24 Rendezvous Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1EY

Home again to Lone Star Comedy Club!

I been here! See more in my gigography.

The Last Party Ever

If you're into the idea the world is going to end in December this year this party is the one for you! A Tony King production...


Jimmy White

Photos, autographs, and win a chance to play against Jimmy White. 8 frames to be played.


Jimmy White is at Lanterns on Bank Holiday monday

He's playing 8 frames against lucky punters, and doing autographs and photos and things too. 20 quid to non members, 15 for members.


Two free tickets for Lone Star Comedy this friday up for grabs

If you're not invited to the royal wedding then email to go in to the draw for a couple of tickets.


Lone star comedy

Avoid the royal wedding, go to this comedy night. Tw free tickets up for grabs if you email


New Years Party

Big lineup, sounds great!


Lone Star Comedy (headliner Tony Law)


Creative Eclectic Presents *NEW YEARS EVE PARTY* at The Lanterns

Creative Eclectic Presents NEW YEARS EVE PARTY @ THE LANTERNS 24A Rendezvous Street, Folkestone CT20 1EY



Raymond and Mr Timpkins Review

Andy White is the actual headliner, plus Ryan Gough see @lonestarcomedy


Raymond and Mr Timpkins are coming to Lanterns

Raymond and Mr Timpkins are BACK, despite the recent gig at the Cheesegrater being cancelled. They're playing Lanterns on Saturday 24th of July. You should go.



Home again to Lone Star Comedy Club!


Battle Of The Bands 2010

Battle of the Bands at Lantern's, 5th may 2010 There is a lack of Hip Hop / Rap in Folkestone. In 2006-2008 you couldn't walk around the town without seeing fliers promoting AMS (Altered Mind States) Mumble Arts or The Kulpritz. Now, it's as if there's only 2 people who are willing to promote local Hip Hop for no profit, Louie and Di Burns. There were 2 hip hop groups in Heat 2, AMS and Mumble Arts and another rap group in Heat 3 last night, SECTION 19. Hopefully more hip hop/d+b/grime artists will make themselves known soon. Thankyou Louie and Di for last night and for promoting the local artists, thanks to the doormen, and to Emma for introducing, HUGE thanks to the Sound Engineers (it won't be .wav's next time...), and thanks to everyone who performed, attended and supported last night PEACE SECTION 19 XIX


Battle Of The Bands

Heat 3


Lone Star Comedy Club

James Dowdswell + Paul McCaffery + Wittank + Simon Fielder + compere Ben Van Der Velde. 9 per person or 15 per person with a Beef or Vegetable Chilli with Nachos


Free tickets for Lone Star Comedy club at Lanterns this Saturday

Listen in to @adamdowling on KMFM in the morning, I understand he will have free tickets to give away for the comedy club at Lanterns this Saturday night (24th).


Forthcoming Lone Star Comedy Club events

Dates for shows at the Lanterns in Rendevous Street - each show will feature a minimum of four stand-up comedians, hand picked from the UK comedy Circuit. There is a full bar and table service for drinks and food is always available.


Lone Star Comedy Club

Kevin Bridges now headlining


Kevin Bridges now headlining Lone Star Comedy

Very excited! We have been given Kevin Bridges for the 19th December who is massive at the moment (on Michael McIntyre road show and on Live at the Apollo soon and sold out 25 dates at Edinburgh during the Festival) See below for biography etc. This means the previous Headliner Phil Butler is now the support act!


Lone Star Comedy lineup for September 26th

Next Lanterns Event in Folkestone 26th September - brief note on line up


Lone Star Comedy Club

Compere - Elis James Support - Tony Cowards Headline - Christian Reilly


Special offer on Lone Star Comedy tickets

this is a special deal for the forthcoming show next Saturday, 27th June. Compere is Maff Brown, I've seen him, he's brilliant. Headliner is Rob Deering, also appearing are Henry Prater and more.


Lone Star Comedy Club 27th June 2009

Line up for Saturday June 27th - Lanterns Folkestone


Good night at Lone Star comedy

SO, here was the lineup apparently:


Lonestar Comedy Club

To book e-mail or call Ian on 07771 796445


Got our tickets for Lone Star Comedy

SO, off out to Lanterns tomorrow night. Got a special two for a tenner deal so sniff around, there be bargains!


Lone Star Comedy Club

Hurrah, back again at Lanterns! Tom Price, Pippa Evans, and headline Ian Cognito. Newcomer to be confirmed. SOLD OUT now, get in quick for next month!


Lone Star Comedy Club SOLD OUT for the 31st Jan!

We are sold out for the 31st.


Ian Cognito for Lone Stary Comedy club in January

And it's back at Lanterns! And it's pay day! Ian Cognito headlines, here's the (nearly) full lineup:


Lone Star Comedy Club moves back to Lanterns in January!

Update from Lone Star Comedy, rah they're moving back into the town centre! We can go, and we can walk home!


Do you know the date of that gig?

Cowboy boots, well metal \m/


Lone Star Comedy

Miles Jupp, Stephen Carlin, Cherry Green, and MC Paul Redwood...


Lone Star comedy

Geoff Boyz, Sully O'Sullivan, Pat Gallagher and Dan Willis


UK Subs


Lorene Drive (U.S)


The Chariot




The Seventh Cross


Lone Star Comedy

Can't remember who's playing, someone good off the national circuit though, and we're going


Flood Of Red

Enter Shikari (ES/FoR tour) + InGlory + Rise With The Fallen + Proceed + Tubahead (Proceed/Tubahead Tour)


This Saturday's comedy

ALEX HORNE (we had alex booked for the literary festival gig last september, but he cancelled because he was filming the wkd adverts which are currently on tv! we spoke to him on tuesday and he was still on then so hopefully it's all go for saturday! he tells amazingly constructed jokes with a brilliant underlining of silliness, wait for some great wordplay and fun audience participation! "a quick witted and genial comedian" - THE INDEPENDENT)




Lone Star Comedy



Raise The Dead

Johnny Mental + Cutting April + A Story At Three + Turn Cold + Freezes White


Horse The Band


Next Lone Star Comedy (and an explanation of the last one)



Lone Star Comedy

Matt Welcome + Dave Dynamite + Coline Owens + new MC Dan Willis... see you there!


Torrent Promotions / Cry For Silence

Cry For Silence + The Blackout + Second Smile + Words Can Kill + Jaded By Fate


Lone Star Comedy

MATT WELCOME (our headliner comes finely recommended from our twin club in cranleigh, where he has ripped the roof off not once, but twice! he displays a sharp, snappy skill for comic writing and claims to deliver more gags per minute than any other act on the uk circuit, so he will appeal to those of you who've enjoyed acts such as gary delaney in the past. he'll be great. "probably one of the most talented comedians on today's comedy circuit" - for woman magazine)


Devil Sold His Soul


Charlie's Shed - New Year's Eve

CHARLIES SHED continue their comeback with a gig at the Lanterns in Folkestone on New Years Eve, Saturday December 31st.


Lone Star Comedy

Reginald D Hunter, George Egg, Neil Mooney and Danny James last show as compere :-(


Lone Star Comedy Update - it's a double header

REGINALD D HUNTER (returning to the club after a revelatory headline performance last year, Reginald D. Hunter is the epitome of American cool, often described as the 'Samuel L. Jackson of stand-up'. His material, his stage presence and all round general comedy-ness is second to none and he is the one of the finest headline acts in the UK - not to be missed)


Danny's not compering the Lone Star Comedy any more :-(

DANNY JAMES makes his last appearance as resident compere at the Lone Star Comedy Club for the final show of the year on Saturday December 17th when the acts are REGINALD D. HUNTER, GEORGE EGG and NEIL MOONEY.


Lone Star Comedy

Featuring Canadian Ron Vaudry, Lee Bannard, Del Strain, and guest compere Rob Heeney...


Lone Star Comedy

RON VAUDRY (Intelligent, witty and sardonic, Ron Vaudry is the thinking man's comedian. A satirical genius teetering precariously at the edge of comedy, Vaudry guides audiences through a series of hilarious, yet thought provoking political and social observations. He has several television appearances in the States, including some of the most popular 'Late Shows' on network TV there. "As hard-boiled and urban as any native New Yorker." - The Scotsman)

LEE BANNARD (Having been on the circuit for just two years, Lee Bannard is already making a name for himself as one of the country's best deadpan acts. Taking droll inspiration from the likes of Jack Dee, Mackenzie Crook and American comic Stephen Wright, Lee's collection of observations and experiences are all presented in his own initimable and slightly threatening manner. After a few short months on the circuit, Lee was a finalist in the 2004 Channel 4 So You Think You're Funny competition and was this year hand-selected to be part of The Comedy Reserve package show in Edinburgh. a treasure trove of inventive, funny lines that suit his distinctive persona...this is a lad who very clearly knows what he's doing. Expect to see him go far" - CHORTLE)

DEL STRAIN (in our open spot, from Glasgow, Del Strain is infamous for his slightly psychotic, and often unintelligible Internet rants. I've never seen him before, but have heard he's good and, to be honest, I'm intrigued)

guest compere ROB HEENEY (Danny is bunking off for yet another month, so we welcome Rob Heeney to the club. He's one of my favourite circuit comperes, instantly amiable with a slightly inventive wit.)

all at THE LANTERNS, Rendezvous Street, FOLKESTONE on SATURDAY 15TH OCTOBER doors open at 8pm, and the show starts at 8.30pm 8 / 6 concessions - tickets available now from Richard on 07810864228


Lone Star Comedy

A literary festival special, featuring Robin Ince, Josie Long, MC Alistair Barrie.


Comedy Club

Bah missed the latest comedy club this Saturday but there's a special one off for the Folkestone Literary Festival featuring the following acts:

ROBIN INCE (back after appearing at the club just last June, Robin has promised to perform the best bits of his recent Edinburgh show 'Robin Ince Is As Dumb As You' as well as special previews of material that is only usually aired at the popular monthly club he runs in London, called The Book Club [soon to be made into a TV series]. if you missed him before, he combines big political ideas with an absurd sense of humour, and is generally brilliant in every way imaginable. don't miss him again.) JOSIE LONG (everybody loves Josie Long, she's back after a successful double-header Edinburgh show with fellow stand-up Dan Nightingale, performing to the usual mix of hysterical laughter and utter bemusement. expect 19th century equestrian portraitist george stubbs, encounters between axl rose and paul mccartney, and her own homemade comic books to all be on the menu.) compere ALISTAIR BARRIE (known as one of the circuit's best comperes, but rarely doing it now due to performing headline sets all over the country. it's a real treat to have Alistair down in Folkestone, with his middle class mixture of politics and fun.) all this at THE LANTERNS, rendezvous street, FOLKESTONE THURSDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER doors open: 8pm, show starts: 9pm 7 / 6 concessions - see the Festival website at or phone the festival box office on 01303 258594 for booking information!

Lone Star Comedy

The final Lone Star Comedy Club until the Autumn is on Saturday July 16th! Appearing on the evening will be Chris Lynham, Tom Price, Simon Douglass and the fabulous MC Danny James...


Lone Star Comedy for June

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the good weather. I have details for the next Lone Star Comedy Club - there may, or may not, be material about yoghurt so be sure to bring earplugs if you find such dairy based products offensive.

On the next club night we welcome to the Lone Star stage:

ROBIN INCE (Robin is a comedian, writer, presenter, all round popular culture pundit and film expert, boasting one of the most impressive CV's on the comedy circuit. As well as an amusingly brief appearance in BBC2's "The Office", Robin has also worked on E4's "The Pilot Show" and Channel 4's "The 11 O'Clock Show". If you went to see Ricky Gervais on his last tour, you would've seen Robin opening as Ricky specifically chose him as support for his entire tour. He is a genuinely fantastic comedian, and one of my personal favourites on the whole circuit - a real treat)

RHOD GILBERT (In all fairness, Rhod would probably be equally at home as a headline act at the club as he is now much in demand as a top act in some of the nation's top clubs including The Comedy Store and Jongleurs, where he regularly headlines shows. He started stand-up in 2002, and now performs regularly in the UK and around the world. This summer at the Edinburgh Festival he will deliver his first full-length solo show entitled "Rhod Gilbert's 1984".)

LLOYD LANGFORD (Some of you may remember young Lloyd from his storming 10-minute open spot last July. He's asked to come back and play again, and additionally he was requested onto the bill by Rhod Gilbert, so we're more than happy to have him back. For those who didn't see him, Lloyd won the Chortle Student Comic Awards in 2004 and is a real star for the future.)

guest compere WINDSOR (Danny is taking a month off, but we're pleased to welcome Windsor in his place. Windsor is a first class compere and stand-up who has combined years of street-performance skills with a natural charm and warmth, along with an enviable ability to make people relax. He'll be great.)

all this at THE LANTERNS on RENDEZVOUS STREET in FOLKESTONE on SATURDAY JUNE 18TH Tickets are available now and are 8 full price or 6 concessions - please phone Richard on 07810864228 to reserve your tickets and tables for large groups now!

We have one more show in July featuring the truly unique CHRIS LYNAM, before taking a break for the summer. I have just had a peek at our line-ups for the Autumn though and there are some real treats in store.

Hope to see as many of you as possible in June!


Radio Blah Blah

One a bit away from the gardenly homeliness of Kent now; EDINBURGH. The Lone Star Comedy Club's resident compere Danny James presents Radio Blah Blah throughout Edinburgh Festival, live from Holyrood Tavern. More info as it comes in, in the mean time check out the website...


Someone Likes Yoghurt

So, that Lone Star Comedy night is a bit good isn't it? This week's lineup of Richard Herring, Gary Delaney and Owen Niblock plus resident compere Danny James were fantastic. It was my first trip to Lanterns, but those stairs are worth climbing. It's a working man's club type layout, just right for comedy, easy to get to and from the bar during the sets without causing a disturbance.


Lone Star Comedy

A message from Lone Star Comedy:


Lone Star Comedy

Richard Herring's coming to Folkestone on the 21st May, he's headlining the Lone Star Comedy evening at Lanterns. Also appearing are Gary Delaney, Owen Niblock and resident compere Danny James...


Jimmy Jimmy

How bizarre, seems the people's champion Jimmy White is coming to The Lanterns to play a match against Tony Drago... tickets are on sale now, 20 pounds to members, 25 pounds otherwise. Enjoy!

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27 Jun 2010

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