl, only trouble was we had one finger bowl between us, not very hygenic. The waiting staff were the only thing I could recommend about the place, they were very attentive and polite. I would never go back there, I don't think they will be open for much longer, A prime candidate for Gordon Ramsey's kitchen nightmares UK version.


Went back to Escondido on Saturday

Good meal in Escondido in Sandgate Saturday, bit disappointed that they STILL don't have the full menu up and running, I guess this is the future for them. They seem to have settled on a short menu, probably that is the most profitable and easiest to organise.


Escondido reopens new years eve!

Woo, it seems to be true, my wife phoned the Deal branch of Escondido today, and ask them and they say it reopens for new years eve. And then I see a double page ad in a dreadful local freesheet. 10% discount for all of January too I think.


Work is underway at Escondido

Walked past last night, it's not ready to reopen yet (looks like half the kitchen is in the dining room) but work is definitely underway... hopefully it will be open again soon.


Escondido Sandgate still closed, but free cocktails at Escondido Deal

Does not look like they're in a hurry to reopen Escondido Sandgate, but they're trying to make a go of the Deal branch, there's an offer of a free cocktail with presentation of the advert in My Shepway free sheet.


Escondido still saying closed for the forseeable

Escondido is still closed, and the sign on the door still says it'll be closed until further notice, but there was apparently a piece in the paper saying it'd be open again in three weeks. Fingers crossed!


Escondido Sandgate / Folkestone closed until further notice :-(

The wife went today, it is closed until further notice, doh!



Has there been a fire? And did Gate 28 reopen? We were not in that part of town all weekend.


This makes me sad Jenn!

I recommend Escondido in Sandgate, always, although Tinto Tapas in Sandgate is also good (this is based more on friends recommendations as I've only been there once). The Hermitage sounds like it might be just about right though, in terms of ambience and specials.


It had to happen sooner or later

Not a great meal from Escondido! Slight repost from the blog, just so it goes on the all new (slightly worse than before) page about Escondido, part of my guide to Sandgate bars and restaurants:


No longer for sale, those of you looking to purchase

La Bougie is now the fabulous Escondido, though have a look in the property section, see if anything shows up there. A few hotels have come up for sale locally in the area.


And we did return to Escondido

And it was good again... still popular, as we could only be squeezed in for a table at nearly 10pm, booking in advance... guess this shows that there's not a lot of choice in the area and / or people get frightfully excited about any new restaurant. Go on, open one yourself! We'll come to it!


Escondido review

Don't know how we got the impression this place wasn't going to be good, it was very nice indeed. Escondido is a modern Mexican influence restaurant where La Bougie used to be. It's got a clean and cool look, and looks just the sort of place I'd like to see more of.


La Bougie reopens as Escondido

Doesn't really look like it's up to speed, but it reopened on the second. Good to see these premises in use again. We're visiting on Friday, so will report back. Menu looks a bit pub grub at first glance...


Still up for sale, down to 385,000 now


La Bougie also up for sale

A slightly more serious 455,000 for this one, though that includes a 3 bedroom flat and it's a nice part of town... Smith-Woolley & Perry are in charge of this:

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